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They say Prose resembles a movie in the mind.  You take in images, meaning, symbols and context.  All of these play off your stored images, meanings, symbols and together you add to your knowledge, awareness, context and ideas.

Each writer is unique in this sense.  They can only write their stories.  We see the world in similar and special ways based on our encounters in life.  As such, writers can hope their stories touch the lives of others but no guarantees exist this may occur.  What we do know is, we have occupied the same era in varying realities of living.  

I read blogs and I'm amazed how strange other realities exist out in the world.  It's the same when I read other writer's stories.  Together this tapestry of words tells us something fascinating, if I can use that word, about our universe and how we have managed it so far.

Prose is a longer, more straight forward translating of those realities and as such easier to understand.  


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And the Nine Little Red Riding Hood Endings

I state clearly, I do not believe in fan fiction.  All the characters in any of my novels, novellas or my short stories, flash stories, songs and poems, plays are the sole creation of Cupideros.  And thus cannot be written about by anyone but Cupideros.

May 14, 2012

He Trusts Me and Other Poems and 'Stories
Three Lives and Love a Cupiderosbooks.com prose fiction novella
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