The Lemonade Girl
© Cupideros, 05.01.2011

There was once a Lemonade Girl, blonde as the sun could be.
And her attitude and view strange as the witty Yeti.
One day, at breakfast, to her parents she complained.
"Where are all the other lovely brilliant colors?"
Her parents pointed out the red the flower vase contained
They lifted the sky blue cereal bowls for review.
Their hands caressed the soft green table cloth.
And then they nodded at Dali's melting clock.
"I see those, purple, black, white, and even golden-stew broth.
Surely I must be blind, blind as the eye can see."

This same Lemonade Girl dyed her hair hot pink.
And off skipping rope, she went down the quiet street.
But soon enough something was wrong and she grew depressed.
"Why I need more space.  I'm a world class athlete."
Another girl came roller skating down the tree-lined path.
"In the Mohave Desert, you can fit one hundred streets like these."
"Oh I should want much more space than that.
I'm afraid today I'm going to die a thousand agonies."
The girl waved her hands upward, "In outer space look see,
Is all the space anyone can ever truly need."
But Lemonade Girl pull her hot pink hair behind her ears.
"You don't understand, she started skipping again,
How important it is I get what I want, when I want."
"You don't want to wait and wait till when is when."

The Lemonade Girl didn't, couldn't understand how,
People were happy pleased and satisfied with life.
It was obvious to her people liked what they saw.
She, however, was unafraid, like to stir up a little strife.
She met a couple in love, gently holding hands in fact.
"Do you ever argue or come to misunderstand?"
"No," they both replied together, and sealed it with a kiss.
"How long do you plan on being so so bland?
Or is it something I still don't get and have missed."
"We plan on working out our differences," she replied.
"We plan on trying to harmonize our goals,"
Her husband said, adding the sweetest sweetest sigh.
"All the bankrolls can't fill your argument's huge buttonholes."
Said the Lemonade Girl, while fashioning her rope into a belt.
"All we can do is gladly try and try and try our best,"
The couple said, before smiling, hugging and walking on.
"They should quit, give up and give it all a rest."

The Lemonade Girl walked further and reached a park.
An amusement park full of fun and food and games to be done.
Soon she reached the Ferris ride, but wasn't tall enough.
The hourglass inched one inch above her messy pink hair bun.
And ride after ride produce the same guide and lied and lied.
Lemonade Girl wasn't tall enough even with a little mischief.
She pranced on her toes up to the scale and still she was denied.
She pouted and grew dewy-eyed, she forced back a tear.
When a monk walked up and sat down far on the bench beside her,
He waved her tears away, and surely the atmosphere
Change in an instant like an elixir of something akin to hope.
"We make our reality from what we wish," he started
As Lemonade Girl listened quietly and very, very sincere.
"We must pull ourselves together, pull our wrested
Senses controlled by reigns until we can accomplish our tasks.
And if you cannot, do not be afraid to asks for SRMG
Or SRFG's divinely given help.  They love you simply because you exists.
They want to give you gorgeous, greatness, goodness, braveness
Like themselves!"

Lemonade Girl wanted to turn and say, "Brainlessbulbouscactusbutt!"
Her favorite reply to bookshelves, selves and tiny ephemeral elves.
But the monk was gone in a flash like dawn, or a springing fawn;
So her feelings rose inside her and she waited and watched theirselves:
Anger, hope, jealousy, happiness, courage and fear as they paraded
Before her very eyes; along with crushes, despisings, discontent, glooms
And thrills, torments, satisfactions, tantrums, calms, lusts,
Rages, loyalties, misgivings and love, happiness and grudges, but excitements,
And awes were the best of the bunch for the Lemonade Girl.

And she tried it to see and went back to the Ferris ride,
Sure enough she stood tall enough without her messy hair bun.
And her eyes opened and shades of colors between colors widely opened up.
On the Ferris wheel she flew up into space, not outer space,
But Lemonade Girl said, "Oh I can wait for that."
Looking down on all the people, she felt the greatest love
For them all, even though some argued and some looked sad.  Lemonade
Girl knew SRMG and SFG watched above it all.
And surely as she was loved simply because she exists; they too
Were loved and wished the very best of the best.

Thanks for reading this poem.

--cupideros LuLu Store Front

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