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On Feminism Today!

© by Cupideros, April 9, 2018

​*This information gives good background on what we are experiencing in today's upside down universe!

Second Wave Feminism went off the path of truth saying 1) gender is a social construct and not biology, 2) letting lesbians into the heterosexual feminist movement before the ERA vote and most importantly 3) rejecting Motherhood. All three of these inevitably say women should be and are just like men. This is nonsense. Third Wave Feminism double down on mistake #1 and you got all this intersectionality nonsense, trans, multiple gender crap, where a man thinks he is a 6-year-old girl. Noble Motherhood was and continues to be denigrated by Feminist. Women should raise their own children; it is safer, more natural. 

Why I Won't Call Myself A Feminist: It's Hypocrisy

Feminism turned into a cult. Literary Imperialism is the engine behind feminism's increasing expansion of rape definitions (he looked at me and that is rape), chipping away at Due Process laws, Double Standards, and destroying free speech. Feminism is an anti-man, anti-boy trojan horse feminist cult with equality of opportunity written on the outside and equality of outcome written on the chest of the women inside.

What do Feminist Want? Simple question. I created a yoo t video on this topic. They want 13 things:

1. They wanted to become a cult -- they have.
2. They want to complain endlessly about their Hyperbolic Present 1950s mindset -- they are!
3. They want to be an anti-man, anti-boy TROJAN HORSE feminist cult with equality of opportunity written on the outside and equality of outcome written on the chest of the women inside -- THEY ARE!
4. They want to weaken Due Process laws -- they have.
5. They want to ignore their biology -- they are trying hard to.
6. They want to become men -- they are and driving men from them as a result.
7. They do not want to be housewives or moms -- wherever feminism flourishes the population declines.
8. They want to reject the female work cycle -- they have and end up sad, bitter, catwomen unable to have children.  
9. They want Double Standards or Gynocentric Communism -- they created them.
10. They just want money and resources from men -- hence the double standards in family court, divorces, and fewer marriages. 
11. They want to expand the perverted Intersectionality Feminism which is destroying nations! -- they continue to do so.
12. They want to destroy free speech -- they are doing so.
13. To engage in the EMOTIONAL LABOR of changing and expanding, conflating and complaining about the definition of Feminism forever! -- and hence your question.  

Women do not know what they want.
Feminist do not know what they want.

One clear example of this is the Hysteria #MeToo Movement purposely conflating all female annoyances of male behavior with the event of Rape.  Conflating definitions of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and just about anything else, such as a man winking at a woman is now feminism standard mode of operation!  Feminist Today lack the ability to distinguish the difference in the following questions:

1. Are all men rapist? 
2. If all men are not rapists, then why does Hysteria Witch Hunt Gynocentric Communist #MeToo Movement curtail the rights of all men? 
3. Does #Metoo try to conflate Rape with feminist generic angry feelings of discomfort: 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from hearing a man say Hi? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from having a man look at her? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from experiencing a man disagreeing with her? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from hearing a man complement her? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from watching a man enjoying viewing good looking women? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from men not wanting to mentor women? 
feminist women's feeling of discomfort from men not wanting to be alone with women? 
feminist women's feelings of discomfort from not achieve equality of outcome for women?

4. Is purple hair on a female a sign of feminism aka Star Wars TLJ as the latest symbol? 
5. Is passive-aggressiveness (being subtle) a female attack strategy? 
6. Are women being a perpetual victim a feminists strategy to attack all men?
7. Do you realize rumor mongering, false accusations, lying is what caused millions of deaths during the Holodomor times in Communist Russia?
8. Which is more important the Truth or Political Correctness or women gaining power by any means necessary? 
9. What happens when someone wraps a lie subtly inside a truth? 
10. How many feminist double standards do you support? 
11. Are you aware in 2017, women have more jobs than men? 
12. Are you aware that women are not in the same situation as in the 1950s? 
13. Why does talking about female nature make you cringe? 
14. Can a woman easily extract herself from her female nature? 
15. Are you aware the more a race or nation has educated women with Masters, Ph.D., in a straight high school to Ph.D. (male career cycle) path, the more that race or nation will cease to exist! In fact, if you ever wanted to genocide a race or nation, bring in feminism, teach all the girls they must have a career outside the home, motherhood is bad or stupid, and get for girls to study straight from high school to their Masters or Ph.D. (male work career cycle). That is all it takes to create genocide, no immigrants needed!  
16. When did women become perfect people?
17. I am not aware of any religion that says all women are perfect because they have a naturally made, born-three-hole vulva, are you? 
18. Is feminism trying to feminize all men?
19. Why should a boy strive to be a girl?
20. Do you agree with the massive drugging of young boys to keep them quiet and docile like girls, and girl nature is harming young boys lives? 
21. Is feminism now a cult? 
22. Are you comfortable accusing someone of actions three years or twenty years ago in another era, not like these #MeToo times?
23. Which of the many definitions of feminism do you still support? 
24. Why is equality of opportunity not enough for feminists?
25. Have you ever known a woman to lie about anything?
26. Women who lie should not be held accountable in a court of law, is that your feminist view?
27. As long as a bunch of people get together (mob rule) and declare something true, it becomes truth, is that the new feminist viewpoint?
28. If it is okay for you to reject the anecdotal evidence of several million or even several thousand or even several hundred or even ten men that excessive #MeToo is harmful and destroying Due Process Laws, then why should men, in general, accept your anecdotal evidence that women are perfect, innocent and not responsible for their so-called #MeToo Moments? 
29. Feminism is about equality. So do feminists want to fix the divorce court and laws, make them fair, up to date, equal for both men and women?
30. Do feminists feel that repairing the family court and laws, make them fair, up to date and equal for both men and women is something that should be done?
31. Do feminists still hate motherhood?
32. Do feminists still think women are stupid and hate women for wanting to be housewives and caring for their children?
33. Do feminists want all women to turn over their biological children to be raised by the state or strangers?
34. If a man does not want to date a woman after they both agree to have sex, is this rape in your feminist opinion?
35. How many definitions of feminism do feminists support today, as opposed to last week, last year, ten years, or twenty years ago?
36. Is it fair legally and for society's ability to resolve the female-male conflict for feminists to keep conflating the definitions of Rape?
37. Can women agree to disagree with feminists or is this hate speech? 
38. If free speech helped feminists to solve many problems of the past, it is okay to get rid of free speech now? 
39. Are feelings more powerful than logic?
40. Why do we need courts if women are perfect and innocent and never do anything wrong?
41. Should men "just believe" lying, malicious, shallow, angry, vindictive feminist women on a revenge trip against all men or a particular man? 
42. The #MeToo movement is a PostModernist "throw the baby out with the bath water" movement. The "baby" being due process laws, you agree, no or yes?
43. Women who lie in the court of public opinion (should this even exists) should not be held accountable in a court of law, is that your feminist view?
44. If feminist agree with #MeToo, how come females who commit a #MeToo against men are not fired from their jobs, but get to try and have a Due Process Trial?
45. Are you aware Intersectional Feminism Destroys Nations? 

Intersectional Feminism at Work to Destroy Nations. 

Katie Pavlich: How Feminism is Linked to Marxism

Look at What's Happening in Europe Now  

The Absolute State of Ontario 

Europa the last battle part 2
40.00--48.00 The Authoritarian Personality narrative to format divide and conquer among races.

Look Who Is Behind the Push to Legalize Pedophilia in America
15:21-20:00 <-----

LGBT AGENDA IS OUT OF CONTROL! Former Transgender Blows Lid off NWO Operation! 

Feminist Push For Female Genital Mutilation

A warning of our times. Particularly the beginning of the video 0.00 4.00.
Gay Agenda Illuminati NWO Exposed

How the Gay Agenda Is Spread - Charlene Cothran

Lesbian Couple Adopted (6) Children, Abused Them, & Drove the Family Off a Cliff

Feminist Wikipedia Takeover Webinar

A teacher exposes the LGBT agenda coming into in elementary schools

How the LGBT movt is infiltrating churches

History of Homophilia (homosexuality & pedophilia) in the USA

Kinsey Institute Will Sexualize Children—Yet Again - Dr. Judith Reism


Tolerance is a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" for these sick Transgender and Intersectional Feminist.
This Intersectional LGb+ started with 1850 plan to force Heterosexual to confirm to LGB+ lifestyles.
Trans are trying to order around heterosexual to make their children accept trans demonstrates LGB+ people hate Heterosexuals!

Definition: Homophile is a lesbian or homosexual person who also likes to sleep with children. Because wherever you see lesbian or homosexual you will find them sleeping/raping children.

Homophile: But I was born Gay!
Heterosexual: I was born Heterosexual.
Homophile: You cannot be born Heterosexual! Children have no sexuality during childhood!
Heterosexual: My children are Heterosexual, a boy, and a girl!
Homophile: But they cannot be Heterosexual! Children have no sexuality yet!
Heterosexual: Then how did you know as a child you were born Gay or Homophile?
Homophile: That is hate speech!
Heterosexual: What you said is hate speech!
Homophile:: Well. (pauses and pulls out a card) Here is a good hormone therapy doctor -- for your children.
Heterosexual: (looks shocked) I -- can -- give testosterone to my son, and estrogen to my daughter, sure. 
Homophile: Now that's just, just violence against your children. Hate speech leads to violence!

Meanwhile in another place of the upside down universe:
Homophile woman: I think men should be more like women.
Heterosexual female: I think so, too. Toxic masculinity is everywhere.
Homophile woman: And they are always mansplaining.
Heterosexual female: Women do not do all this explaining.
Homophile woman: Yeah. You like that man over there? I think . . . he is straight.
Heterosexual female (looks at the feminine man with disgust): He . . . he is . . . not my type.
Homophile woman: He's a doll. Pretty. No Toxic masculinity at all.
Heterosexual female (more disgusted): Not my type . . . that is for sure!
Homophile woman: How about that PUA? (man has half profile turned toward the girls)
Heterosexual female: That bad boy! No . . . Kinda looks like Christian Grey, though. (Heterosexual female uses her hand to fan her face). I am looking for a nice decent man. I do not want to be lead.
Homophile woman: (man talking to hot girl turns around) Gosh! Isn't that Jason, your Ex! 
(man smiles slowly, and waves to Heterosexual female)
Heterosexual female: Uh . . . Yeah! Jason was a jerk.

LGB+ plan outline:
Brainwash themselves first.
Brainwash the women.
Brainwash the men
Brainwash the teens 
Brainwash the children
Brainwash the parents to brainwash their children.

Communist Plan Brainwash outline: 
Brainwash themselves first -- Cultural Marxism & Post Modernism
Brainwash themselves second -- Antifa
Brainwash the women -- Feminism Excesses, "I am always a victim, Just Believe Me."
Brainwash the men -- Male Toxicity & #MeToo
Brainwash the teens -- Literary Imperialism & Gender Confusion
Brainwash the children -- National School Walkout & Perverted Sex in schools
Brainwash the parents to brainwash their children.

Communism is a system of Death!

Changing, conflating definitions occurs in these four concepts:

1. Literary Imperialism as explained by Lindsey Shepard. (I am sure you know who Lindsey Shepard is.) People are changing the meaning of "violence" and other words like, "free speech," "hate speech," and then imposing those new definitions on everyone else.

2. Postmodernism as they explain away everything from having any meaning at all. Usually, they start with one fact they find optional and then string a bunch of other facts until they reach the idea that nothing has meaning.

3. Antifa's Concept Creep as they intentional call an ever-increasing number of people fascists: 
A. Nazi, then KKK etc.
B. Those who disagree with Communism.
C. Men who are against feminism
D. Anyone who support democracy.
E. Those who believe in Nationalism. Why would a group of people from a nation, born in that national originally, not be nationalist?

Chinese should be for China.
Africans should be for Africa.
Germans should be for Germany.
Italians should be for Italy.
Mexicans should be for Mexico.
Saudis for Saudia Arabia.
Cubans should be for Cuba
Russians for Russia and etc.

Each of the races are different; each of the races has certain strengths; each of the races has certain skills, even though anyone from any of the races can be trained to develop other skills.  

4. Feminism's #MeToo definition, where according to women definition of "truth" is 'Facts optional'. Truth to #MeToo feminist is what feminist considers useful, not necessarily factual.  
A. That man looked at me so it is rape 
B. Sexual assault is rape.
C. Saying Hi to me on the street is rape.
D. That man did not want to date me after we first had sex, so that is rape.

"You cannot teach people.
You can only tell them the truth;
People have to teach themselves the truth." 


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