PASSION FOR TINION (WIP Novel 120,000 words)
© Cupideros, October 21, 2006 

© Cupideros Saturday, December 25, 2010

Her First Crush
© Cupideros December 25, 2010

Her first crush came by accident,
By light, by mirror,
By instincts, by desire,
She found the precious pearl of power,
She found the wet sprout inside the flower,
Containing one thousand, five hundred and fifty-nine
Volts of electric power.

From cradle to childhood,
From nubile to childbirth,
From womanhood and before the grave she feels
Miniature stands and falls of blissful delights,
Containing one thousand, six hundred and seventy-one
Volts of eclectic light.

With frottage, with grinding,
With touching, with licking,
With polishing and buffing the grail,
Miss Oestrus Veneris, Princess of Passion,
Goes through One thousand seven hundred and forty
Volts of erotic rations.

In the pit of the pendulum,
Lubricated by lust or love,
The blood does flow and threaten to swoon,
Because the pit is designed better for pleasure,
Thus, its owners gifted better to control,
The one thousand eight-hundred and eighty-nine
Zones of sensual love.

The hand and tongue,
The kiss and caress,
Shall direct the ship and crew,
Shall ease its mighty distress,
Breaking over one thousand nine-hundred and two
Torrent waves of desire.

Let all who sang of love or marriage,
Know where and how to control births;
Know how and where to find that organ
Once feared, despised and suppressed,
And ring one thousand and nine-hundred and ten
Times its enmeshed honey-bell flesh.

Disregard all unworthy ideas,
Discard all shame and guilt.
Embrace and enjoy to the hilt,
The sparkly jewel in the lotus flower,
One thousand and nine-hundred and thirty
Times in a sweet rhythmic friction hour

For it is only when the ship is ready
To sail, will she sail her best and farthest,
And haul steep treasures in her sacred hold
By light of the sun, by moon mirror fun,
By instincts, by desire, and precious pearl power,
Find the wet sprout inside the flower,
Thrill this Vamp-Madonna-Diva wildflower.

End Chapter 64.

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       Bad Women aka Sluts and Whores know they like sex!
Good Women aka Madonnas do not like sex.
--Written on the boy’s bathroom wall at Galan High School

Bad Women/Sluts/Whores know they like sex.
Good Women/Madonnas know they like sex!
--Written on the boys's bathroom wall at Quodarian Academy West