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                 THE VIOLIN LEGEND

Two lovers played their violins
On the mountaintop of Mount Universal Love.
And wooed each other with tender chords
Filling the sweet heaven above.

But one day Aphrodite called him away
To play for another couple.
Soon the girl became distraught and wept
Because of his temporal trouble.

Before her uplifting tunes
Could slowly turn to hate.
Her violin lept and ran away.
For she too missed her loving mate.

The violin darted over clouds
As the weaping girl gave chase.
But musical violin in her fast footrace
Did miss in one quick step and fell,

Down, down to the earth below.
Where a man found her sound as a bell.

“You’re in perfect shape,” he said,
As he carried her to his house.
He knew to make a caressing bow
And began playing for his spouse.

The violin played only at first
Simple, loveless, boring tunes.
Until she realized, he loved his wife
As much as a flower adores June.

The violin felt so much joy
She forgot her marooned honeymoon.

He played it every day for her;
Both his wife and the violin.
And at lavish music parties,
He played it for his kin.

He played on the mountaintop
For that’s where she sounded best.
And he could play every love
Variation the heart could express.

And the girl above in heaven
Gazed down, her broken heart impressed
With the lovely charming music
That put her thorny distress to rest.

© Cupideros, Sunday, May 14, 2006

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© Cupideros, May 20, 2010
(Poems to be included in my online novel Passion for Tinon)

Decorations reflecting life
Pull the elements into place—

Empty space
Waiting for the return
Fulfillment of her mute lover—

Without limit
All realms happy
Playing in their playgrounds—

© Cupideros, May 23, 2010

Like a snake swimming through the water,
This Beginning Angel rules Moon and Mars;
She loves hurling; she teaches love is devotion;
She shows how to learn love is freedom;
She teaches love is innocence; she shows how
To learn love is trust.  Prospecting is her
Specialty, along with the planning of goals
And initiating direct attacks.

Like a centipede crawling on a tree branch,
The Progress Angel rules Mercury and Venus;
She loves hitting; she teaches love is awareness
She shows how to learn love is feeling
She teaches love is pure; she shows how
To learn love is fulfillment; she teaches
Love is tolerance; she shows how
To learn love is oneness.  Interviewing
Or searching for information is her speciality,
Along with giving meaning to goals
And pinning down her opponents makes her extol.

Like a scorpion crawling over a golden sun spot,
The Turning Point Angel rules Saturn and Pluto;
She loves holding, she teaches love is wisdom;
She shows how to learn love is unselfish;
She teaches love is passion; she shows how
To learn love is surrender; presenting is her
Specialty, along with using intent,
Applying knight forks and double attacks.

Like a toad hopping over grass blades shinning
In the hot sun, this Peak Angel rules
Sun and Neptune; she loves pulling,
She teaches love is humility; she teaches
Love is compassion; she shows us how
To learn love is all.  Answering objections
Is her specialty, along with using force,
As well as displacing defenders or
Defeating traps set for you.

Like a lizard crawling up a tree trunk
Growing out of the ground, the Finishing Angel
Rules Venus and Jupiter; she loves locking,
She teaches love is patient; she shows how
To learn love is forgiveness; she teaches
Love is beauty; she shows us how to learn
Love is harmony; she teaches love is honesty;
She shows how to learn love is loyalty.
Closing is her specialty, along with checkmate
And discovered checks are her progeny.

© Cupideros, May 22, 2010

Away long, long sleep, long, long sleep, then and now
So the sleeper can wake; do not slumber your fate
Away—to your destiny mystical inner key!
The times are in tide.  Yes, yes they coincide!
The place will never be better forever
Away long, long sleep, long long sleep, then and now
Wake up!  O soul slumbering in deepest sweetest night.

© Cupideros, May 22, 2010

Tune inward when the times are good with cheer;
Or when the nights are long and deep.
Tune inward when the days are busy with
Work on the practical-material things of life.
Tune inward whenever you can—
SRFG and SRMG will welcome your sweet presence!

© Cupideros, May 23, 2010

Dance into the darkness, child,
Where the stars shine not their light.
Dance into the darkness, child,
I wait at the gates of paradise
And colored lights roll and spin like dice,
Where the sounds of silence blows,
Where the sounds opine not in rows.
For occult simply means hidden
And the ways of SRMG, SRFG are indeed
Deep, as the movement blowing the breeze,
Deep, as the mist wetting the rains,
Deep, as the heat raising the fires,
Deep, as the hardness forming the earth;
As mysterious as the souls within your soul paradigm.
THEY SRMG, SRFG, power your soul and body.
THEY have fixed the game by their divine rules.
All dance to THEIR (SRMG, SRFG) sweet beats and cues!