Obsession for the Football Captain
© Copyright by Cupideros, September 10, 2012 

Guys have fantasies of fucking pretty cheerleaders long after the guy graduated from high school.  Sharon's fantasy obsession centered on fucking the captain of her high school football team.  That never happened, but this fantasy loomed large in Sharon's mind, until one day, an opportunity presented itself.  Does Sharon embrace opportunity?  Or does she continue to allow her past obsessive desires to control her sexual life from behind the scenes.

Just so, you know, I am white, blonde.  My thunder thighs always seem to attract big fucksticks.  Down at the police station, they say I sound like a black chick.  "Maybe I'm part black from way back, when white men fucked their slaves," I snap back at them.  I'm all white, Irish though. We grew up on the edge of Johnson County, a poor place.  Next to a black Arnold County.  I made a lot of black friends.  That's why I sound like this.  But I'm lily pale white all the same.  I can't even fucking tan.  And I've never fucked a black guy in my life!

Obsession for the Football Captain 
© Copyright by Cupideros, September 10, 2012 
4,332 words

Sometimes life wants us to make lemonade.  One day came home tired.  It was Wednesday.  I wanted to rest.  My clit throbbed all day from watching those sexy men downtown where I work.  I am twenty-eight years old; so maybe my baby-clock's ticking louder.  Also, I hoped my skanky roommate dropped her idea of fucking her boyfriend Jake with her asshole today.  I've known her since, high school.  In those days, I trusted Jennifer.   Two months ago though, she started acting different.  On Wednesdays, Jennifer always fucked her boyfriend Jake.  I hate anal sex.  I hate the smell of anal sex.  I quietly opened our apartment door.  I removed my light jaguar print top over my pink blouse.  Either my tits grew a cup or my pink blouse shrank.  I settled for the later.  I didn’t want to deal with any more shit.  I unbuckled my straight-legged jeans at the ankles, very glad to be home.  Under my jeans, my inner cunt lips steamed in my slippery juices.  Whenever I got slippery in tight jeans, it was "Fuck time."  Sometimes this occurred a week before my period.  Sometimes, I'm just a randy bitch in natural heat because my mind has being devouring visually too many hidden cocks.  Cocks I imagined thick, hard, precum covering the tip, ready to ease up my vaginal sheath and plow my pussy channel.
I stepped up stairs, and I heard some strange sounds.  Sounds like a couple of cat’s fucking.  Some moaning, whining, and grunting.  I hesitated.  Maybe, my former high school cheerleader captain Jennifer changed her mind.  Damn!  Now I can’t go around topless like normal. My two-inch nipples loved caressing open air.  Bras hid my large nipples at work.  Jake eyes always gobbled up my naked D-cup boobs.  He’s a creep though.  I don't fuck other women's men.  I’m surprised Jake hasn’t hit on me yet.  His eight-inch dick encourages his bad fucking, nasty attitude. 
To keep the upper hand, I removed my low-two inch strappy heels.  I heard a familiar voice.  My bedroom veers off to the left at the top of the steps.  Jennifer’s bedroom veers off to the right.  “No.  No.  No.”  I whispered to myself.  The grunts came from the left.  My bedroom!  I moved like a big cat silent and lethal.  Determined to surprise them.  Whoever it was using my own fucking bedroom for their selfish dirty acts.
I moved over our soft red carpet.  Sean and I put that carpet down two years ago.  Sean's my high school sweetheart.  We started dating back in 2002, both of us were eighteen years old.  I loved Sean, but--"
"Fuck this whore, Sean," came Jennifer's girly voice.
My eyes didn’t believe their vision.  I pushed open the door further, making the crack wider.   Jennifer rocked her wide-hipped ass backward on Sean’s eight-inch beer-can dick.  My dick!  I own my boyfriend, Sean's dick! 
“Bounce those pink-heavy balls off this soft white ass, Sean,” Jennifer groaned.  Jennifer grunted.  “I want that fire plug dick of yours up my ass.  Uuuuugggggggg!”  Jennifer rocked back and grinded her ass against Sean’s groin.
“Best fucking ass, I’ve sampled in years.”  Sean held Jennifer’s wide hips.  He humped her hard and fast.  Jennifer's black hair fell forward sharply over her pretty face each time Sean rammed her bum. 
"Your only fucking ass," Jennifer growled.  "I know--Sharon--isn't letting--you fuck--her shithole." 
His body made her shake as he thumped, thumped, thumped-pounded back into her bottomless chamber.  "Keep bucking those hips while I burn this asscrack of yours, Jennifer."  Sean's face sweated.  Drops of his sweat dripped onto the blue butterfly tattoo over the dimple on Jennifer’s lower back.  “I’m fucking this shit-hole good.  You won’t be able to sit down for a week.”
“Who needs to sit.  All I want is to be able to say when Sharon suspected--we--fucked is no--I didn't fuck Sean.  Ugggggggg--Don't stop!  That's . . . feels so . . .  good in my . . . tight shitter."
"You sneaky bitch."  Sean reached down and squeezed her breadmaker tits.  He squeezed her butt cheeks.  "You'll know Sharon will assume fucked refers to your cunt!"
"That's right.  She won't suspect I flogged your huge dong using my winkhole."  Jennifer wiggled her ass flogging Sean's cock length.  Sean grimaced.  He held the base of his penis to stop himself from blowing his wad of white spunk too soon.
"Stop that tail wagging, you hussy!  Take all of my eight-inch beer-can fuckpole, Jennifer."  Sean slapped her ass.  Jennifer reached back and slapped his hands.  Her black thatch of pubic hair wet from her own milky girl love juice and body sweat.
"No ass slapping--that's where I draw the line."  Jennifer ass farted, but Sean didn't care.  He waved her stank smell away using his right hand.  He held on to her bum cheek, his thumb dipping into Jennifer's wet copiously dripping pussy.  Her sex oil ran all the down her white slim thighs. The white chick only weight 114 pounds.  How'd she get such wide-hips and big white bubble ass.  Those things belonged to black women. 

Finally, Sean tried to get all romantic, he reached down and stroked both her breasts.  His six-pack abs rubbed her back.  His huge pectoral muscles massaged her upper back.  Sean nuzzled his face into her Pantene-scented shampooed hair.  His wrists moved down to hold her hands. I'd blew my top.  I reached into my large purse.  I retrieved a pair handcuffs out of my purse, from my job as a policewoman down at the courthouse.  I moved like a tiger.  I pounced.  I locked Sean's right arm to Jennifer's right arm.  I moved to their left arms and locked those together, too.  Then I brought out my garbage bag twist ties, we use on raids when we run out of handcuffs.  I bound their ankles together.  Locked them like two dogs in heat.  Stuck fast.  Sean's thick white pussydestroyer intruding deeper in her winking, now gaping asshole. 
"So who is going to lie to whom?  Who is going to believe you two were not fucking?"  I sneered.
"Sharon it's not what it seems.  Sean forc--"
"I did no such thing bitch!"
"He got me drunk on weed."
"You gave up your buttered crack space to me willingly."  Sean pleaded.  "Jennifer's been after me for two months now--that she broke up with Jake."
"You lousy Bitch!"  Whore!" I slapped Jennifer's fuck-sweaty face.  "You fucking looser, asshole fucker, Sean.  You dirty dick!"  I slapped him, too.  I'm leaving the two of you like this.  I rummaged in my purse for my cell phone.  I took six good pictures from all sides.  Then I sent them to the Internet, on an account of mine using my Google apps.  "Now you dirthole fucker and you skank-gate lover, if any of you cause me trouble.  I'm going to report you to the police!"  I let them stay that way.  I watched their agony increased as Sean's balls boiled and her pussy sweated under him, until they both screamed out and orgasmed!"
I unhooked them after five minutes.  "Get the fuck out of my apartment!"
They ran like two teenage boys caught meat-stroking themselves or busted two menstruation diddlers giving in to their timely lust.
They scrambled inside Jennifer's apartment, grabbing a few their things. They mentioned something about living in a motel.  I heard the door slammed.  I watched them drive off in Sean's car.  I dropped down on the red couch in my bedroom and cried.  For an hour, I cried.  "My Sean. Sean!  The one man who brought peace into my life.  Gone.  Sucked up the booty crack of my best girlfriend."  I played some rap music. One of my favorite songs.  "My Milkshake Brings the Boys into the Yard."  That song always spoke to me.  I started calming down, but my horniness didn't go away. 

Just so, you know, I am white, blonde.  My thunder thighs always seem to attract big fucksticks.  Down at the police station, they say I sound like a black chick.  "Maybe I'm part black from way back, when white men fucked their female slaves," I snap back at them.  I'm all white, Irish though. We grew up on the edge of Johnson County, a poor place.  Next to a black Arnold County.  I made many black friends.  That's why I sound like this.  But I'm lily pale white all the same.  I can't even fucking tan.  And I've never fucked a black guy in my life!
Three hours later, I glanced out the window.  The Moon came out and stars shinned again.  I saw the Pleiades in the sky.  The seven sisters.  I said, "I'm not going to be moping around over spilled manmilk."  I took a shower.  I put on a hot red dress.  Tight, Tiny spaghetti straps.  That dress hugged every curve in my 35-D, 26, 35 figure. "I'm going use all 5' 7" of my hot body to rock some man's world tonight.  He's going to get lucky!"
I put on my gold-strappy heels, let my apartment door hit my ass and went trolling for fresh cock! 
I went to Ronnie's Restaurant and Bar because the bouncer there owed me one.  Two, because the men there carry cash, not bling.  I'm not interested in poor men.  I wanted a wealthy man.  I hard man.  Thick man.  The music boomed loud.  Walls vibrated.  Strobe lights cast a positive glow multicolored on everyone.  Women sitting at tables all demure giggle checking out men's front package.  And I went straight to the dance floor.  Danced only a second by myself when two men came up beside me. 

"You boys new around here," I said, flipping my shoulder-length ash-blonde hair, turning around, letting them see my fine form.  My buxom D-cups joy sacs shook provocatively.  Honestly, those two men didn't stay soft downstairs for long.  Once I turned my back to the baldhead, 6' 0" black guy, rubbing my plump rump against his fuckrod, he fell like a stone.  He held me around my waist.  He whispered in my ears.  "My partner and I never do anything alone.  We're a team."
"A team," I cooed. Girly lube started slipping down my thick pale thighs. "I've never fucked two men before."  I turned around facing the bald guy.  "I'm Sharon."
"My name is Jace," said the bald man.
The shorter stocky black guy, had a low cut afro.  "And I'm Wesley."
"Like Wesley Snipes?"
"Long as I get some white pussy, you can call me whatever you want." His short mustache and small chin tuft formed a Roman Letter T.  He wore a black suit and crisp white shirt.  Almost like a club owner or something rich.  He smelled nice.  I love a man who wears cologne,
Oh, I wanted to fuck them both—Jace and Wesley.  I'd pull my dress over my thunder thighs, flat belly, and giant tits right now.  Fuck them on this dance floor.  Fuck them allowing the multicolored lights to dance all over our bodies.  "Plain Wesley is fine.  Long as Little Wesley a fun guy," I let my eyes drop to his pants crotch. 
"Little Wesley about to grow up, fast, Sharon."  He nodded to Jace.  "Let's blow this place, Sharon."
"Yeah," Jace said, hungrily, "Let's get it on!"
"My place is available," I said, huskily, adding the carefree optimistic smile.

The boys followed me in their car.  We arrived at my place.  All the lights were out upstairs in my apartment.  That skank, Jennifer stayed at the motel with Sean.  Good for her.  Better for me.  I showed the boys where to park and not get towed.  Tonight was trash night.  They followed my undulating ass, under my tight red dress upstairs, like dogs smelling me in hot heat.  However, heat barely described my desire.  I wanted to fuck a football team.  Out in Ronnie’s parking lot my luck changed.  Jace mentioned he was the captain and quarter back of his high school team.  Wesley was the high school's star running back.  They won the 2002 state championship.             
Just knowing captain and quarterback Jace, and running back, Wesley, followed behind me, satisfied my dripping, quivering cunt for now. 
Upstairs in my bedroom, I fixed the boys a glass of red wine.  I removed my tight red dress and strutted around in my black thong.  "I need to freshen up the bed with new sheets boys."  Jace and Wesley didn't realize how erotic a woman making her bed was.  Until they saw me, bending over, spread my legs, lifting and stretching my arms as my boobies jiggled here and fro.  I caught them out of the corner of my eye lowering their bodies trying to catch a glimpse of my blonde wet snatched.  "Like what you see boys?" I teased them as I fixed the last corner like a good Girl Scout I used to be long long ago.
"Heck yeah!" Wesley practically groaned.
"You're sweeter than sugar, Sharon," said Jace, giving a nasty laugh afterwards.
"Done!"  I hopped up on the full-size bed and wiggled out of my black thong.  Twirling it in the air, I said, "First boy to catch my thong, fucks me first."  I tossed my thong up in the air.  My thong floated for a second, as Wesley and Jace darted over.  Both men jumped up into the air after it; however, Jace grabbed the flimsy soaked garment first! 

Jace strutted over after pushing Wesley out of his way.  Jace sniffed my drenched panties.  He put his tongue all over the thin crotch. "You're going to flow rivers of girl juice when I'm through with you, Sharon."
"Ooooooooooooo," I cooed.  I like that.  I spread my legs wide.  My revenge fuck against Sean started.   "Before you ruin my tight little pussy with your long fellow, eat my four-leaf salad." 
Jace waggled his tongue nastily.  He gently lay down on my bed, the black sheets smelled like the wash.  His cologne Bvlgari Blv for men drifted up from between my thunder thighs. 
"You've the prettiest thin thighs, Sharon," his muffled voice replied as the first deep swipe of his tongue, from cunthole to clit, sent me soaring into an emotional frenzy. 
I sank down into the sheets.  I arched my hips up, forcing my two-legged salad in to his large black lips.  Soft black lips.  I clinched the sheets using both hands.  I opened my eyes after that initial bliss, "Wesley, pump that dick.  Make him stand tall."
Wesley sat on my black chair by my vanity.  From his side view, my D-cup titties grew to DD-cups.  "I'm a boob man."
I pinched my erect nipples, pulling the boob flesh up, into two white mountains.  "I got enough fat jugs for you, Wesley?" 
Wesley beat his eight-and-half inch long, two-inch wide black cock faster.  Wickedly, I licked my tongue out at him.  "I can't wait to fuck your tit tunnel!"

"Ohhhhhhh, Jace.  Jace you Bon cunt appetit man!"  Jace's tongue felt like a dogs.  Jace kept taking long swipes of my pussy lips.  Push, push, he spread my inner labias apart, until exhausted they lay onto my outer labia lips.  I wanted to scream loud.  So I bit my lower lip.  "Jace, eat that sopping wet salad.  Lick up my Caesar-girl sauce coming out of my milky pussy. I'm Cumming, Jace! Ahhhgggggggggg! Fuck, Yes!" 

Impossible urges of sexual desire rose up from my overheated cunt.  Urges blasting fire into my baby-making womb, and then upward to my two hard aching nipples.  I came again.  When I recovered, Jace's baldhead loomed over my blonde head.  His cunt stretcher knocked at my entrance.  Sean's beer-can prick had already prepared me. 

I gasped, as Jace pushed his eight-inch long dick all the way up inside; he touched my cervix opening. 

My cervix wanted in on the action and gave Jace's hard member a blowjob he'll never forget.  He pulled back rapidly.  "This hot white chick knows how to fuck.  She's tight as a virgin."
"Wait till I started fucking you back, Jace."  I began. My hips churned around like his black pestle needed to pound my doughy pussy good.  I arched my hips to open the second act of my fucking him.  He held still and enjoyed the ride.  Jace never had a girl like me.  Most men haven't.  Up and down my hips arched.  I raised my legs; my thunder thighs got to work.  I held his hips tight.  I squeezed my calf muscles.  My pussy chamber muscles worked his cock, stroking, squeezing, and pressuring the head against my blowjob-sucking cervix.  Jace had no place or time to escape. 

"Ohhh, no!  Fuck!" He started counting backwards from fifteen under his breath.  Useless, as I pulled his head between my boobs.  I grunted.  "I want all your manspunk!"  That did it, Jace blasted off tons of gooey man oil inside my tight love slot; my wet, soaking love slot.  He relaxed and lay on my breasts like a big baby.

"Damn!" Jace murmured. 

"Next!" I shouted, extremely happy, in bliss actually.  I solidified my revenge on Sean.  I wanted Jace for the same reasons, Sean wanted to ass fuck Jennifer.  I'd never fucked the captain of the football team in high school.  Now, I really, really wanted to fuck Wesley, too.   Captain and quarterback, and the star running back.  What a winning team all three of us made. 

I kissed Jace tenderly on his lips as he rolled off me.  My drooling cunt oils coated not only Jace’s entire penis length, but also his black thick lips.  I loved the way my crotch smelled.

Wesley strolled over like sloppy seconds didn't matter.  Partly, he was right.  His thicker crannyhunter gave him an advantage of always plowing new ground.  I closed my legs demurely to spur on his competitive juices.  I reached out and quickly grabbed his beautiful monster.

Wesley’s beautiful monster possessed all kinds of veins, going this way and that.  Large veins.  Small veins.  Tiny veins.  So much blood flowed into his cock, I trembled think about Wesley's staying power.  Not only that, as a running back, he probably knew a thing or two about using his hands!

"Come here, star running back.  Put those hands around my melons.  Show me how you handle the ball."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shit!" said Wesley, turned on, fired up, as I expected.  His penis hardened.  Twitched and bounced.  His dick left a red mark on my pale hip, when he lay down.  He crawled up and straddled my chest. 
"I know a thing or two about tit fucking," he looked back at Jace and sneered.  "You got her pussy first, but I'm taking her virgin tit tunnel!" 

Wesley pushed my mounds together.  He did this funky thing using his thumbs to hold both my tits straight up at attention.  Then Wesley pushed my tits up to my waiting tongue.  I licked out and lubricated my aching nipples first.  Then I slathered my boobs.  Wesley said, “Hold these.” 

How naughty, I felt, holding my tits.

Wesley reached back and scooped up girly oil from the outside of my pussy, and inside my inner labias.  He spread this in my tit tunnel.  Then he smacked my hands.  He placed his thumbs on my goose bump hard nips and started sliding his thick black veined cock up and down.  

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned.  "Yesssssssssssss!" I growled.  Wesley made my tits feel as good as my pussy.  Damn.  My Ivory breasts blushed pink in seconds.  My nipples felt like I was growing breasts buds again.  The delicious pressure maddening.  How could I concentrate on anything else, but my mounds of jiggling flesh.  His black cock peeked out from my white doughy flesh and I darted my tongue on the tip. 
"Yeah, Bitch suck that black cock while I masterfuck your tit!"
"I love a man with a dirty mouth!"
"Yeah . . . well after this I'm going to fuck your ass!"
I placed my hands on top of his dick, in mid-fuck.  "Wesley, I don't ass fuck!  I've got hidden cameras around this place going to my Internet site.  All automatic.  I'm a cop by the way, too."

Both black men looked scared at one another.

I smiled gently and broadly.  "Now we can get back to fucking, any kind of fucking you boys want, pussy fucking, tit fucking, hand fucking, blow jobs, but no ass fucking."

They understood and regained their composure. 

"I'm going to fuck your virgin tits until they're raw."  He humped his black hips harder and faster.  "Then I'm going to destroy your pussy using my two-inch bottle dick."
"Ohhhhh, Please don't hurt my pussy," I squealed to Wesley.  I immediately turned to Jace jacking off in the vanity chair.  I winked to him. 

Both boys got second dips into my body.  I never felt better in my life.  I gave them blowjobs, handjobs, pussyjobs, and titjobs.  Then we all went to sleep.


Next morning, the sun shined down on us tangled together on my full-size bed.  My black sheets soaked in several wet spots.  Three came from my hungry-ready-to-go-some-more pussy.  Six from the handjobs, titjobs cum blasts.  I lay awake.  As the black men slept, I accepted Sean's infidelity mattered little.  I fulfilled several fantasies looming in the back of my mind.  As a woman, the bliss, running up and down my veins, remained indescribable. 

Looking at their two flaccid cocks, I touched them.  Two soft rabbits sleeping, that's the sensations their dangling black fuckflesh sent to my hands.  Cute.

I got up and started fixing breakfast when Sean came back.  I turned over the eggs, and the sausages sent hot flicks of oil burning my sex-exhausted naked body.  I didn't realize he was back until I heard his voice turning into the bedroom. 
Sean blurted out, "What the Fuck!"
"Who the Fuck are you!" came Jace’s bellowing voice.
"I'm her high school boyfriend--"
"You've been replaced, high school boyfriend," I heard Wesley say in a cool tone.
"Sharon!  Sharon!" 
I was right on top of it, rushing in between the three men standing, in fight mode.  "Stop it!  Stop it!"
Undisturbed, Jace said, "You want us to leave, Sharon."
"I'm not leaving!" Wesley said.
"Sean!  You cheated on me with butterfly-tattoo-on-her-back cheerleader Jennifer," I snarled  and, "And you have the gall to come back like I'm cheating!  Get out Sean!"
"You heard the lady," Wesley said.
"Shoo," Jace added in that deep rumbling delicious voice.

Sean looked down at the floor.  He even seemed to crotch lower, trying to see me eye-to-eye.  "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, Take me back."  He crumbled.  "I'm sorry I fucked Jennifer in the ass."  He reached up and rubbed his blonde spiky hair back and forth, using both hands.  "I don't know what I was thinking.  Jennifer drove me crazy tempting me."
"You can just go on back to tempting Jennifer."
"I--Please . . .  Sharon," he tried to hold my hands, "Jennifer, locked me out of her apartment, too!"
"Cheated on you, I bet." I scoffed.  I crossed my arms over my ample breasts.
"Come on, Sharon. I won't ever mention you fucked these two black guys."
I shook my blonde head in a sassy way, "Why should I care if you mentioned it!" I got livid.  "I fuck whoever I want!"
"Yeah, Bub," said Wesley, "This isn't the middle ages."
Jace asserted, "Women and girls have the right to fuck whoever they want."
"I'll treat you right, Sharon, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart," Sean pleaded. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I understood Sean.  He never fucked the cheerleader captain.  His fantasy propositioned him.  Then he gave in to his fantasy. 

I, too, went out and achieved my fantasy.  I didn't feel guilty about fucking Jace and Wesley. 
Empowered rang true as the best word for me.  "Sean I know you want to come, back."  I uncrossed my arms.  "Since you ass fucked Jennifer, I can't trust you," I explained crisply.
"I won't ass fuck anyone else again!"  Sean had tears in his eyes.  "Promise," he implored.
Jace and Wesley watched in shock.  "The guy’s crying," they both said.
Sharon corrected them, "He cries a lot when things don't go his way."
"Oh! Fake tears," Wesley, mocked Sean.
"Crocodile fears," Jace said, hotly.
I thought Jace made a good point.  Sean feared I'd leave him.  If Jace and Wesley left earlier, Sean might act more arrogant.  At the same time, I loved Sean, I also remember moaning softly laying down for Jace to eat my wet sandwich between my legs.  How Wesley's expert tongue explored the rose peaks of my breasts.  How my nipples formed instantly under Wesley's touch; and how passionate my emotions ran when Jace's body moved to cover my own.

"Sean I'm not ready to give up these two black men," I affirmed what Jace and Wesley already suspected.  "I don't cook breakfast for people I don't like."  I raised my hands in a halt gesture.  "Now, Sean if you want to join us, as a foursome, you can."  I waited.

Sean’s eyes sparked up.  "If you want all three of us, men, I ok."
Jace added, "That's a real man."
Wesley surmised, "Real props to you, Sean.  I think you've changed."
I added, "You get sloppy thirds, Sean.  Until, you prove you're trustworthy again. Then will see." I summarized the entire situation.

All three men agree.  I invited all three into the kitchen,  "Breakfast is ready."  I grinned like a Sex-Goddess Priests of old, helping to ease the problems of men-folk.  "We're all going to get along just fine."
All three men shook hands. 
That's how the situation ended.  I got to fuck three men daily and my pussy's rejuvenated.  Empowered.  Life can't get any sweeter than this.


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