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Who Keeps Putting Net Neutrality in Jeopardy?
© by Cupideros, December 13, 2017, 18:32 p.m. EST


Do not full yourself.  From the beginning of time, people, those in positions of power, who believe they alone have the ability, skill to think sooner or later try to control the means of communication.  Believing, if they control the means of communication, writing, symbols, printing press, book, newspaper and magazine publishing 3-D type, and digital or airways types television, movies, radio, and Internet, they can control everyone's thought.

This has never been proved 100% true. 

Hitler found this out.

Sooner or later, people grow wise to the manipulation happening in corporations, governments and secret cabal organizations like the illumanti, Fabian society, Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations and their ilk.

From the beginning of the 1450 Movable Type Printing Press by Johannes Gutenberg, the publishing freedom did not last long.  Immediately, the Pope wanted to use it simultaneously to crowdfund building the basilica in Rome and then to stop Martin Luther from publishing his debate ideas about the corrupt heresy of selling indulgences. 

Next, Kings wanted to control the freedom of press out of fear of losing control of the public.

Middle 1.

Struggle after struggle continued.  Then book publishers, newspapers, magazines set themselves up as "Gate Keeper" of correct information or more accurately, "Gate Keeper of their view of correct information” and to shut out contrary thoughts to their views.

Indie Publishing, because of digital and Ebook publishing on the Internet, Kindle and Ereaders, laptops, once again leveled the playing field of ideas.

So again enter those who would limit thought in order to so-called avoid installing the thought-crime police who would 1984 report anyone thinking contrary thoughts to authority figures or hysterical group-think, rumor mongering, triggered people and snowflakes.  The Sneaky Service is saying, we have to take away your ability to think critically or else we will have to social-Marxist-Gulag-1984ish limit your thoughts and thinking. 

Not to avoid saying some people, namely, men have not abused Hollywood actresses and children on the casting couch for decades, they have.  But to paint every situation with the same brush from the casual innocent comment on a woman's dress to actual rapes of the likes of the Harvey Weinstein's of the world is opening the door to closing all Internet freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression is needed to sort out the serious crimes from the overblow witchhunting that is soon to be happening more and more as women seek power over men.

Women are not to blame, but women in the Sneaky Service are.  Women, who pushed by the Sneaky Service, will try to gains as much power as they can for the Sneaky Service, Joker Boys (watch the Chris Nolan Trilogy, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the Dark Knight Rises).  Or more correctly, the Sneaky Service will try to gain as much power to shut people up and 1984 control them as they can through using women's hypertriggered fears and hypersnowflake feeling tendencies to run to the government to solve their every problem.

Triggered instances are not real instances; they are instances in the past of a woman who has never controlled her reactions to her past.  Is every man supposed to be responsible for what every man in a woman's past did to her? 

Being a fragil snowflake, unable to take criticism or experience contrary opinions, is no fault of everyman. 

Colllege campus are filled with triggered women and snowflake women unable to adjust like their sisters in the past of the Nineteen Eighties and before.  These triggered women and snowflakes move into jobs taking with them the same hypertriggered reactions, hypersnowflake reactions to casual encounters.  Men cannot be women.  Women cannot be men.

Middle 2.

This is why I wrote a piece Recalibrating WGTOW and Recalibrating MGTOW.  Trying to turn men into women brings no solution.  Since, women do not want men who act like women!  This is part of the biological conflict women have within themselves.  They say they want kind, caring men, but then they try to destroy those men for the slightest triggered, or snowflake event that occurs.  Women say they want kind, sensitive men who make them laugh and then go out in the billions to buy and watch the sado-masochist female and male dominator book and film Fifty Shades of Gray!

This hypertriggered hysterical and snowflake reactions will destroy any good that comes from the Harvey Weintstein revelations (which people have known about for decades).  I wrote about Hollywood and MKUltra repeated in my tumblr blog and now on my Patreon

This hypertriggered hysterical and hypersnowflake reactions will destroy any good that comes from First Wave and Second Wave Feminism!  And believe me, all roads lead to Rome (or the Sneaky Service illumanti's wish to destroy society and control everyone thoughts).


Below is an audio podcast about the freedom of publishing down through history.  Remember, used correctly, History is your Friend!  This is the Aquarius Age, the age of Individualist voices, not unthinking, order taking group think.