One Eye Sex
© Copyright Tuesday, March 27, 2012 5:14 PM by Cupideros 

One Eye Sex

Cupideros, an African-American and Pliacenn, a European Beauty, enjoy their vacation cliff diving, but encounter an adventure beyond their imagination.

Pliacenn knew well how to do that, she started flipping her black hair to the left and right side over her back as she humped and hunched down on my very hard cock.  I think having someone watch us made us hornier.   Pliacenn’s rump cushions squashed and battered my ball sacks on her downward press.  I reached under her Venus Mound and started diddling her hot clit.  I swirled it in its own stewed hot juices.  I rubbed it like Pliacenn did during her masturbation sessions.  

One Eye Sex
© Copyright Tuesday, March 27, 2012 5:14 PM by Cupideros
2,900 words

Pliacenn and I dashed faster, holding each other’s hand.  Naked we ran.  Her olive tan hand and my midnight black hand intermingled, holding each other tight.
"Are you ready, Cupideros?"
Our feet pounded the cropped dry grass, some burnt from the summer sun.
“Done this before, Pliacenn?”
Our feet now matched stride for stride.  Her tanned pointed breast bounced, back and forth like wings on a bird, outward, inward.  “Never!  Run faster!” she shouted into the rushing wind.
We had just finished fucking.  My black dick swung side to side only four inches in length, flaccid.  We felt invigorated, like newborns as we rushed toward the cliff overlooking the North Sea.  Our speed generated the wind that blew Pliacenn's hair long and black, waist length hair back behind her.  I had no hair at all and the wind cooled my baldhead.  Closer and closer, we approached. 
I shouted to her, "I'm ready!" I had cliff jumped this cliff before.  Thirty-five feet down.  Pliacenn, always a true adventurer, took up the challenge. 
As the sea's quiet rumbling grew louder, Pliacenn grew more excited. 
“We’re almost there, Cupideros!”  She maintained her speed.  
I looked across into her brown eyes as we cover the last stretch of dull, green grassland on this cliff plateau.  
We jumped!
I released my energy into the firmament, "Yeahhhhhhh!"
"Girl Powerrrrrrrrrr!"
I flayed my arms to maintain vertical balance.  Pliacenn did the same.  Now her pointed breast lifted from her chest and went upward.  It was as if she started developing all over again.  Her long hair trailed behind her a good ten feet twisting, flying.  Her rib cage showed, just the lower two.  She wore the cutest expression on her face.  Face of female orgasms, I call it.  Her black hair on her pubes twisted and jiggled in the wind.  Pliacenn never looked more beautiful to me.  She was falling faster than I was, but my taller height meant our feet would hit together.   We focused on the water below.  I saw a ripple in the space, maybe five feet before the North Sea’s crashing waves.  The ripple in space disappeared. 
"Impact coming, Pliacenn!"
“I know, Cupideros!”
We never made impact.  We never hit the North Sea. 
"Cupideros, what happened?"
"I don't know, Pliacenn."  Pliacenn and I Ianded safely and softly on our feet--in some other place.
"Is this some alternate universe?" she asked.
I turned and grasped her hand, "Where ever we are, together we shall face this Pliacenn. We'll find a way back." 
"I am not afraid," Pliacenn said.  "She smacked me on my black butt.  "Hey, the place is so nice and pretty quiet."  She tried to drag me down to the ground for a second fucking.  "Let's do it here in the unknown, Cupideros."
"Pliacenn, not, yet.  Who knows where we are, who watches and what they want?"
"Maybe it's just for us, our world--for sex."
“You exhibitionists, my slut!”
"My stud, adventurer!” Pliacenn grab me around my shoulders, practically jumping on me and dragging me down to the lush, rich green soft grass.  We rolled a bit and she landed on top of me.  “In this world, women take charge and make all the overt first moves.” 

She began kissing me, smothering me actually.  She caught me unexpectedly off guard.  It felt good though.  Her warm tan skin felt soft.  Not at all like, I expected a lifeguard’s skin to feel after weeks in the sun.  She was like a lifeguard beauty.  My lifeguard beauty.  She straddled me and wiggled her lower body on mine, wedging my sex between her legs until I was hard again.

As white girls go, Pliacenn, had class.  Educated in the classics, literature and philosophy, she held her own in any conversation with anyone of either sex.  She possessed that optimistic sense that life’s deeper meaning was not only accessible but also livable.  Perhaps now, her modest operandi might be tested.  Her five feet nine inch height made her the tallest girl I ever dated.  She actually is only a couple feet shorter than I am without her heels. 

Pliacenn reached back behind herself, as I rubbed and tweaked her growing round nipples.  She rubbed my one eye, living dildo, on her one eye cooze still gushing sex trickles, spreading the lube of our last fucking around.  Then she jammed my dick cap in and hunched downward.  I was in half way. 

I sighed as she bore down again, and twirled her little hips, sucking all my seven-inches into her lewd squish, plop sounding depths.  Pliacenn understood that even without a deep hourglass curve figure of a woman, she made time disappear for a man.  I was just lucky I guess.  My luck to be there after she dumped her last guy for being boring.  Now her splayed knees allowed my hotrod to go up into her body and basket in the warmth of her sex.  She sighed.  “This is some good fucking.  New world.  No one to hear.  I can’t hear a fucking thing.”
“You-you’re are right.” I said, trying to fuck and listen at the same time.  I felt nothing but the heat of Pliacenn’s body.  She lay down flat on me and girly humped and humped my fuck pole, jammed deep inside her.  Her little humping hip movements, the humps of a girl just beginning to rev up her masturbation session, began.  I kissed her.

She kissed me back.  Her long raven hair washed my baldhead, eyebrows, eyes and nose.  I tasted strands of her black hair as they dripped across my mouth, as Pliacenn leaned over me fucking to her heart’s content.  Her eyes closed.  I felt her hot breath on my face, every out breath made me want to squeeze her closer to me.  I loved her.  I moved my hands all over her body, back, sides, I mauled her tight little bubble butt.  Her butt and her nipples were the largest things on Pliacenn.  Not mentioning her cunt, that is.  I drilled and drilled as her pussy purred and churned.  Purred and churned. 

Suddenly Pliacenn stopped moving.  Completely.  “Look, Cupideros!”  She stared upward. 
I could not look upward.  Not that easily.  Flat on my back, I already looked upward, but Pliacenn’s long black hair pouring over my face made viewing somewhat tricky. 
Pliacenn rose up so only our sex connected us.  Her knees supporting her legs spread across my black thighs.  She stared.
Finally, I got my bearing, twisted onto my left elbow, and spied the intruder. 
“An Eye.”  Pliacenn pointed slowly so as not to scare the thing away.  “One eye watching us.”
“I see it, Pliacenn.”  The strange huge eye floated in space, about twenty-five feet up.  In the blue peaceful sky, it looked at us. 

“This is crazy, Cupideros.”  Pliacenn said, almost giggling.  “I bet your black ass has never had an eye that big watching you.”
Pliacenn was right.  I stayed calm.  This may be some alternate world, but it must have rules.  “It seems peaceful, Pliacenn.  She seems peaceful.”
“Make the world safe for yourself, Cupideros.”  Pliacenn tossed her long black hair behind her back.  “I think the Eye is male.”
“I say female.”
“It doesn’t have eyebrows.”
“That makes it harder, a bit, Cupideros.”
“The eyelashes are not long at all.”
“No unisex eyebrows.  I’m a woman.  I know makeup.”  Pliacenn tore her eyes away from the floating, curious eye.  “It’s only watching.  Let’s give it, her, him a good show fucking!”
“Exhibitionists whore!”
“Gigolo, black stud!” 
That’s what we decided to do.  The strange big round eye watching us had black pupils and olive skin tone.  The whites around the pupil were white as any normal eye.  I got a funny feeling of curiosity about it.  And I supposed each person perceive the monstrous eye as the opposite of his or her sex.  This made her, its, his, intrusion more bearable.  Once more, the eye just floated there and didn’t move left or right, high or low.  It did not make a sound.  It remained as silent as this entire place, Pliacenn and I landed.  Quiet. 

Given that the eye seemed curious to watch us, Pliacenn made the right decision.  I said, “Let’s give it, her, him a show fucking.”
Pliacenn knew well how to do that, she started flipping her hair to the left and right side over her back as she humped and hunched down on my very hard cock.  I think having someone watch us made us hornier.   Pliacenn’s rump cushions squashed and battered my ball sacks on her downward presses.  I reached under her Venus Mound and started diddling her hot clit.  I swirled it in its own stewed hot juices.  I rubbed it like Pliacenn did during her masturbation sessions.  I spun her clitty around in tight circles, slow at first then fast, faster.  I backed off and swiped up more cream from her slippery slot as we fucked and fucked for our guests.  Our guest watching us drifted up there in the sky silent like a sun. 

It occurred to me Pliacenn had a mysterious gate.  Her sex eye, my sex eye maybe we created this place.  However, that did not explain the real nature of the ground beneath me; I used to push myself back into Pliacenn’s hot quim slot.  I felt the grass on my back, buttocks.  My baldhead felt the soft grass.  Fucking on the bottom is hard for a guy, but you get to see the beauty of a woman and that makes it all worth it. 

Of course, that eye--
“It’s moving, Cupideros.”  Pliacenn was bobbing up and down harder and very fast now.  Her pussy made audible squishy, plop plop sounds.  I looked up best I could and the Great Eye was indeed on the move. 
“Moving closer and closer,” Pliacenn continued, as her eyes closed in ecstasy and opened to watch the unisex thing watching us grow large like a Harvest Moon.

Pliacenn and I stayed locked together.  We couldn't just break apart and run from the Giant Eye Watcher.  “What shall we do?” Pliacenn asked and giggled.
“You don’t seem to be scared of Oculus.”
“I tell you, Cupideros, it’s a he.  Like a kid.  Curious to see what sex is like.”
“Is that why Oculus brought us here?
I laughed.  Laughing and coming or being on the verge of and cum shot required great skill.  I imagined all my ropy descendants shooting up, line after line, inside Pliacenn’s warm cunt.  Each sperm trying to get a head start on the others toward her two ova.  Interior sex.
“Stop thinking Interior sex, Cupideros!” Pliacenn said, and grunted, and made an ugly face.  I knew the pained expression meant she was near her boiling point.  Normally she has the face of a beauty queen when fucking, the serene face of one of those renaissance models or classic Italian masterpieces of mythology. 
“Okay.”  I lied.  “I’m thinking about you, Pliacenn.
“Her she comes!”
The eye now seemed larger than a hot air balloon.  It moved so slow you hardly notice it.  The quietness of the place seemed to help it approach our two naked bodies.  “We must seem tiny to that eyeball.”
“I never realized how huge it was,” Pliacenn said.  She leaned down as the Giant Oculus or Oculuin hovered five feet away from us, directly in front of our heads.  If it was going to do something dangerous to us . . .
“It’s too late to run!” Pliacenn shouted.
“No it isn’t.”
“Run!” shouted Pliacenn.  Her loud shout seemed to confuse Oculuin or Oculus.  It danced in space, in little vibrations, noticeably for seconds, as Pliacenn rolled off onto her side and was up and running to her right.  I instinctively rolled toward my left and ran in the opposite direction. 

Oculus or Oculuin dance-hovered vibrating in tiny movements back and forth.  Not exactly looking left or right, it never did that.  Either it moved left or it moved right.  Now it had no choice but to turn left or right.  “I’ll meet you on the other side of the planet, Pliacenn said giggling like the crazy fool she was.  Her girl crazy personality never let her take anything seriously for long.  She was running like crazy; her little bubble butt bouncing, and I imagine our sex jism running down her thighs.  I turned back around as ran as fast as I could before Oculus or Oculuin could make up its mind.  But it was too late! 

Oculus or Oculuin vibrated fast and split into two Giant Eyes.  One followed Pliacenn and one followed me.  “Pliacenn!  Pliacenn I turned and started running backward over the soft light green grass.  There were no hills or valleys in front of me, so I didn’t fear running backwards. 

Pliacenn looked backwards and saw the two Giant eyes.  Oculus hot on her naked heels and Oculuin closing in fast on my backward running self.  Quicker than you can snap your fingers, Oculus and Oculuin sped in front of us and stared.  I stopped.  Pliacenn stopped. 
What could we do?  This was it.  If the Giant Eye was a mean one, we were finished.


Pliacenn and I decided to walk back toward one another.  She raised her hands and laughed, as the Giant Monster Eye escorted her back to me.  While my Giant
Eye Monster followed me back to her. 

We hugged.  “At least it seems peaceful,” I said.  We were still panting a little and just stood there and kissed. 
“Might as well keep up the show, Cupideros.”  Pliacenn kissed me passionately, but each one of us had one eye squinting watching the Monster Eyes which didn’t look mean or angry or happy or sad.  Finally, they merged back into one eye and retreated to a hot air balloon distance in size--watching us again.

“We’re light some star in the universe under a telescope,” Pliacenn said.
“Well.  Telescope and radio interferometer are harmless.”

“Show em some acrobatic fucking”, Pliacenn said, “I bet it’s never seen that!”
“I see what you mean.”  Whatever this Oculus or Oculuin was or did, it seemed to want to observe us fucking.  Who knows how many people have been lured or snatched away to this place to be watched as they fucked?  And we were a black man and a white woman, so we had variety on our side.  “No telling how long we’ll have to keep fucking in order to be set free, Pliacenn.”
“I already thought of that,” Pliacenn leaped into my strong black arms and I held her there, naked hip to naked hip, as she maneuvered her pussy down carefully to my cock and slipped my throbbing hard-on inside her wet sex. 

“Put on a show, Cupideros.  Bounce me up and down high as you can.”
“Taking advantage of my weightlifting days, eh.”
“I’m trying to save our fucking lives!”
I bounced Pliacenn up and down slowly at first.  I had to gauge how much I could bounce her and how far before my nodding dick slipped out of her nubile sandwich.  After bouncing her about and eighth of an inch, I moved to a quarter inch bounce.  Then to a half inch bounce. 
“It’s working; Oculus or Oculuin is moving closer.”
I said to Pliacenn, “Don’t be scared.”
“Don’t drop me!”

Oculus or Oculuin began quivering again, sort of bobbing up and down and then Pliacenn shouted, “Oh my pussy feels good!”
“Is that all?”
I bounced Pliacenn higher to a one-inch bounce, two-inch bounce.  I strained my shoulder muscles. 

My black strength seemed completely visible as Pliacenn murmured, “I love the way black men’s muscles show all their definitions, and ripples and bulges.”  She leaned her face onto my neck, but I knew she was watching the Giant Eye carefully on the sly.  She pulled back as I started to bounce her three inches off my lube-coated cock.  Then four-inches.  Then five inches.  Each time Pliacenn screamed louder,  “Oh--my--pussy--feels--goooooood!” 

I held onto her luscious ass cheeks.  Fluid ran down my cock and coated my balls tightening up to my body. 
“Is that all?” 
“I’m coming!” 
“Is that all?”  I closed my eyes from the strain of lifting, fucking, feeling Pliacenn’s pussy muscles milk my man meat.
“No!  Oculus or Oculuin has split into thousands of little eyes!”  Pliacenn pointed with her cute little red painted horse scenes on each black background fingernail.  “Look! Cupideros!”
I turned and we were like two figurines inside those glass baubles that you turn upside down and it snows.  Except instead of floating snow, all these tiny eyes, no bigger than marbles, floated around our legs, bellies, under our arms, around our head and hair, right below our sex, too. 
“I can almost feel the heat of those little eye Oculus’.”
“Me, too.  Those Oculuins’ are everywhere.” 

It was the strangest event.  We fucked at a renewed pace and felt like giving those thousands of eyes their fill of sexual pleasure.  This was sort of a peak experience for Oculus or Oculuin.  And when we both came in a gush of new cock and pussy dew Oculus or Oculuin disappeared. 
“We did it!  We did it!” Pliacenn yelled jumping out of my arms onto the green grass, all around us so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. 
“What did we do?” I cautioned her her, bending over my hands my bend legs on my tired thighs.  “She, he, it might still be here somewhere.”
“I don’t think so, Cupideros.  I can’t sense it, him, her.”

Then let us find a way out of here. 
“I already know the way,” said Pliacenn.  “I saw a cliff like we jumped off over there, where I was running too.

We ran over to that direction and sure enough, we saw a cliff like the one we jumped off to before. 
“Ready?” I said and grabbed Pliacenn’s gentle hand and gaze at her individually finely painted red horses on each black fingernail.
“I’ll beat you to the jump!” she pulled her hand free and started sprinting for the cliff’s edge.  Her bubble butt bouncing in tight vertical leaps as her breasts peeked out from the sides of her body. 
I gave chase saying, “Wait.  We have to jump off together, remember what happened last time!”
“Catch me if you can, Cupideros!”
I ran for dear life.  Who knows, maybe if we do not jump together, I would be left here alone with Oculus.  I caught up to her and grabbed her hand.

We leaped and said, together, “Last one to hit the water is fucking looser!”


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