THE KARATE WITCH (Flash Short Story)
© Cupideros, Saturday, October 28, 2006
(782 words)

Mr. Han, owner, world champion and Tiger Wan Karate School Instructor lowered the “Class Open” sign as he raised the “Class Full” sign. A tall woman dressed in an asymmetrical black dress waved her arms frantic from across the street trying to cross four traffic lanes.  Mr. Han didn’t see her.  Frustrated, the Witch raised both hands and froze time.  Traffic stood still.  Mr. Han halted lowering one sign while raising the other sign.  The Witch darted through the open spaces of four blurry cars. Her pointed black-ballet slippers going pat-at-pat-at on the pavement.  She unfroze time.
Mr. Han turned around startled at her sudden appearance.
“I hope I’m not too late. I just wanted to learn Kung Fu so bad!” She reached into her paperback-size black purse with a skull zipper pull. A loud “rippppppppper” sounds as she open it and pushed her hand in and retreived $1,000 dollars. “See. I want the entire class. Exercises, costumes,” she giggled. “I love wearing white by the way.” She stepped back a step. Laughing. “I know,” she nodded her head, “I’m wearing all black, but Mr. Han--. You are Mr. Han?” her face scowled.
He nodded. “Mr. Han, Yes.”
Her face brightened again. “See I wear all black the week of Halloween. As soon as it’s ends, I’m ready for class.” She stood silent waiting for Mr. Han’s answer. Mr. Han kept staring and he glanced at the two signs in his hand. He stared again at the young lady.
“Oh! Sorry. Not very nice of me, I am, Audrey Tettington.”
“Do you intend to practice,” he pointed to her head, “with your long pointy hat?”
Audrey snatched the hat off and put it behind her back. Next, she tried to put it inside her purse. Mr. Han watched in amazement as Audrey tried to stuff the huge silk hat inside.
Audrey opened her eyelids wide and gave Mr. Han a just-a-minute look. “See there.” She crossed both hands over her zipped purse.
Mr. Han said, “Fast hands. How did you manage to fit--”
“Oh. I’m just—Well I’m determined,” Audrey laughed and nodded. “I get what I want.”
“Okay, let’s introduce you to the class.”

They walked in and Audrey towered four feet over five-foot three inches Mr. Han, even without her three-foot long pointy hat. Her catlike walk silenced her feet. So silent did she walk, Mr. Han turned back around just to assure himself Audrey hadn’t chicken out and sprinted away.

After introductions and at Audrey’s persistent, Mr. Han decided to give her some brief lessons.  He stood beside her Audrey.  “Stand like so. Hands like this. Elbows in. Strike this way.”  Mr. Han shouted, “HA!”
Audrey bent her shoulders and tilted her head sideways, “Ah come on Mr. Han. I want to practice. You know,” she shuffled her black-pointy slippers forward and backward fast like cards. She moved her arms swift like a punching bag hanged before her. She squinted and made ferocious faces. The class laughed.
“Okay one lesson. Now you stand there.  Use the strike I just showed you.  Try to attack me.”
Audrey repeated the karate pose he showed her. She shouted, “HA!”  Then flicked her wrist and Mr. Han circled 360 degrees in the air and landed flat on his bum.
Audrey stood knocked-knee and stooped her shoulders, “Sorry.” She put her cute hands to her closed lips. “Did I do that?”  She giggled.  “I didn’t mean too.”
Mr. Han got up slow. “You don’t need lessons.”
“Nah, honest, Mr. Han.” Audrey shook her hands like odd disobedient creatures.  “One more try, Mr. Han.  I’m. . . getting control over my powers honest.” 
Dark-haired Mr. Han as he pointed a finger to the ceiling, “One more try.” He took up his defensive position again.  “Okay.  Strike at me.”
Audrey paused.  She bounced on her toes.  She tossed her shoulder-length hair out of her eyes with a head snap.  She stood one leg in front of the other.  “HA!” Audrey performed the moved perfectly, “Her right hand snapped forward and Mr. Han blocked it.  Audrey’s left hand however went backwards like in those Saturday afternoon Kung Fu movies.  Four students went flying backwards slamming into the wall.  The four groaned.
“Oops!” Audrey turned behind her to see the four staggering to their feet.  “O shucks! Dogonit!  I’ll get it right this time.  It’s not easy being a Witch, Mr. Han!  You just don't now.  One more try—
“No, no, Audrey,” Mr. Han said shaking his head negatively.  He reached into his pocket and gave the $1,000 back.  “You come back in another lifetime when you’re not a Witch!”

                                                           —THE END—

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Confidence Meditation Love Think and Grow Rich Suze Orman Mythology
Mythology Self-Help Positive Thinking Jobs Computers Wicca Astronomy Arts
Literature Classical Music History Feminism Tao Te Ching Prosperity
Confidence Meditation Love Think and Grow Rich Suze Orman Mythology
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