PASSION FOR TINION (WIP Novel 120,000 words)
© Cupideros, October 21, 2006 

© Cupideros, Saturday, July 11, 2009

And this is how Day told their children about the stars above and how they symbolized the lives of people on earth.

Every story needs a setting, a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Mars, God of War, needed a setting prominent, first to be seen, quick to exit to the land and defend it. 

So Mars was assigned the First House by the Abyss.  The first house gives a first impression to others;our title or name or clothing we are known to wear.

Mars was given a choice on how to dress. He choose armor, military uniforms, authority dress, badges, the adventures outfit.  He did things with a speedy style.  Act first asks questions later.  Confident, pushy, aggressive, even belligerent when not enlightened Mars is ever ready to pursue his interest.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything equal, Venus, Goddess of Love and Peace and Beauty was assigned the Second House by the Abyss.  Venus would remind Mars war wasn't the end all, be all.  Venus needed a protector too; although she was a consummate Amazon using love as her ultimate weapon. It is her weapon of choice Love that wins out over everything in the last sign Pisces.  Although Mars remained baffled and did not understand how this happened.

The Second house rules our skills, natural talents, gifts/giftedness, valuables, resources, what concrete things we have and use to earn our own money. 

Venus choose clothes to make it obvious to others her interest.  Soft fabrics and furnishings, beautiful decor and rich objects like jewelry and fine art sculpture and paintings. Venus was known to be stubborn as a Bull because she refused to be pushed around.  No matter how much Mars blustered and yelled and barked Venus held her ground quietly not budging an inch.  She remained patient, calm, stoic.  She looked for the long term at things.  These two were lovers--Venus and Mars.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything equal, Mercury, God of Mentality, Memory, Perception and communications came next.  Venus and Mars would only spend time making love or war without Mercury's company to spice things up, make those two curious about other things.  Mercury shifted the topic of Venus and Mars' interest into travel, writing, speaking, reason, learning everyday aspects about their siblings to come, networks, environment.   Without Mercury, Venus and Mars were headed for divorce.

Mercury assigned the third house by the Abyss, contracted the job out to the Gemini Goddess and God Twins to build. Gemini represented brothers and sisters, siblings and made it easier for Venus and Mars to understand they were part of a family group.  Education, books, newspapers, media, Internet, CDs, short distance trips to and fro to the neighbors or childhood friends all were looked after by the Gemini Twins.  These twins would be naughty and pass rumors along too sometimes, if not watched carefully.  If there was a message or information to be transmitted from one place or person or organization or group to another, Gemini Twins hopped up and zipped about because Mercury the true ruler of the third house asked the Twins to Go, Speak, Tell everyone. Often Sun Father asks Mercury to tell Moon Mother something.  In turn, Moon Mother ask Mercury to tell Sun Father a message.

Mercury fashion style was androgyny.  He was flexible, mentally quick, undependable, curious, versatile, knowledgeable about millions of little things, but none at any depth.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything equal, Mother Moon, Goddess of her earthly children ruled instincts near the surface, protective feelings, comforting, caring, building a nest, a place a home.  The tides, rhythms and ebbs of life.  She rules the body and the containers of the body, stomach, breasts, uterus.  Emotions are under Mother Moon.  She is YIN.  She is reflective and having no light of her own her light comes from Father Sun/YANG.  She rules over body, birth and death (because of the body), subconscious mind, YIN,  instincts, mass consciousness which is the emotions of the HERD-Public. Personality which is lit up by the real self (Sun Father/Yang) is ruled by Mother Moon/YIN.  We want to network and belong under Mother Moon's influence.   She gives us nurturing, creates security and rules our instinctive habitual patterns.

Mother Moon put a symbol of Cancer the Crab on her door because the Crab carried it's own home wherever it went.  Mother Moon was assigned the Fourth House by the Abyss.  The fourth house represented the beginning and ending of things. Home.  Security.  Base of operations, family unit, domestic affairs, hidden depths of self, nuturing-love-you-simply-because-you-exist parent (usually the feminine mother), real estate, property, your roots, tangible assets, ethic and cultural origins and foundations. 

Mother Moon classified her fashion style as emotional, emotive, moody, comforting, maternal, caring, protective, smothering when she was bad or lonely, feeling abandoned. 

Every story needs a setting, a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything equal, Father Sun, God of all his earthly children ruled pride, confidence in life purpose to live, ego, daring, giver of light, heat, The Will, determination, power, leadership over bigger issues than war.  Father Sun ruled over arrogance, boastfulness, self-will and was very self-aware of what he wanted.  He showed great Executive abilities and was very YANG.

When Father Sun was assigned the Fifth House by the Abyss.  When Father Sun came home from work he saw his home as a playful place, creative, the children excited to see him, hobbies and relaxation to show  self-expression and love of theater and drama.  He brought home amusements for the children, toys, games.  He spoke of social affairs he attended.  He would get all romantic with Mother Moon too.  He is the love-you-because-your-improving-growing-showing-maturity parent (usually the masculine  father).  When all the positive things happened Father's Sun house felt like the luckiest place on earth.

Father Sun wore stylish clothes, he loved getting attention, he smiled, sometimes even boasted.  But could be generous and inspirational too when he was good. 

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything weird and slightly surprising the Abyss created Chiron, a half-horse and half-man Centaur.  This was a problem for sure.  The others didn't quiet know how to deal with it.  But they found out Chiron loved to solve problems.  His ability to pour over facts, research and come up with useful practical data that solved problems, improved everyone's health and made business operate better--they all relaxed.

Chiron was assigned the house of work and service or the sixth house.  Chiron tirelessly helped heal the others when needed.  He was very Other-Aware sort of soul.  He loved pets and kept a daily routine and schedule to reduce stress. 

Chiron contracted out the making of clothes and food to Virgo. She loved the land and had the most amazingly reliable green thumb you've ever seen.  She was a bit shy, but always neat and efficient and every young-looking.  She was a good analytical assistant as well.  Sometimes Virgo would get critical and fussy, but mostly she was precise and able to hold her critical tongue to tasks and not personal comments towards people.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Keeping everything weirder still slightly surprising the Abyss let Venus, the Goddess of Love, created another house--the 7th house.  This time Venus used her magnet powers to attract people and not things. She sought beauty and harmony, diplomacy, cooperation, marriage, one-on-one communications on the human scale as oppose to the material scale.  She still loved art, but arts like the beautiful phrase,

Venus' additional house governed negotiations, diplomacy, one-to-one communications, marriage, lawsuits, open fights, legal fights, competitors and competition.  Now she was Mar's shadow.  She giggle how eventually Love would rule over all in the end.

Venus decided the scales of justice made a perfect symbol for her additional house.  Libra symbolized balance, harmony, partnering, finding solutions that pleased all.  Other-Awareness rounded out Venus's style, because she was very much a Self-Aware style of Taurus earlier in the Second House.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Rebalancing things The Abyss created Pluto to transform things through death and rebirth.  No one really wanted the job.  After all, triggering powerful changes for the greater good is a thankless task.  Nevertheless, Pluto decided he'd do the job under one condition.  He be given access to the deepest instincts inside each person; their sexual instincts, their psychic instincts; their gut reactions.

Such unsavory but necessary knowledge didn't belong on the surface of the earth.  So The Abyss told Pluto build your house underground, in the deepest cave.  At first Pluto contracted this job out to Mars.  Typical of Mars, this long range and complex job wasn't suitable to someone with a short temper and impatience.  Pluto had to take back over the tasks to do it right.  After all he was the only God of all that we humans are afraid to look at and consider possible.  When Group Think locks up humanity, Pluto comes along and blast the entire structure away without warning and explanation usually.  "They wouldn't listen anyway," Pluto said.

Pluto put the Scorpio symbol on his door.  The Scorpio best showed how humanity runs around destroying itself by its instinctive drive to survive!  Passion, intensity, a gut knowledge of what people are doing in their intense drives to live and thrive represent Scorpio nature offshoot of Pluto.  Scorpio is the most committed of signs. Loyalty is demanded and some painful spiritual, emotional, mental or psychology and maybe even physical transformation must transpire as well.  Scorpios will go and dare where none dare to go.  Always aware of higher consciousness purpose of life.  Protective.  Rebirthing.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Jupiter came next and he loved to gallop around all over the place expressing great intellectual thoughts as broad as his travels.  He became known as the King of the Gods because of his expansive optimism (brings luck and opportunity), Philosophy, religion, higher education, theories of science and foreign cultures. His optimism, wit and humor enabled him to dwell and go into these new realms without the slightest hesitation.

His positive attitude pleased the the Abyss.  They gave him an the largest castle.  There the great libraries of the world are contained.  All the roads lead from Jupiter' castle out into the world.  He is the ultimate salesperson and snake charm seller too. Universities are built after his castle.

Sagittarius symbol of the roaming Centaur shooting his arrow of truth into the sky of mass public's group mind says it all.  Truth, freedom, risk taking, philosophical, even somewhat preachy, lecturing nature describe Sagittarius activities.  He loves travels and foreign places. 

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

Saturn needed to come next because Jupiter was going everywhere and telling everyone to come and listen. The Abyss made Saturn say, "Everyone come and build something substantial.  We must accomplish a practical, pragmatic tasks, an organizations, society, culture that helps us serve the world at large.  Discipline, organizations, hard work, willingness to see things through to the very end are needed.  And yes, some optimism, but mostly conservative optimism is needed."

The Abyss thought this rather prudent and so assigned the 10th house to Saturn and made him the lord of the world.  His house ruled destiny, reputation, career, standing in the community.  How one deals with authority figures and governments and feels about power and career goals. 

Saturn chose the simple climbing goat Capricorn to represent his tireless push to climb the mountaintop of the world's obstacles and challenges.  Persistence, no-nonsense discipline.  Organizational ability and drive to lead required a Saturn spirit.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

The Abyss thought Jupiter rather interesting and Saturn slightly interesting and so they combined their powers to represent optimistic break through into new possibilities in a scientific or practical way--Uranus.  Uranus rules the higher mind working lightening fast; so fast it seems like intuition, but it is really flashes of mental insight.  Uranus speaks to the coming younger generations always and to the visionary older generation.

The Eleventh House is Aquarius Castle.  Hopes and wishes, desire for money and talents from career; Associations, friends long term, causes one supports long term describe Aquarius.

The Abyss gave Aquarius a castle not large as Jupiter, but not smaller than Saturn's castle;  Aquarius castle was stocked full of new equipment, new processes, new theories and new chances to rethink life processes. Inventive, future oriented group-think is Aquarius' realm.

Every story needs a setting a place where things get hashed out or played out or explored.  In Astrology, the setting is the house.  The house also serves as the office for the house ruler.

The Abyss thought Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn slightly interesting and so they combined three into the ultimate brew of enlightenment--Neptune.  A push for a new self through optimism, faith and spirituality applied in a disciplined long term fashion.  The discipline was the hard part to understand.  Neptune's discipline is the dissolving of things.  He wears things down until he came grab them put them into their rightful, secret and paradoxical place.

Neptune house, the 12th, assigned by the Abyss because it was hidden deep in the ocean and out of view.  Pisces the fish symbolize it.  Here Neptune retires to privacy to create his masterpieces.  Here Neptune looks to the oneness of all planetary powers.  He sees how Venus and Mars are one.  Love conquers all.  Love is why the earth was created.  Love is why the messy game of life exist.  Love and the willingness to share that Love onward and downward make life grand for the Abyss. 

Every story needs a setting a  place where things get hashed  out or played out or explored.   In Astrology, the setting is the  house.  The house also serves as  the office for the house ruler.

The Abyss Mother and Father  thought, "Well that almost worked.   The flaw is it's lack of  variety."  So The Abyss Mother  and Father decided to send the house rulers to visit one another's house to for certain periods of time.   This decision was to help them understand one another.

But The Abyss Mother decided  again it wasn't enough.  She  decided to rotate the clothes  and symbols of the house rulers  wore as well. 

When she did this, and the Abyss  Father approved because all this  social networking was a female  thing--and kinda boring.  Nevertheless it made for  interesting events and more  conversations.  "The house rulers now would understand just how complicated our tasks is," said  The Abyss Father. 

"Yes," said the Abyss Mother. "They  will never think they can  totally represent us even in  their variety.  They will also know to have faith in us because our powers are beyond their  comprehension.  And we shall take the Twelfth House as our guest house when we visit the children of the sky, the stars."

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The stars don't make you do anything.
They present you with multiple choices
And multiple times to make choices to grow your soul.
Only the Abyss Mother and Father can read your chart perfectly!

If astrology and astrologers were perfect,
There would be astrologers in Heaven.
No one steps into the world of earth time with a flawed astrology chart!

Return to Nothingness
© Cupideros, Friday, April 16, 2010

The microorganism of the cheese tumbled over on another as the mouse pushed it around with his nose; the cat eyed the mouse playing along side the barn; the dog waiting, excited for the cows to be loosed to roam the family farm’s dark green fields; and so the horses neighed knowing soon, too, they would be allowed to gallop free, for a while.  The husky man, stacking bales of hay, considered if the time was right to let the cows graze.  The nearly plump blonde with curly hair turned over the flour and pummeled it on her wooden flour board into another long strand staring out the window at her husband.

But in heaven, the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess watched down from heaven and sighed.  “This is just not right.  All these years!  This is not right at all.”  So she made the microorganism turn over faster and faster until the ball of cheese took off rolling down the slight downward hill on the idyllic hillside overlooking a steep valley.  The mouse, startled, leaped into the air and began chasing the rolling cheese ball.  The cat’s whiskers twitch and she crouched and took off after the mouse.  The dog waiting by the cow pen, “Barked.”  He wasn’t about to let that cat get away.  He was a big collie dog and his large bush tail hit the cow pen latch and knocked it loose.  His bark caused the cows to stir and push against the pen door, and they mooed and began to escape.  Horses raised on their hind legs and neighed as the cows push past their pen so fast, the horse latch came loose.  The horses naturally thought it was time for them to roam free and they followed the cows chasing the dogs.  The man cursed.  “What’s happening!”  He dropped a bale of hay.  Sprinting and shouting the man yelled to the horses “Come back!”  His blonde, nearly plump wife slammed the bread into the oven and frantically ran out the door.  “Honey!  Remember cliff’s edge,” she panted “At the end of our farm!”

Her pleads went unnoticed as the cheese ball rolled fast and faster, at the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess’ intentions increased.  The mouse might have been out ran, but the Goddess, gave the mouse a boost of power to keep pace; the cat, too, received her infusion of Goddess power to track down the mouse.  Lagging behind, the dog could not believe a cat could outrun him.  He received his Goddess power and began closing the distance between him and the cat.  The cows felt like running after the dog for some reason as the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess laughed.  For the cows had previously always been chased, were now, strangely enough, the chasers.  The horses grew curious as how cows could run fast as horses.  As soon as the horses noticed, they felt a rush of energy from within and begin to run faster than normal.  “This is more like it the horses thought,” as they gained on the rushing cows.  The man panted and almost stumbled, but the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess put inside him the speed of a zebra and began to catch the horses.  The woman, even with her late start, didn’t ignore her new cheetah speed as her thigh length dress tugged at her flashing sun tanned thighs.  The woman reach down and ripped the side of her dress to her hip and at last, her speed increased: closer and closer she came to her husband running fast like the wind.  The cheese microorganism ran faster; so did the mouse, the cat, dog, husband and wife until all went one after another over the steep cliff edge and plunged to their deaths!

Quiet filled the idyllic dark green farmland overlooking the steep valley below.  “Now things are right.  The microorganisms, mouse, cat, dog, cows and horses have returned home to the black void--the Nothingness that began all life.  And I don’t fault the cheese microorganisms, mouse, cat, dog, cows or horses for they don’t know better.  They haven’t been given the choice to freely choose a personal relationship with me,” sighed the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess.  “The husband I do fully blame.  And his wife, especially, for she should know better—I do fully blame.  Symbolically in her being, the woman or wife is most like the void.  The darkness that originates 10,000 things.  She knows instinctually how to have a relationship with me.  What a waste!  What a waste!”  The Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess sighed as she turned her eyes from earth and back into heaven.  “Why do men and women believe they’re equals to horses, cows, dogs, cats, mice, and microorganism?  Don’t they know the truth!  In the beginning was darkness and void and not a single thing existed in length, breadth, time, space or any other measures conceivable.  It is their responsibility to keep up relations with me.  For their benefit, men and women keep up their relations with me.  I and my husband, the Supreme Ruler Father God want to raise them to be like us, the Dark Void--The Abyss.  This is no insignificant task to play the Game of Life and return home to Nothingness.”

The End.

The Abyssarian Merchant
© Cupideros, Friday, April 16, 2010

A sun-tanned Female merchant tried her hand at several different fields, but failed.  One day she reconsidered her options and decided to make some money from the only thing she had available.  She had a traveling tent, all the religious books of her day, food supplies and her two parrots, a male and Female. Now this Female Merchant was an Abyssarian—That is to say--she believed in The Void, The Abyss that created all the 10,000 things as revealed by the Last Prophet C.E.  At this time, Christianity was fading fast, Islam also was fading fast; Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Shamanism, and other religions still existed.  She studied them all.  But Abyssarianism was the dominant religion.  Now you wouldn’t know an Abyssarian from any other religion in that Abyssarian can used any truth to live Abyssarian truth.  As long as it matched up with the truth: Our purpose is to return to the Void—The Abyss.  This Female Merchant also studied philosophies, sciences, and all the other Isms.  For the Last Prophet C.E. had said, “Whatever people loved was their religion, their Ism.  All this, the Female Merchant taught first to her male parrot.

“Okay said the Female Merchant one day to her male parrot.  The Female Merchant dressed up like a businessman, mustache and all.  She walked out of her tent, waited a few seconds and opened the door-flap and came in; She walked up to the male parrot’s bird cage and waited.”  The male parrot looked the Female Merchant up and down.  Then the male parrot sang out, “Greed is Love.”
The Female Merchant said, “No…No…No.  You have to be diplomatic.  Tune into the person.  You must consider your relationship with the person.  Be like Jesus and Lao Tzu.  Okay?”  The Female Merchant said, “We will try this again.” 
“Try again.  Try again!” sang the male parrot.
The Female Merchant got a bad feeling in her gut when she heard those words.  But she needed to make money.  What could she do, but try to make her male parrot tell wisdom in the right way.  The Female Merchant came back in the tent as an Atheist this time.  She scowled at the male parrot. 
The male parrot looked the Female Merchant up and down.  After a few seconds said, “Hating Goddess and God is love.” 
Shocked the Merchant dropped her head.  “Say the truth in the right way.  I’ve taught you all the truths, Isms.  You know them,” said the Female Merchant.
“Again, you try.  Try again!” sang the male parrot.
Again the Merchant went out and this time came back dressed as a policeman.  She walked up to the birdcage.
The male parrot sang out, “Abusing Power is Love.”
“That’s not what you were taught to say.  I read you every texts of Abyssarianism.  You know what to say.”

The Female Merchant shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well I’ll try the female parrot.”  The Female Merchant completed the entire process again.  She trained the female parrot in all the religions of her day, and all the Isms, and read everything written by the Last Prophet C.E.  She finished at last.  Now she would tried the female parrot. 

“Okay said the Female Merchant.  The Female Merchant dressed up like a businessman and donned a heavy mustache.  She walked out of her tent, waited a few seconds and opened the door-flap and came in; She walked up to the female parrot’s bird cage and waited.”  The female parrot looked the Female Merchant up and down.  Then the female parrot sang out, “Money is Love.”
The Merchant clapped her hands, excitedly.  “Yes!  Yes!  Then she cast the male parrot a glare.  “See diplomatic.  Tuned in.  You must consider your relationship with the person.  Okay the Female Merchant said we will try this again.” 
The female parrot remained silent.
The Female Merchant got a good feeling in her gut.  This is going to work marvelously.  She came back in as an Atheist.  She scowled at the female parrot. 
The female parrot looked the Female Merchant up and down.  After a few seconds said, “Not believing is love.” 
“Wonderful.  Wonderful.” said the Female Merchant.
The female parrot remained silent.

Again the Female Merchant went out and this time came back dressed as a policeman.  She walked up to the birdcage.
The female parrot sang out, “Stopping Chaos is Love.”
“Splendid.”  The Female Merchant clapped heartily.  “Now all I have to do is find a nice size city to set up business, and hire some strong men and women to carry all the money I make to the local bank. 

The Female Merchant caught a train to the nearest large city, one-mile away and set up her tent in the local market.  “Lots of people means lots of money.”  When she was ready, she covered up the male parrot’s cage so he stayed quiet and could not see what was going on.  The female parrot stood on her tiny round wooden swing in the middle of her clean golden birdcage.  This horizontal wooden peg the female parrot loved standing and swinging on.  Off on the right side, standing on its tip another wooden peg she could fly and rest on.  A mirror placed behind her kept her company in between customers.  The female parrot also had fresh water and food.  “Remember, you are an Abyssarian Parrot.  So you know the truth.  You know what to say.”
“Abyssarian!” sang the female parrot.  “Abyssarian.”

The Merchant went outside and hung her sign over the tent: FEMALE PARROT KNOWS ALL RELIGIONS, ALL ISMS!  Come Hear!  Come See!  She hired two strong men and two strong women to guard the empty sack where she would place her golden coins.  People began to line up behind the Female Merchant’s long wooden table with words and symbol pictures of all the religion names printed in pink on a black table cloth.
“This is going to be fun,” said one little thirteen-year-old girl.
“Oh, I bet it’s going to be joke,” said one guy who looked like a sailor.
Everyone made their little comments as they lined up.  The Female Merchant could see professors, soldiers, businesswomen and men, artist, dancers, old, young and in between.  The Female Merchant explained the rules:  “I’ve taught this parrot everything she knows.  Soon as you enter the tent, walk up to the birdcage and wait for your answer.  If you don’t like your answer, I’ll refund your two gold coins.”

But an Agnostic was the first person in line before the thirteen-year-old girl.  The Agnostic man paid his two coins and went in.  “I’m always willing to listen to the truth he said, strutting up to the female parrot’s cage in the tent’s center.
The female parrot studied him.  “The Unknown is Love.”
“What?  Wait?  What do you mean by the Unknown?”
“You love what you don’t know for sure?”
The Agnostic man stood baffled, but he admitted the female parrot was right.  The man scratched his balding head as he slowly opened the back door of the tent.
The Abyssarian Merchant had a wireless earpiece where she could listen to the bird’s answer from outside the closed tent.  She did this to see if the customer was satisfied or not.  She also wanted to know if the female parrot said the right answers.  It would come in handy also to know when the customer had left by the back door tent because a tiny little bell rang.  The ringing bell served to reward the female parrot, too.

The thirteen-year old girl went inside the tent.  She walked into the center of it where the female parrot sat swinging in her birdcage. 
The female parrot looked at the young girl with two natural roses on her cheek up and down and said, “School is Love.”
“By the Abyss.  How did you know!  I just love school.  I’m super curious about all kinds of things.”  The thirteen-year-old girl left very excited and amazed. 

The Female Merchant smiled after receiving the two gold coins and sent in the sailor.
The sailor laughed and walked up to the birdcage.  “I had a parrot like you once.”
The female parrot remained silent as she studied him.  “Sailing the seas is Love.”
“By my pirate’s family blood!  I love to sail.  I’m stuck on this land now and it’s awful.”

The little bell rang and the Merchant sent in the next customer an old woman.
The female parrot looked into the old woman’s wrinkled face and down her frail body and sang, “Family is Love.”

A Christian woman came in.  She wore a cross around her neck.
The female parrot noticed everything about her and sang out, “Jesus is Love.”

A Catholic man came in.
The female parrot chirped, “Peter is Love.”

A scientist came into the tent and eyed the parrot skeptically.  “Never doubt
What you have not tested.  What do I love parrot.”
“Proving things is Love.”

Before the ballet dancer could waltzed into the tent’s center,
The female parrot sang, “Movement is Love.”
The ballet dancer was astonished.

A Buddhist came to see the female parrot.
His robes swished as he went inside the tent. 
The female parrot looked him over and said, “Buddha is Love.”

The bell rang and a politician came inside the tent and stood before the female parrot.
“Promises are Love,” said the female parrot quickly.

A Female Scholar holding several thick research journals entered.
“Knowledge is Love,” sang the female parrot
“Cute,” said the Female scholar.  However, she had a friend behind her who hated her job, but was also a scholar, professor, but wanted to be a painter.

The second Female Scholar came in.  She too had research journals in her hand.
“Painting with words is Love.”
The second Female Scholar gasped.  “That so true.  Uncanny.”  The little bell rang and the Female Merchant could hear the two ladies discussing their different answers.

A boy went in.
The female parrot said, “Toys are Love.”

An older boy went in.
The female parrot said again, “Toys are Love.”

A depressed teenage girl came inside the tent.  She expected the parrot to be bigger and was disappointed.  “Whatever …What do I love?” said the depressed girl.
As if matching her moods, the female parrot moved really slow as she examined her and then rose on her legs excitedly and said, “Boredom is Love.”
“I so do not love boredom!” argued the teenage girl.
But the female parrot refused to get into a relationship argument with the girl and remained silent for a minute, before replying, “Love is Being Bored.”
The girl found this answer more acceptable, because she had often been told, ‘You Love Boredom.’  Now happy the girl left the tent and the little bell rang.

An Actor went to see the female parrot that knew all religions and Isms.  Once inside the female parrot sang to him, “Being Fake is Love.”

An Inventor didn’t know what to expect.  For she didn’t know her Ism.
The female parrot did; She sang out, “Creating Things is Love.”

The Female Merchant sent in a man dressed in a military General’s uniform. 
The female parrot looked at him and sang, “War is Love.”

A Security Agent was allowed in after paying his fee.
The female parrot said, “Secrecy is Love.”

A famous painter came into the tent and the female parrot did not recognize her.
It didn’t matter, the female parrot said, “Colors are Love.”

A second Security Agent entered after giving his two gold coins.
The female parrot sang, “Sneaky Acts are Love.”

A male porn star came into the tent.  He wore a black satin shirt opened to his navel.
The female parrot looked him up and down and sang, “Sex is Love.”

A Female porn star in a micro mini dress entered the tent.  She was the wife of the previous male porn star.  It didn’t matter; the parrot sang out, “Money is Love.”

A third Security Agent went in after the Abyssarian Merchant received her gold coins.
The female parrot sang, “Lies are Love.”

A CEO came into the tent after paying his two gold coins. 
The female parrot guessed correctly, “Managing large businesses is Love.”

A Banker came into the tent.
The parrot studied him and said, “Saving is Love.”

A Shinto believer came into the tent.
The female parrot hopped from her swing to her vertically standing peg and stood still.  Then she hopped back onto the swing.
“Oh, how wise,” said the Shinto Master as he left the tent.

An Architect came inside the tent.  He noticed the structure of the tent.
The parrot noticed this and said to him, “Building things is Love.”

A Lawyer entered the tent and walking in his confident straight poise stood before the female parrot.
“Redefining words is Love,” sang the female parrot.
He laughed.  “So true.”

A Doctor entered the tent.  He was dressed in regular clothes.
The parrot quickly diagnosed him, “Stopping Suffering is Love.”

A Psychologist entered the tent. 
The parrot sang, “Mind is Love.”

A Psychiatrist entered the tent.
The parrot shouted, “Trying the Mind is Love.”

A Female Fashion Designer came in wearing some old 20th century clothing.
The female parrot after studying her said, “Fabric is Love.”

An Actress came inside the tent.
The female parrot sang out, “Fame is Love.”

A Taoist believer came inside the tent.
The female parrot said, “Nameless is Love.”

An Athlete came to see the female parrot.
The female parrot said, “Fast Action is Love.”

A Groupie came in, that is to say, someone who loves movie stars, singers and sports personalities. 
The female parrot announced, “Loving Famous People is Love.”

A Nanny came inside to see the parrot on her day off.
The female parrot said, “Baby is Love.”

A Tired Mom came in.  She was alone, and trying to relax.
The female parrot said, “Sharing Energy is Love.”

A Male who loved trekking outdoors and camping came inside the tent.
The female parrot said, “Nature is Love.”

His Female Partner came in wearing her beige hiking outfit and the female parrot said, “Saving the planet is Love.”

A Cat-Store Owner thought this would be amusing and entered the tent.
The female parrot said, “Dangerous Animals Are Love.”
At first, the Cat-Store Owner didn’t understand. 
The Female Merchant listening rushed in concerned.  “I’m sorry.  She’s done so well up to this point.  I can understand you wanting your money back.”
“No…No.”  Thought the woman.  “I have a cat shelter business.  I guess from the parrot’s point of view—those are dangerous animals I love.  I do love all my cats no matter what horrible or nice places they come from.
“I see said the Female Merchant.”  She smiled.  “I trained her in all the Isms.  Whatever you love, my parrot can tell you about it.”
The amazed Cat-Store Owner opened the back tent door triggering the little bell.

An Accountant came inside the tent.
The female parrot sang out, “Numbers are Love.”

A Young Mom, holding her new infant came inside the tent. 
The Young Mom immediately held up the infant.
The female parrot called out, “Bundle is Love.”
The Young Mom frowned. 
The parrot nodded her head and said, “Baby Loves Mom.”
The woman smiled and was satisfied.

A Writer came inside the tent.
The female parrot sang out, “Groups of Words are Love”

A Poet came inside the tent.
Out came the female parrot’s words, “Word on Word is Love.”

Another Agonistic entered the tent.  He thought he confused the female parrot.
The female parrot looked him up and down.  “Doubts are Love.” 
The little bell rang as the Agnostic left. 

But quickly the little bell rang again and the Female Merchant heard the female parrot cry out: “STEALING THINGS IS LOVE!  STEALING THINGS IS LOVE!”
The Female Merchant motioned with a finger for one strong man inside the tent and one strong Female outside the back door of the tent.  Sure enough, they caught a man trying to steal the female parrot.  She was flapping around wildly in her cage clinging to the gold sidebars.  Her water spilled half out and some of her food crackers lay on the floor of the cage.  The strong woman caught the guy as he tried to exit the tent.  She pushed the man back inside the tent where the strong man captured him.  The strong woman gently placed the bird’s cage back on its table in the tent’s center while the strong man took the thief to jail. 

The Female Merchant went inside and talked quietly with the female parrot.  “You did good.  Good bird!  Merchant loves you!”  After about three minutes of this, the parrot was calm and all was good again.  The Female Merchant went outside and started letting in more customers.

An Islam believer entered the tent.  She was very skeptical and wanted to change to Abyssarian, but had not done so yet; so, she still wore a veil from head to toe. 
The female parrot looked her up and down and said, “Allah is Love.”

Two Female girls about fifteen-years-of age wanted to go in together.  The Female Merchant allowed them because they paid four gold coins.  The giggling girls entered the tent.  They stood before the female parrot.  “She is smaller than I imagined,” said the outgoing black girl.
The female parrot considered their ponytails, T-shirts, skinny jeans to gym shoes and said, “Boys are Love.”
The two girls squealed and left the tent.

Two Islam believers entered.  They paid their four coins, but kept arguing, for one was a Sunni and another was a Shiite.
“We will see who is right?” 
“Yeah, we will see who is right?”
Both approached.  The female parrot studied them carefully.  Then she said, “Mohammed Loves Allah.”
The two stood in silence.  Neither one could disagree with the female parrot’s answer.  The Female Merchant listening, chuckled to herself as the two Islam believers left the tent and the tiny little bell binged twice.

This, the Merchant kept saying every so often   “I’ve taught this parrot everything she knows.  Soon as you enter the tent, walk up to the birdcage and wait for your answer.  If you don’t like your answer, I’ll refund your two gold coins.”

The Female Merchant had sent the strong man and woman away three times already with a bag full of gold coins.  She placed an empty sack down again, flattened it to drop her coins.  When she looked up and noticed an Abyssarian Priestess standing in line with her black robe and her hood over her shoulder length blonde split-end hair.  She could barely make out her pale blue eyes, but she seemed friendly enough.  She stood behind another man.  The Female Merchant knew well, Abyssarians don’t have traditional teachers.  There are only Female Priestesses as required by the Last Prophet C.E.  All Abyssarians believe you only have two teachers one, the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess in Heaven and two, the Supreme Ruler Father God in Heaven.  You read the Abyssarian Book and you keep asking those two teachers, the only ones who know perfectly what they all, mean for answers.  Thus, she was surprised to see the Abyssarian Priestess standing in line.  But then again, Abyssarians can gather information if they want.  Where there is one Abyssarian, there, too, is the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess in Heaven and the Supreme Ruler Father God in Heaven.  The Abyssarian Priestess read the sign over the tent as the Female Merchant sent in the man.  A minute later, the little bell rang and the Abyssarian Merchant hearing it in her wireless earplug sent the Abyssarian Priestess inside. 
The Abyssarian walked without noise up to the birdcage.  She stood silently in front and waited.
The female parrot looked the Abyssarian Priestess up and down.  Then she turned her left eye to catch the Priestess' eyes and then the female parrot turned her right eye to catch the Priestess' eyes.  Then the female parrot nodded her head and stood straight on her round wooden swing. 
The Abyssarian Priestess watched and waited.  Then slowly she held out both hands and said softly, “Okaaaay!  I'm ready?”
The female parrot repeated the cryptic gesture.  She turned her tiny black left eye to look at the Abyssarian Priestess and then turned her tiny black right eye to view the Priestess' pale blue eyes.  Then the female parrot nodded her head down.

The Female Merchant listened and began to worry.  What is taking so long? 
The Abyssarian Priestess said again, “Whenever you’re ready parrot?”  The Abyssarian Priestess looked round toward the front of the tent.  Then suddenly the Female Abyssarian Merchant rushed in. 
“Polly, give this Abyssarian Priestess her answer.”  She motioned her open palm toward the Priestess.  Her split-end blonde still hung outside her black hoodie robe.
Polly turned her head to her left showing the Abyssarian Priestess her tiny left eye and in a casual turn positioned her head to the right, showing the Abyssarian Priestess her tiny right eye.  Then Polly nodded and stood still.
The Female Merchant said, “What is this Polly?”  Then turning to the Abyssarian Priestess, the Merchant said, “I’m sorry I’ve taught Polly all the Abyssarian scriptures written by the Last Prophet C.E., the poems, stories, novel, essays.  I can’t understand this.  Wait!”  The Female Merchant gave a big smile.  “I know what is wrong," she cooed.  “It’s been a long day hasn’t it Polly?  My lovely smart, sweet bird.”  The Female Merchant rush to the left side of Polly’s birdcage behind the white sheet covered male birdcage and got a fresh bottle of water.  She came back and emptied the old water out.  And put in new water.

The Female Merchant thought quickly, “Yes.”  She rushed again to the left side of the tent, picked out two fresh crackers and crushed them in her hands.  These she put inside the small food tray of the parrot’s cage.  “Ah let’s clean out your cage said the Female Merchant,” as she reached in and grabbed the wax paper and carefully folded it up and took it out put it to the right side of Polly’s cage and placed it in a trash bin far away.  “There! Polly!” the Female Merchant cooed.  Turning to the Abyssarian Priestess, the Female Merchant said, “She’ll give your answer now.” 

But Polly did not eat any of the new food or drink any of the new water  and remained on her wooden tiny swing.  Then Polly turned her head to her left showing the Abyssarian Priestess her tiny left eye and in a smooth turn positioned her head to the right, showing the Abyssarian Priestess her tiny right eye.  Then Polly nodded and stood still.

The Female Merchant held out the two gold coins for the Abyssarian Priestess to take back.  The Abyssarian Priestess took back the two gold coins and began to walk out.  Just then, Polly the parrot said, “Silence is Love.  Silence is Love!”
The Abyssarian Priestess looked around suddenly at the parrot.
“There!  That’s it!  Good girl,” said the Female Merchant.  “That’s what I taught you!  See Abyssarian Priestess!”
The Abyssarian Priestess slowly walked back.  Deep inside her black hood, the Female Merchant could see a wry smile on the Abyssarian Priestess’ face.  The Priestess handed back the two gold coins into the hands of the Female Merchant.  “Polly had it right the first time,” she said coldly.  “Any words stray from the truth of Abyssarianism.  Sitting in silence is the one Abyssarian truth.  I now know that you did not teach Polly this answer.  That is the only reason why I came to your tent, Merchant.  For if, you had taught Polly, you would have realized you are possibly perpetuating falsehoods.  But, and the Abyssarian Priestess smiled under her black hood, her eyes brighter, “Now we both know only The Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess and the Supreme Ruler Father God taught Polly Abyssarianism.”
Polly the Parrot looked at the Abyssarian Priestess and turned her tiny black left eye to her and then turned her tiny right black eye towards her and then nodded once and stood straight on her tiny wooden swing.  The Abyssarian Priestess nodded silently to Polly and left the tent.

--The End--

Nina’s Choice
© Cupideros Friday, April 16, 2010

Nina was a lovely nine-year-old-only child.  She showed her love by listening and talking with the loved the Supreme Ruler Father God in Heaven.  Nina talked with HIM.  She asked HIM questions whenever something baffled her.  She asked HIM questions whenever she simply wanted to talk to someone.  She asked HIM about the stars, the moon, people, times past and about nature’s beauty.  Nina and the Supreme Ruler Father God walked every together.  Even when Nina went out playing with her childhood friends, she’d always whisper in her mind, “Supreme Ruler Father God I haven’t forgotten you we can talk right now if you want.”
Nina’s close relationship so pleased The Supreme Ruler Father God one day when she turned fourteen and was standing in front of her full length mirror observing her new form bloom, He said, “Nina I’m going to give you a gift.”
Nina turned around and look upward.  She didn’t see the Supreme Ruler Father God but knew He was there.  She said excitedly, “Wow what else can you give me, Supreme Ruler Father God for I already have your presence in my life and that is more than enough.”
The Supreme Ruler Father God chuckled and of course, Nina could hear his voice.  His voice did not boom aloud so that just anyone in the room could hear.  Only Nina could hear his clear calm voice.  “I have many powers,” said the Supreme Ruler Father God, “and today I’ll give you the power to change your form any way you want.”
Nina felt truly happy and immediately made her breasts from the A cup to a C cup in size.  She was amazed.  “It’s true Supreme Ruler Father God.  I can change my form however I want.”
“Nina,” cautioned the Supreme Ruler Father God, “You must not do this until after your eighteenth birthday.  Wait until your natural form comes in completely.”
“Yes Father God,” said Nina beside herself with happiness. 
Time went on and Nina continued to learn in school, participate in hobbies.  She developed interests in drawing and history.  She had a best girl friend and no boyfriends though.  Nina was too busy in her relationship with her Mom, Dad, and girlfriend and of course the Supreme Ruler Father God to notice not having a boyfriend. 
She grew from fourteen to fifteen to sixteen to seventeen increasing in poise, wisdom and spiritual awareness.  No matter what happened good or bad, boring or exciting, Nina told the Supreme Ruler Father God about it and this made everything work out better than she expected. 
On her eighteenth birthday, Nina was talking to Father God and standing in front of the mirror.  She developed into a beautiful young lady about five feet five inches, long black hair to her mid-shoulders.  Her oval face had a sweet strong chin.  Her legs looked perfect for her age.  She had a slight hourglass figure.  “It’s time Supreme Father God.  I can change my shape however I want,” she announced. 
The Supreme Father God looked down from his throne in heaven and was pleased.  “Yes.  Before you do this, let me remove this tiny mole high over your left breast.”
Nina hadn’t noticed it.  The mole was an slightly off colored birthmark.  She did not have freckles are anything, but certainly it did not make her ugly, Nina thought.  When He removed the tiny mole, Nina realized how much more beautiful she was.  “You’re right!  Thank you Supreme Ruler Father God!”
“You’re welcome,” HE said.
“I have a new boyfriend, Supreme Ruler Father God.  But I’m sure you knew that already.”
The boy lived in her neighborhood and often saw her going to school.  They went to different high schools.  Neither knew the other was interested.  Except the boy who liked Nina wasn’t given the courage to date her until they both turned eighteen.  “I know.  Where will you be going tonight?”
Nina laughed.  “How ridiculous,” Nina said in her mind, as that was how she talked to the Supreme Ruler Father God all the time.  Not audibly but silently in her soul.  “I’ll be going to the movies.  He’s driving.” 
Nina heard the doorbell and grabbed her white sweater to go.  “See you Father God.  I’ll tell you all about the date when I get back.”
The Supreme Ruler Mother God spoke to the Supreme Ruler Father God in a voice Nina could not hear, “You know this isn’t going to end well.  You and your obsession.”
“Why isn’t this going to end well?”
“Because boys her age are only interested in one thing.”
“Oh, we can stop that!”
The Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess said calmly, “But we are not.  Each soul makes it own choices.”
Time went on.  Nina and the boy dated happily four long months.  They were happy months.  They kissed.  They hugged a lot.  Eventually they had sex, but Nina was well informed on how to protect herself from getting pregnant.  Towards the end of these four months the boy lay side by side with Nina, exhausted.  He started at the ceiling pondering how to tell her, he’d had enough.  He wanted to date other girls.  He couldn’t raise up the courage to tell her personally.  So he went home.  Soon they both went off to local universities.  They kept up their girl-friend boyfriend relations.  The boy called her at the end of the four months, “We have to talk Nina.  I—We should see other people.”
Nina was heartbroken.  Stunned.  She loved this boy and knew everything about him.  She adored the boy physically and in a personality sort of way too.  Nina said, “Come over and get your things.  I can’t stand to have them hanging around.” 
The boy reluctantly agreed.  On the Saturday afternoon the boy showed up and met Nina at the door.  Nina had changed her hair to red.  She made her height five feet seven inches.  She gave her hips more definition towards the hourglass shape.  When the boy arrived, he looked from the floor and stared and stared and stared at Nina.  Nina gave a sheepish smile.  “You still want your things!”
“No…Heck no,” said the boy joyfully.  “I didn’t know you look so good with redhair. 
“My mom was a natural red head.”
They went inside and decided to date again.
Nina and the boy rejoined and dated for three more months.  Nina introduced the boy to her yoga classmates.  She told him about her interest in astronomy and genetics.  They kept going to movies and hanging out eating.  Nina was happy as ever again.  But at the end of the three new months, the boy began having doubts.
In his dorm room, the boy’s roommate said, “Give the word.  Nina is so smart and so dateable.  I can’t see how you landed her dude.”
“You think so,” said Nina’s boyfriend.
“You’re kidding—"  He hopped up off the bed and ran his hands through his spike blonde hair, You’re kidding.”
“Not really,” said the boy causally flicking the pages of his business management book.  “I think I’ll cut her loose tonight.”
“Awesome!” said the boy’s roommate.
Nina stood in front of the mirror.  Time for a change up if I’ve understand the pattern right.  I’ll give myself a perfect hourglass figure.  I’ll round my face.  This will make my nose seem smaller.  I’ll increase the length of my fingers.  I’ll have model hands to hold his marriage ring. 
The boy came over as Nina expected.  It was dark outside.  As Nina stood in the door opening, she knew the boy, still talking about breaking up, couldn’t see her clearly.  “Let’s sit under the porch light.  It’s so nice out tonight.” 
The boy agreed.  Under the moonlight and the street lamps and passing car lights, Nina looked like a movie actress.  Her lips had a plump shape.  Her nose seemed smaller.  “Did you get a nose job, Nina?”
“Ridiculous Silly.  My nose is the same.  You’ve never notice me in a high ponytail before.  It makes my face seem rounder, fuller.”  In short, Nina said she and the boy did not break up.  They wanted to work it out.  But that was three months ago now.
Two fresh months came and went resulting in the same situation.  The boy after having sex with the new Nina grew bored.  Nina was in her physics study group when she received the cell phone call.  He wanted to pick her up in the study lounge.  Nina knew the routine.  “I can’t.”  She hung up her cell phone and left for home.  She change her appearance again.  Nina change her appearance anywhere.  This did not create the mystique of newness she needed though.  At  home, Nina gave herself a sexy gap between her upper thighs.  She always wanted to have that gap.  That gap of light looked fantastic in photos and films on models, actresses and pop singers.  All she’d have to do is prance at a distance in front of the boy in jeans or lingerie.  He couldn’t miss her gap by her sex.  Sure enough, it was enough to hold on to the relationship. 
Finally, Nina received a call from the bored and fickle boy.  Every time he had started to break up with Nina, she had seemed somehow more beautiful and different from before.  He told his roommate to bug off and stopped badgering him.  He was never going to break up with Nina.  Never.  In fact, he pulled out his cell phone and called Nina.  “How about going to a fraternity party, two weeks from tonight?”
Nina’s instincts rebelled.  How about this coming Friday night’s fraternity party?  Nine knew the bored boy well.  Nina thought hard.  He was going to be bored and dump her in two weeks.  He displayed that pattern.  Each time he got bored with her new form in half the previous time.  So if they went to this Friday to the fraternity party.  He would at least still be fascinated with her and show her respect with his brothers.  The boy agreed.
The Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess said, “Told you so.  It’s ending badly.”
“I can fix everything if Nina just make the right decisions.”
Friday came and Nina went to the fraternity party and had a wonderful time.  The boy loved to show her off.  All the guys felt like she was new to the university campus.  As they drove home to Nina’s place, the boy gazed at her in the passing street lights.  He couldn’t believe his luck, but he over analyzed the situation and thought.  I know I’ll be bored with her in two weeks.  What’s wrong with me? 
Nina as if sensing the boys thoughts said, “It’s all right.”
“Thanks,” replied the boy as he pulled into Nina’s driveway.
They kissed and Nina darted up the steps of her house.  She had found the right combination.  The boy felt something real, something unexplainable for her.
She went inside and immediately stared into the full-length mirror again.  The Supreme Ruler Father God sadly watched her.  Nina thought I will never change my form from this again. 
The Supreme Ruler Father God spoke to Nina.  He hadn’t spoke to Nina in a long time since she started dating the boy.  For the first four months, the Supreme Ruler GodFather chuckled at her forgetting their personal relationship.  Oh once Nina said, “Isn’t the boy so nice.”  Two months later, she said, “The boy is so distractible, but she didn’t asks the Supreme Ruler Father God for help with the boy.”  In the following three month dating cycle, Nina didn’t ask for help or talk to the Supreme Ruler Father God either.  So eventually, the Supreme Ruler GodFather figured Nina didn’t want HIM in her life.  The Supreme Ruler Father God drifted back into the lost consciousness of Nina’s memories with her old Barbie doll with the missing shoes and headless Ken boyfriend.  Once Nina and The Supreme Ruler GodFather whispered mind-talked about everything, anything.  Now she was studying physics with a study group, and handling all her situations by herself.  Nina was very busy indeed
Finally HE spoke.  “Nina.”
Nina was too busy inspecting herself. 
“Nina,” HE tried again.
Nina felt startled.  “Oh gosh, Supreme Ruler Father God, I forgot you were here.  Things are not going to well with the defective boy.”
“Let me tell you a story, Nina.”
Slowly, Nina, still have distracted examining her own body.  She could not accidentally change her form.  She had to remember it.  “Go ahead.  Supreme Ruler Father God.”
“Once there was a man and he loved the Supreme Ruler Father God with all his heart and soul.  In fact, he talked with The Supreme Ruler Father God every day and of course, the Supreme Ruler GodFather blessed the man.  The man graduated from college and got an important job.”
“What job could be more important than a personal relationship with you Supreme Ruler Father God?”
“I don’t know, but, Nina, this is from the man’s point of view.”  The Supreme Ruler Father God paused.  He went on.  Well one day the job became so complicated, so tiring, and getting promotions after promotions brought more duties.  Days went by, then months, years finally decades  went by as the man became obsessed with the things I created--he forgot the creator of those things.
Nina screamed aloud.  “I am defective!  I have forgotten you Supreme Ruler Father God.  I am so sorry.  I have become obsessed with the things you have created in the earth, the things we people create from the things of the earth.  This boy you sent me did not do this, but I, Nina, did this to myself.  I am sorry Supreme Ruler Father God, Please forgive me!”
The Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess said, “Nina you must not have sex with this boy unless he agrees to listen to your hopes and participate with you in your hobbies.  For men too easily see only the outward nature of women, like unenlightened people too easily see only the outward nature of the Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess and the Supreme Ruler Father God!  If he cannot date you without sex while exploring your personality, hobbies, dump him.  All men must be made to pass this test.  It is the only way to prevent them from indulging in the 10,000 external toys of creation.”
“I’ve never heard from you Supreme Ruler Mother Goddess!”
“You can trust HER,” said the Supreme Ruler Father God.
“I will do what you say, Supreme Ruler GodMother, because the Supreme Ruler Father God trusts you.  I will always talk with you and keep up my personal relationship with both of you all my life.”
Nina applied this new strategy to her boyfriend.  He started to come around and then broke off the relationship.  Nina realized she had to let him go.  He was not ready for a long-term relationship.  This made her sad.  She cried for a while.  However, she refused to forget this strategy.  If she wanted to date for a short time, she did so and refused to get her hopes up.  But if she wanted to date the boy for a longer time, she consistently introduced him to her personality and hobbies and career interest first.

The End.

You’re Water!
© Cupideros Saturday, April 17, 2010

One sunny day on the wide-open sea a small girl wave bobbed up and down.  The wind blew furiously.  The small girl wave felt nervous.  “I’ll never make it.  All these waves are so much stronger than I am.  I’m so tiny.”
After she said this, a large male wave came by and rose from the sea depths.  He was five times taller than the small girl wave.  As he grew, the small girl wave felt his power and she grew more fearful. 
“How’s it going small one?”  he bellowed.  His face showing in the wide surface of the wave.
“Oh, I’m such a small wave.  I don’t think I’m going to make it.”  She cried.
The large male wave started hard at her weakness and he made a water fist.  “Stop crying.  I was once puny and small like you.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  Try harder.  If that doesn’t work, try harder still.  And if you don’t stop trying, one day, maybe, you’ll be a strong powerful wave like me.”   He pointed to himself.  With that said, the large male wave crashed down beside the small girl wave.  His splash nearly obliterated the small girl wave as he went on his way.

A few minutes later a teenage boy wave came by.  He was nicer but not much taller than the small girl wave.  “What you up to little girl wave?”
The small girl wave said.  “Oh trying to keep my head above water.  I’m not very strong and I almost got obliterated by a large male wave a few minutes ago.”
The teenage boy wave shrugged his shoulders.  “I thought like that once.  But you’ll get use to being a wave.  Just hang in there.”  The teenage boy wave rolled downward into the water and went on his way.

The small girl wave felt better.  “I’ll be right after all.  I will grow up.  I’ll work hard.”  She was growing confident when a huge wave, fourteen times taller and fifty times wider than the strong male wave arose from the sea depths.  The wave kept growing upward, higher and wider.  It seemed as if this new wave would take all the water out of the sea.  The small girl wave grew afraid again.  “Oh, no.  It’s the end of me for sure.” 
Even as the largest wave, the little girl wave ever saw grew larger and larger finally a female face appeared on its surface.  “Hi little one.  How’s it going today?”  She asked in a confident, calming voice. 
The small girl wave stared in disbelief, for this humongous wave kept getting taller, stronger.  “Oh, don’t obliterate me,” cried the small girl wave.  I’m so young.”
“Wait!  Who told you you were a wave, little girl?” the towering strong female wave said.
“I met a strong male wave.  He was much smaller than you were, but at the time, the largest wave I’d ever seen in my life.  He said he began as a small wave too.  He stayed strong and pulled himself up by his bootstraps.  Then I met a teen-age boy wave, kind person.  He told me to hang in there.  I’ll get the hang of things.  Next I met you and I will never see a wave taller, wider or stronger than you.  I’ve seen nothing but waves and ships and water all my life.  And if I am not a wave then what am I?” 
The gigantic female wave reached her height and her length stretched to the one far end of the horizon.  She began curling to crash into the open-blue sea.  “You’re not wave, small girl .”
“I’m not!” said the shocked small girl wave.
“You’re water!” and the gigantic female wave turned slightly away from the small girl wave and crashed into the sea with a loud thunder.

“I’m water!  Water,” the small girl wave shouted the excitedly.  “I can’t believe it.”  She was so happy and pondering this when a fifteen-year-old girl wave came by. 
“What’s up?”
“I…I just found out I’m not a wave.  I’m water!” said the small girl wave.
“Silly girl.  I knew that when I turn five years old.”
“You did!”
“Yes.  That humongous female wave was my mom.  We’ve explored this side of the world.  Now where traveling to the other side to see it.”
“Well I have to go, catch up with my mom?”
“How are you going to do that!  She must be thousands of miles away by now.”
“You still don’t believe you’re water,” said the teenage girl wave.
“It is rather hard to believe.”
“Okay I’ll show you.  Take my hand,” said the teenage girl wave “and hold on tight.”  The teenage girl wave rose and crashed right into of the small-girl wave.  Together they both went under the water surface.  The teenage girl wave said, “See.  I’m still here.”
“And I’m still here too!” said the small girl wave.  “It’s true I am water!  I’m water.  Now I see how you can catch up with your mom.  Thank you for showing me the truth.  Both girls rose to the surface again as waves. 
“Well I have to go now,” said the teenage girl wave and she rolled down into the blue open-sea to catch her mom.

The End.

End Chapter 58.