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The 1984 #MeToo Movement Bans All Romance Novels!

© by Cupideros, December 22, 2017, 13:08 p.m.

In an unprecedented move, all romance novels from 1400 up to now are being removed from store shelves to comply with the 1984 #MeToo Movement. Romance authors big and small, most of them women, now complain shriek and curse the social movement called #MeToo. Romantic authors state explicitly, “Romance Novels do not contribute to Rape Culture.” They contribute to love culture. However, dissenting voices, mostly men, and Third Wave Feminist vehemently disagree. “Romance authors need to disavow their support of ‘Rape Culture,’” Men and Third Wave Feminists said.

One man, in a red hat, said, “This is what Joseph McCarthy wanted, Thought Police on Testosterone, but in the #MeToo Movement, which means verbally, ‘Pound Me Too!’, by the way, McCarthy got the Thought Police on Estrogen. Who would have guessed, the social conforming group that women always act like would turn to social Marxism as a sneaky way to take all power away from men? And from what I understand,” the man continued, “Several companies Doxed fifty percentage of women who bought Fifty Shades of Grey, and the movie-goers of Fifty Shades of Grey. It is not hard to get such data with the sharing of everyone’s Internet Data, purchased online receipts and credit-card metadata. McCarthy would be proud. Yup.“

When asked, “If this was fair for fifty percentage, seventy-five percent, sometimes up to ninety percent of women at corporations to lose their jobs due a Tried, Judged and Fired executions because of a book and film purchase?” The men in a group standing outside the large bookstore, where I am doing this report, laughed and scoffed, and added, “’Karma is a Bitch.’ We have Tried, Judged and Fired executions by one woman in corporations. Even Hollywood is not that harsh on its casting couch actors.Her word against His word. By the millions, you heterosexual women want Alpha men to #(Pound) MeToo in Romance novels and on disgusting films like Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, and book, but in actual life you want to Dox Alpha and Beta men for complimenting you by smiling at you when they get into the elevator or saying, ‘That’s a nice dress or pair of shoes.’ No gray areas exist!”

Another man, wearing a wedding band, said, “If the Arabs take over this country, all you women will not have to worry about receiving compliments in your witch robes, burkas, and three-covered veils.”

A blonde woman yelled, “Women get raped in Arab countries. Dress has nothing to do with it!”

The men ignored her and cheered when another truckload of Romance novels rolled out of the popular brick-and-mortar bookstore.

“Do you understand the men’s frustration with the #MeToo movement?” I asked a young female college student wearing a white lettering saying ‘Second Wave SJW’ hot-pink sweatshirt.”

“I do. However, this #MeToo Movement was originally about the serious issues of Rape, sexual assault, and things as when a woman has her backside pressed against a male’s hard, erect sex organ, in some stuffy corporate closet or empty room. In addition, no woman should go meet a director in his private home unless they are filming, an unlikely situation. Women can just say NO! Whatever happen to that! No woman intended #MeToo to be a simple compliment. Now, men fear to ride in elevators or have private meetings with women worldwide! No powerful men will mentor us anymore! Because of a few lonely cat-women, and hypertriggered, hypersnowflakes hopped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and they created this evil, twist to the once noble #MeToo Movement.

“I read Romance Novels when I was a child, not that you can prove anything by anecdotal evidence, but I can tell you the behavior of the men in those books has not changed in six-hundred years. It is bad, their behavior, when judged in the light of the popular #MeToo Movement. Do you understand how men can see their romantic dating behavior, their masculine dating behavior as toxic in actual life, but accepted as romantic in Romance Novels?.” I turned to asked the Second Wave Feminist with red hair.

“I do not read Romance Novels,” she replied emphatically.

“Closet reader, she is,” argued one male with a neat beard.

Another man with blond hair, yelled, “Hypocrites and passive-aggressive women, they always say one thing in public and another ten-thousand things in private.”

“They like rape culture,” chimed in another man.

“We do not write rape culture romance novels,” said a famous romance novelist of the Regency Era, who shall go unnamed.

“George Orwell warned us of the SexPolice, Anti-Sex League, shutting down all heterosexual interactions. The Illuminati plan in action,” said a small man wearing an orange T-shirt that read paradoxically, Freedom in red, white and blue bold lettering.

“Men are losing their jobs over nothing, but simple compliments and looks. How am I to know whether I look at you as an attractive woman—“

“That’s inappropriate,” shouted another man wearing jeans and Nike gym shoes and black tee shirt with the letters ”INAPPROPRIATE” in bold white Ariel print lettering.

“I’m talking!” the man interrupted the man. “How am I to know whether if I look at you as an attractive woman, you find me beneath your class, wealth and station in life? Therefore, you find my overtures of dating romance as an affront to your personal safety.”

I nodded. “Women do act dodgy in their actions and statements, even with other women. Women cannot read a man’s mind.”

“Passive-aggressive. If they do not find the man attractive, women can just say I’m not interested,” said a handsome black man.

“Passive-aggressive,” said, a young male college student. “Women are, too, afraid to say what they mean outright, so they tell you something that means one thousand different things. They simply want to manipulate us emotionally to give over our financial resources in exchange for female sex.”

MGTOW! MGTOW! MenGoingTheirOwnWay!

The man who yelled ‘Inappropriate’ started talking. “We just want to know what the new dating rules are. Okay. All flirting at the corporate jobs (any part of the corporate job, at lunch, on picnics, on social outings), is all out. But do you know most people spend the majority of their lives on their jobs? Many people find their spouses at work. Women know this.”

Two police cars came screeching by and speeding down the street. I looked around most of the had men had cleanly shaved faces. We paused talking. “, and,” I replied, after the police cars passed, and car traffic resumed the normal pace.

One male yelled, “Those are 2-D women. Not 3-D women.“

“And the women who go to bars are sluts, riding the carousel.”

“Shit-talk!” yelled the women. “Inappropriate!” the women yelled.

“Women just want to go to work and go home,” yelled a fat woman in a long-red skirt and a blue top with sunflowers on it.

“So women do not find any man attractive at work, ever?” yelled the bearded man again.

“Is the #MeToo Movement 1984ish in your opinion? I asked the woman in a long-red skirt and blue top with sunflowers.

“I do not think so. This is a response to the rampant abuse on Hollywood casting couches. They are abusing women and children.”

A clean-cut man with pencil mustache said, “MK-Ultra! You heard of that! People in the highest offices of Government continue to abuse children as some excuse they are making superagents. How many documented reports, exposes’ do we have to hear? Give a person an excuse to do his wickedest fantasies and he will do them. We gave a bit of power to the Lesbians and Gays and they now want to rape our children and now refuse to let us call our children boys or girls. Third-Wave Feminism is the death of the human race as we know it!”

“Give women or a woman an excuse to exorcise her wickedest fantasies and she will do them,” retorted the married man wearing the wedding band. “We gave a bit of power to women and now they want us to give up all power in society, our masculinity, and willingness to date females.”

“You must be feeling safe, being married and all,” I said, smiling at the married man.

“Not really. I am waiting. I am eggshells walking waiting for the next 1984 #MeToo Movement, purse to drop. The MenToo Movement. I cannot tell you how many single women seem to think I am on the sexual market, at work, when I am out shopping at the malls for holiday present or simply filling my car tank with gasoline. Women will lose their jobs by the millions because men are hip to the nonverbal passive-aggressive approaches women use to find dates. Pulling their hair, biting their lower lips, looking lonely at a man, the quick glance at him and turning away, being in his social proximity all the time, Monday they are an A-Cup, then on Tuesday, the next day, they are a D-Cup and other nonverbal female dating tactics. Some women do not even know they are sending out these flirting signals because of their biological cycles. It is human nature; we are driven by biological forces at some level all the time.”

“Is it that bad?” I responded.

“Yeah. That bad. But men do not say anything about the women who make overtures. If men are not interested, the men just ignore the women or tell them outright, I am married. I have a girlfriend. I am a monk. Or, now, the popular, I am MGTOW.”

“MGTOW! MGTOW! MenGoingTheirOwnWay!” a small group of men shouted.

“Can a woman be MGTOW?” I asked.

“WGTOW is feminism. Didn’t you know that?” replied the married man. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a motorbike.”

I laughed. “I think it was a bicycle.”

“Motorbike,” replied the married man, “Now women want more between their legs. They want total control, a life without men. The men want their loverbots and women want their motorcycles or toys that produce a similar biological response. But I am confident with the removal of all the Rape Culture Romance Novels, things will eventually turn around. Women will want men again.”

“Why not just ban erotica, as well?” I had to ask.

The married man replied, “It will just go underground.”