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This only deals with the Sun (the Will) planet in astrology.  If Mercury (analytical,
communication) is in the same sign as your sun sign, it's twice as true.  If your Jupiter
(philosophical reasoning) is in the same sign as your sun sign, it's three times as true.
Probably so true that you recognize the philosophy right off.  Order your astrology report for $19.95, not only will you see your planetary placements, but also receive a listing of your individual skills and talents. You can email me.  People are complicated and no two individual charts are alike.  Enjoy.

Aries Philosophy:
Existentialism: Regards human existence as unexplainable and stresses freedom of choice.  The essence of existentialism is the simple and direct action and decisiveness of Aries in a world that to some appears confusing, or complex beyond understanding.
Just Do It Philosophy.

Taurus Philosophy:
Materialism: the philosophical theory that physical matter in its movement and modifications is the only reality.  Most astrologers will readily agree on the rulership of solid, substantial Taurus over materialism.
David Hume relates all things to Newton’s Theory “all things are in motion.”
Virgina Woolf’s A Room of Her Own emphasizes having 4500 a month and a room enabled women or any writer to succeed in literature.

Gemini Philosophy:
Rationalism: the theory that exercise of reason provides the only valid basis for action or belief. The rulership of rationalism by Gemini is another easy one to see by astrologers.
Immanual Kant with Critique of Pure Reason fits Rationalism.

Cancer Philosophy:
Positivism: the view that experience, especially of the senses, is the only source of knowledge--common sense.  Cancer rules positivism and this can be seen in America with its Sun and three planets, including Mercury, in Cancer.
David Hume said Philosophy is Common Sense

Leo Philosophy:
Phenomenology: the study of all possible appearances in human experience, during which considerations of objective reality and of purely subjective response are temporarily left out.Phenomenology, ruled by Leo, is a comparatively recent development in the history of philosophy.  The essence of it is to center (Sun) all the components-appearances (planets).
Fredrick Nietzsche’s Will to Power is essential Leo/the Sun where one’s Will is everything.
Martin Heddeger can be associated with Phenomenology.

Virgo Philosophy:
Analysis: the dissection of intellectual wholeness into a system of parts, the nature and
interconnections of which are clearly understood.  Austrian-born English philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) pioneered and promoted analytical philosophy to such extremes that he rejected and blocked all "craving for generality" and "unity."
Fredrich Hegel or Hegelism is a complete analytical system building philosophy.  For Hegel Understanding pulls things apart but Unity-Reason put all back together in a new solutional way.

Libra Philosophy:
Art: the theory that we can go no further in philosophy without adding a standardize meaning, abstract art.  Libra rules philosophy that will use the right side of the brain to dominate the explosion of specialized details with pictures, patterns, diagrams, drawings--CONstructs.  Around the turn of the millennium the American philosopher class will be learning to design and draw CONstructs, along with millions of average Americans, for amazingly greater meaning and purpose of life.
John Dewey emphasized action but more importantly that no facts exist without their corresponding value applied to that fact.  So you have a balance of fact-value in their meeting point the interlocking loops.  This balance between fact and value is where solutions to philosophical problems applicable to today’s situations can be found.

Scorpio Philosophy:
Pragmatism: the meaning of a proposition or course of action lies in its observable consequences and that the sum of these consequences constitute its meaning.  Pragmatism is ruled by secretive Scorpio, where development is hidden.
Several philosophers were interested in pragmatism, John Dewey, Fredrich Nietzche, Schopenhauer, David Hume, John Satre.

Sagittarius Philosophy:
Idealism: Refers to any view that stresses the central role of the ideal or the spiritual in man's interpretation of experience.  Idealism, ruled by Sagittarius, includes philosophy, religion and law.
Aristole, Soren kerkeggard,

Capricorn Philosophy:
Scientism: the theory that investigational methods used in the natural sciences should be applied in all fields of inquiry.  Some thinkers say that science is organized (Capricorn) common sense (Cancer).
David Hume, Fredrich Hegel, John Dewey looked to the natural sciences for new philosophical insights.

Aquarius Philosophy:
Transcendentalism: the belief that knowledge of reality is derived from intuitive sources
rather than objective experience.  Many astrologers realize that intuition is ruled by Aquarius.

Pisces Philosophy:
Theosophy: the religious philosophy of speculation based on mystical insight into the nature of God/dess and divine teachings.  Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, rules philosophy that goes beyond the spiritual-eternal into infinity.
Most Religions have a Pisces Philosophy at their core.

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When each of us closes our eyes at night to sleep, after a while we see the vast abyss; the vast unknown blackness of nothingness.  This Abyss creates in every soul a shock, a fear, and a vertigo terror of the unknown as it forces us to recognize the final truth of existence.  Before the big bang or Newton’s law of everything is in motion, there is the Aristotle law everything is at rest.  This unmoved mover is the first or material cause and produces, the formal cause that produces the efficient cause that, in turn, produces the final cause or object viewed.

Material cause what something is made.
Formal cause the internal structure of a thing
Efficient cause is also the initiator of a thing
Final cause is its goal

These four causes are identical.

Material cause is the tree of oak produces an acorn
Formal cause is the acorn's capacity to become an oak tree
Efficient cause, the initiator, is also the oak tree
Final cause is for the acorn to become an oak tree

To get a better view of this terror we all face and our four basic reactions to it, imagine you are in the dark of night, say midnight and there’s no moon (new moon a symbol of beginnings) and you’re in this dark of night standing on the edge of a huge cliff, a cliff, a hundred times deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon.  You don’t know how you arrived there. You just appeared one day, like you just appear in the darkness of the womb the final days before your birth.  You just know some how you are alive and must live.  You’re in this dark and no ones there or no one appears to be there at all.  Silence.  No wind, no rain, no animals, and just this vast nothingness.  In this vacuum of direct knowledge you have a feeling of some impending crises of uncertainty. 

You know you cannot stand there on the cliff edge forever.  You know a choice is required.  You must choose something.  Now after one’s birth in the world, people react or develop four basic philosophies to confront this Abyss.

A:  The Herd Reaction (All Purpose Herd)
“Gee.  This is really a mess.  What the Fuck can I do?  It’s so vast.  So much is unknown.  I better just do what the rest of humanity or people are doing.  It is surely, safer to run with the crowd.  For when this Abyss, the unknown, comes for us, at least it might grab someone else and miss myself.  Surely, I will not attract the attention of this Abyss.  I will do what everyone does.  I will be safe.  The Herd can’t be wrong.  We’re all so
weak and unimportant before this mysterious Abyss.  I just want to live in peace. I marvel at impressive power of the Herd galloping across the plains pulverizing rocks, scaring insects, rabbits, foxes and wolves; all those hooves moving like an army, turning fallen tree limbs into sawdust and the dust cloud…awe… only the mushroom cloud can
rival it.  I want to be insignificant to rush head-long blindly trusting our leaders even
if we go into the disastrous chasm that so often looms before us.  I’d rather die with my pseudo friends an ignoble death than die a noble death without friends on a cross.  In the Herd, we can enjoy life: eating, drinking, fucking, working our little jobs, making piffling contributions to humanity by our bulk purchases.  Only in the Herd can you enjoy making snow angels in the winter; watching women wear short skirts in spring, if a male; and enjoying wearing short skirts in spring, if a female; in the summer grand sand castles go up on the beach, and in the fall we make multicolored-orange leaf houses, huge piles of leave that we delight diving into”

B. The Nietzsche/Atheist /Radical/Scientist/Criminal/  Underworld/Intelligence/Captialist/Communist/Revisionist Reaction  (Specialist Herd)
“Who are you!”  “Why am I here?” The Abyss is silent.  The vertigo feeling is ever present.  “Since I don’t know why I was born or for what purpose, or what the rules are, I’ve decided to make the best of things, Abyss.  I’ll make up my own damn rules.  No
matter what it takes, or what I have to do, I will carve out a purpose for my life; I will have goals. I will strive to survive.  I will simply reinterpret you.  I'll be a great revisionist, revising negative circumstances again and again until I am in control again, Abyss!  I will pursue my goals to my utter last breath and strength.  I’m not afraid of you Abyss.  Fuck You, Abyss!  I am who I am.”  Like the man famous for saying “God is Dead” invoking the dead God Dionysus. “This overman person can over come nihilism through his Dionysian affirmation of the world as it is.  Without subtraction, .... or selection.  Amor fate.  The love of fate.”

C. The Schopenhaurer/Deist Reaction  (Deist Herd)
Deist believe Goddess/God created the world and then abandoned it. 
*Sighs* “What a fucking mess?  Is this all there is?  Just doing the same old things over and over again, forever!  Are there no new things under this new moon?  The more things change the more they remain the same? A soon as I become attached to a thing, and that thing rots away like an apple; or the thing leaves me like a boyfriend who finds someone new girlfriend, or a boyfriend who becomes attached to sports or his work, I suffer a lost.  Forget it Abyss. I give in.  I won’t become attached to anything ever again Abyss.  I don't care what you produce as your earthly or even heavenly representations. No boyfriends, no friends, no movies, books, apples, knowledge, technology because something will come along and destroy it or it will fade in interest to me and I’ll just have to select some other object or idea to be impressed with.  I don't care Abyss if you offered to make me a Goddess/God ruling over 100 billion lesser humans I will never be attached to anything you reproduce again Abyss.  No Abyss, you’ve convinced me to become a monk.  I’ll live in this world; I’ll make my efforts, but I won’t really be attached to any damn thing.  I’ll help but I won’t be over enthusiastic about helping.  I’ll do Kiplin’s “IF” poem to the maximum.  Buddha had it right, in 500 BC.  All life is suffering and then you die.  But Buddha didn't leave the world until he gave us a program.  A way to Will and Think and manage this life. 

The Four Noble Truths:
Existence is unhappiness.
Unhappiness is caused by selfish craving.
Selfish craving can be destroyed.
It can be destroyed by following the eightfold path.  Whose steps are:

1. Right understanding
2. Right purpose (aspiration)
3. Right Speech     
4. Right conduct 
5. Right Vocation  
6. Right effort 
7. Right Alertness. 
8. Right Concentration..

D. The Goddess/God/Faith Reaction (Religious Herd)
“So this is the original awesome face of my Goddess/God.  This blank Abyss.  This all-pervasive nothingness.  Hello.  Talk to me!  Well no matter.  We are all in the hands of you, my Abyss Goddess/God, whether we like to admit it or not.  I know I am loved
since I am alive, since I exist. I don’t need to do anything to be loved by you Great Abyss Goddess/God. I just am loved.  I can try to understand you more and more and thus grow closer to you in mutual friendship, but I realize the naked, scary truth: You are the end of all History.  My life doesn’t mean a damn to you, say that you love me right now; you can decide to grant me my wishes, fantasies, goals tomorrow or in the tomorrows to come or never at all.  Abyss you alone have freewill.  I am a whim of Fate.  I can make my choices and I will like I have freewill.  I mean I don’t know all my future decisions, so I’m not lying to myself.  I am a freewill person from my tiny, insignificant perspective, but I know, Abyss Goddess/God you know what I’ve already decided.  You know the mistake and success and confusion I will run into and overcome.  I am resigned to be your friend in faith.  I am a pawn in your hands Great Goddess/God do with me, as you will.  I AM NOT AFRAID YOU ABYSS BECAUSE YOU ARE MY GREAT GODDESS/GOD.  YOU CONTROL ALL THINGS IN MY LIFE AND OTHERS. 

Sometimes a person will be doing Philosophy B and all of a sudden have a conversion and then do Philosophy D.  Other times one starts off under Philosophy D and gives up and starts doing Philosophy B.  People may live under each philosophy during certain phases of their lives.  Some people may be steadfast under a particular philosophy for their entire life. Some people may decide to do Philosophy D in a philosophy A type
manner.  That is to say, they go along with what religious philosophy is in vogue and even if it is not really that Goddess/God’s authentic philosophy, the person shrugs their shoulder and accepts things as they are.  The Herd Philosophy should not be confused with religion; it could be philosophy of economy herd, or democracy or whatever system is out there where everyone feels safe.  Everyone should read the major national newspaper is an example of the Herd Philosophy in action.  It will not matter how many
times the Herd is lied to; the Herd will go back to the troth of vanilla-water-down truth again and again. 

Most people will deny they are doing any of these four philosophies.  They may say they are doing a mix, which could be true.  Most people have never thought seriously why and how they are reacting to the Abyss question?  What is Life?  Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  Is your life worth anything?  Is our life worth anything? 

Truth is facing the Abyss.  But Truth is like a beautiful but abandoned ten-year-old-girl child afflicted with every known and unknown communicable disease on the planet.  No one wants her.  All toss her fragments of their attention, like coins tossed at some honestly homeless person.  All claim to be supporter of her; all pass her by and say nice words but no one takes her into their home and gives her a place to live in their soul’s purpose.

Goddess/God takes this abandoned ten-year-old-girl with all these affliction
and one by one forces us to take her into our souls, to contemplate her and what this girl means in our lives.  Each of us ultimately confronts Truth alone.  We stand on the Abyss by ourselves and face down our terror of the Truth in whatever fashion we design.

This knowledge is not new.  The Great Religions have confronted this Abyss.  In the days when Christianity was rising into power, the mystics from the older so-called pagan religions hid the knowledge of our confrontation with the Abyss in the Tarot Cards 21 Major Trump Cards. The first card of the Tarot is an androgynous individual standing on the edge of a cliff, looking into the Abyss, The Fool or number Zero Card.
This Fool has a happy-go-lucky, innocent expression on her/his face as
she/he steps off the cliff into the Abyss to begin the journey of life with all
its horrors and triumphs and bliss and distaste and boredom and repetitiveness.  Snapping at The Fool’s heels is a little dog representing the Will.  The Abyss is the Great Will to Live as Schopenhaurer discovered. This Will to Live expresses itself in objects in
the three dimensional world as trees, rocks, water, chemicals, birds, energy, things you can all see, touch, taste, hear, smell, manipulate.  All these representation of the Will to Live want something for their own survival.   These representations compete/struggle with one another but this should not be thought of as eternal conflict.  It should be thought of as Yin-Yang. 

For example.  In Feng Shui you have the destructive cycle which you will
see is not necessarily evil.  Plants/Wood stabs Earth, Metal/Ax chops Plants/Wood, Fire melts Metal/Ax, Water puts out Fire, Earth blocks Water.  How can we have life in an organized capacity without the destructive cycle?  Can the Plant grow without Earth?

There is also a productive cycle: Plants/Wood produces Fire; Fire burns things creating Ashes/Earth, Earth in its depths crushes earth/other things and produces Metal; Metal in the Earth is cold and wet producing Water. Water feeds the seeds producing Plants.

The Abyss sits out there as the original substance.  There is nothing beyond the Abyss.  This is the scary thought.  The Abyss is the end and the end is the beginning of it all.  Goddess/God put their Great Will into motion, and everything else moved and has been moving ever sense.  It is terrifying to come to the end of knowledge, but sometimes it has to be accepted. 

So what is the purpose of life? To become and to grow in full knowledge of the Abyss in all it’s majesty, glory, good and bad, opposing forces productive and destructive cycles.  To become what we were originally separated from when put inside representational female and male bodies. To fully realize what our original face and essence is.  Our souls are part, segments of the Abyss.  When we run away from understanding the Abyss, we run away from understanding ourselves, our pure essence.  Everything in life is made up of The Abyss and in every way the Abyss is trying to
show us who we truly are. This is the Truth, the Great Truth, the abandoned ten-year-old girl we refuse to bring into our consciousness. We want so badly to believe we are only bodies, animals, living dirt and dust of the earth. We want so badly to say our nationalities, our genetics, or class status, our level of education or our political affiliations or our jobs are what we are. Those afraid of the Abyss don’t want others to
realize that they are the Abyss.  Our religions are only what we are when they correctly point out we are The Abyss. 

Each reaction to the Abyss ends with that person stepping off the cliff into the unknown world thinking A, B, C or D.  They have no choice.  Each of you has chosen to make the journey from A, B, C or D back home to The Abyss with the full realization of just what you are.  Choice is the key into The Abyss.  The Abyss spends all its time forcing us to grow, learn, develop, and understand it by our choices.

And at times The Abyss seems a cruel tasks mistress, when we don't want to grow she perplexes us with situations, people making us grow.  She tricks us into growing sometimes by hiding things from us.  She gives her lazy children enemies.  She rains her Great Truth on the good and bad and the ugly of her young.  She allows us to make our own mistakes if we choose.  She makes all people regardless of their choices useful to her final historical purpose.  She puts out several paths to the Great Truth over time and space.  She reveals things during our struggles to awaken us.  She has time, plenty of it, forever time in fact for us to grow up.  She's an attentive mother who we want to escape from her home and rules as soon as we can. She's a professor, an experimenter, the Great Enlightened Scientist watching us grow in our own strange, diverse ways, but she knows the outcomes of our paths and whether our choices are productive or time wasters.  She can always find some point to say "I told you so!" But why do that when it will be painfully or blissfully obvious to the understander of the Great Truth at that particular moment.

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