Nine Abyssarian Girls
Short Story
© By Cupideros August 1, 2015 
2,357 Words

Nine Abyssarian Girls were touring Africa when they decided to discuss symbolism and truth after spotting an She-Elephant. 

“They are equal rulers, and take turns,” interrupted Nahimana the Native American Sioux, before Barbora and Xochizal got into sparing again.  “I tell you all,” Nahimana continued, “the side of this magnificent creature is like a wall.  It is useful and practical like the body and heart.  We need the body and heart to experience this three-dimensional world.  Without that symbolism, we would be all in the spirit world somewhere, probably with the angels.”

Nine Abyssarian Girls
Short Story
© By Cupideros August 1, 2015 
2,357 Words

One day nine Abyssarian girls were walking in Africa, after touring the Great Pyramids some days before, and they vigorously discussing what was the purpose of symbolism in life when they ran into an nine thousand pound, five feet tusks female African She-Elephant docile and peaceful.  The nine Abyssarian girls in their native dress, skirts and pants went up and pet the She-Elephant when the slick dark-haired Native American Nahimana Sioux, said, “This is as good an example of symbolism we’ve seen all day.  And since we are not blind, we should easily see the significance of this creature put here by the Great God-dess for our enlightenment.”

“Oh you are always on it, about enlightenment,” said curly haired Cleopatra from Africa, but what about truth?”

The nine Abyssarian girls fell into their usual argument about the difference between knowledge and truth, symbolism and Nothingness.  They were studying to become Priestesses in Abyssarian.  They wanted to lead people to the sole principals and truths that mattered. 

“I tell you what I see,” said Shadiyah Safar an Arabic, “These legs,” she patted the gentle female African Elephant, “are strong, sturdy, pillars of steadiness and solid like the earth we stand on.  Abyssarianism is like that.  If you stand on its principals you shall never fail.”

Hui Ying Hu, a tall, beautiful black eyed Chinese woman scoffed.  She stood four girls away from Shadiyah.  “I tell you what Shadiyah, I see is these big flapping ears representing the wind, Abyssarian principles are always in action whether one can see it come or go.  Blessed is the person who has the Nothingness wind at her or his back.”

Grasping the twisting, darting tail, red haired Barbora Havlíčková from Czechoslovakia, replied.  “You’re both wrong the best symbolism is this creature’s flexible tail.  For though it is small and seemingly weak; it is like water.  Water is often underestimated in it strength, but water can go anywhere and no one can stop the flexibility of water.  Even the Great God-dess used water to destroy the first world; why would they use water to cleanse the earth of corruption if it was not the greatest symbol of all?”

Xochizal a short Mayan girl, from Central America always sparred with Barbora for they seemed to grow by opposing one another.  Today was no different.  “You may admire this creature’s tail but what good is it without the fire of enthusiasm, passion represented by these two huge white tusks?  Tusks used for defense, or digging up food.  She is probably the leader of that distant herd fifty yards away and the Matriarch.  For even though we said Great God-dess, we all know the Goddess is before the God.”

“They are equal rulers, and take turns,” interrupted Nahimana the Native American Sioux, before Barbora and Xochizal got into sparing again.  “I tell you all,” Nahimana continued, “the side of this magnificent creature is like a wall.  It is useful and practical like the body and heart.  We need the body and heart to experience this three-dimensional world.  Without that symbolism, we would be all in the spirit world somewhere, probably with the angels.”

“Nahimana, you just like the spirit world, even though you’re always praising the usefulness of the body,” debated Delphine Michel, a French woman with long brunette hair in a thick French braid, “Speech is man’s greatest gift, for we excel in it above all beings on the earth.”  She patted the she-Elephant’s trunk, and the She-Elephant triumphantly blew her horn in approval.  All the girls smiled and laughed in comradery.  “Speech is the truth, for the Great God-dess spoke the world into existence from Nothingness.“

All nine girls started yammering and arguing with one another. 

“Wait!  Wait!  You all have had your turn.  Now it is times for us three,” shouted Yemima, a rectangular shaped Jewish girl, pointing to herself, Purnima from India and Cleopatra an African.  “Now I say the best symbolism is the Back because it represents will power; without will power and backbone who will try to even figure out the truth, who will even care about getting into Heaven.  One must put serious effort into search through all the tons and tons of knowledge out there for truth.  That is what this She-Elephant’s back represent.  A person rides of the back of an elephant to get it to do useful things, to make its will submit to the rider’s will.  Nothingness rides on our back, so to speak, in order to shift our awareness to that which is good.”

“I don’t know about all that, Yemima.  Will is good, but without a mind, represented by this She-Elephant’s head, you have no will or will power,” said Purnima from Central India, who wore brown henna on her hands  “The mind sifts all knowledge and is comfortable doing so.  You could say the mind eats knowledge for nourishment.”  Purnima affectionately rubbed the She-Elephant’s large head.

Curly black haired Cleopatra, from Africa stood, on the other side of the she-elephant.  She rubbed the sink gently.  “We all think of things huge, thick, flexible, strong, easily see symbolisms.  No one ever mentions the skin, but it is all pervasive.  It is the largest organ we or this she-elephant has.  Simply observation would make this so; but how have you all missed it?”

Each of the girls argued back they didn’t miss the African She-Elephant’s wrinkled grey skin.”

“None of you mentioned it; so I can only assume you didn’t observe it.  Likewise many people don’t observe the spirit life inside and all around us.  We are all combinations of atoms, and energy our chi, prana, or whatever you want to call it is what we are.  I don’t care if the scientists haven’t come around to this truth yet.  That’s their problem.  Our souls are spirit.  So is this she-elephant.  Her skin is the best symbolism of life and Abyssarian concluded Cleopatra.

Together the nine Abyssarian girls all started shouting, debating, sparring all at once; it seemed as if the nine Abyssarian women figured if they failed to convince the girl next to their left, they moved on to the girl, next to her or one girl away from her, or turning tried to convince the girl on her left. 

Only the She-Elephant didn’t argue.  Each girl soon forgot about the creature and focused on one another when an Abyssarian High Priestess came walking by in her black robe and hood.  She stopped for a second and thought about going on.  For the truth of Abyssarian was something one had to discover for oneself.  Self-discovery and self-teaching being the most sturdy way to understand and know the truth of Nothingness, that we are all Nothing and everything, but there is only one Great God-dess and we are under them and they guide us no matter where we are in age, place, income, or sex. 

This continued until Nahimana, the Native American Sioux saw the Abyssarian High Priestess.  “High Priestess, High Priestess come settle this argument about the truth of the greatest symbolism.”

The High Priestess studied the nine girls and judged their hearts for she had come to a great amount of powers in discernment given to Abyssarians who followed the truth.  She moved slowly, almost reluctantly.  “You know very well the age of gathering large groups of people in one place to teach them is over.  Too many souls found themselves back on earth again living and deciding whether to do good and submit to the Nothingness of Life under the Great God-dess.  Too many souls were led astray by those preachers from those old religions.  Too many souls did not think, but sat around or repeated phrases they never understood.  Too many never discovered principles and how to apply them.”

“I assure you High Priestess.  We nine Abyssarian girls have read the scriptures left by the Great God-dess and we are thinking for ourselves.  We are ready to explain why we have lived and by what Abyssarian Principles we lived on the Day of Judgement that happens right after our life ends,” Nahimana expounded.  “Whatever you say, we will examine it for ourselves.”

The Abyssarian High Priestess replied, “All right.”

Each of the nine Abyssarian girls: Shadiyah Safar, the Arabic; Hui Ying Hu the Chinese; Barbora Havlíčková the Czechoslovakian; Xochizal from Central America the Mayan; Sioux Native American Nahiman; French girl, Delphine Michel; Yemima the Jew; Purnima from Central India and Cleopatra from Africa explained what part of the She-Elephant they thought represented the greatest symbolism of truth.

The Abyssarian High-Priestess held her opinion for a long moment and searched their eyes.  “All of you understand that information and knowledge of the truth is readily available to all in their everyday lives—that is good.  However, one must not get side tracked in your observational awareness with the outside things.  There is no symbolism in Nothingness.  There is Nothing there—but everything is there.  Everything you see here is really not here at all; it is a picture of something formed long, long, long ago in the distance past.  Everything here and to come in physical reality is like looking,” she pointed to the bright blue sky, “It is like looking at the light from the stars at night.  All those twinkling lights blinked, shined long ago, and by the time the light reaches here those stars are in the past.  The only thing constant is where those images of twinkling stars came from:  Nothingness.  There are no chakras in Nothingness.  No Astrology charts.  No numbers.  No symbols.  No brains.  No mind.  No body.  Nothing exists now except your souls; and your souls are Nothingness.  You play with the tools of the past.  But you are the eternal present.  You and you and you,” the Abyssarian High Priestess pointed to each of the nine girls, “and even this She-Elephant are Nothingness in Nothingness right now.  If you want a symbol, it is the blackness you see when you close your eyes and all is still and quiet.  Pure blackness.  Your job, no matter what other job or jobs you may have, is to understand you came from Nothingness and you will return to Nothingness in your final graduation.  Thrones, Heavens, Spiritual realms, this place are simply temporary stopping off points on the soul’s journey to this great enlightenment of practicing understanding, accepting, learning that you are Nothingness, under the Great God-dess.

All the nine girls started asking questions.

Xochizal, the Mayan girl, yelled the loudest, “I am fully prepared to go through everything to reach Nothingness.  But here and now, I want to know; our souls makes this journey, all these journeys and in the end we end back up where we originated from?  What will we have gained?”

“Marvel not at this circular journey, for once you return you will have earned the power, the full power of your Nothingness Being.  Right now you are novices, provisional beings, and just like neither one of you nine girls would give a loaded gun to a two year old and say ‘go play’, neither shall the Great-God-dess give you all your potential power of Nothingness, until you earn it, and learn not to abuse it.”

“So there is no way we can get this Nothingness power, except make the journey and it be given to us by the Great God-dess,” said Hui Ying Hu the Chinese.

The Abyssarian High-Priestess nodded in agreement.

Shadiyah Safar, the Arabic girl, said, “So if we submit to the Great God-dess’ instructions, and goals and tasks in all those lives on our journey back to Nothingness, then we will obtain our own Nothingness with all its inherent power?”

“That is correct,” the Abyssarian High-Priestess replied.

“Our minds will be new minds, with more mature understandings and discipline?” said Purnima.

“There is no permanent mind, Purnima.  There is a soul and everything you are and were is in that soul inside your body; but yes you will have a more mature understanding and disciplined soul by the time you’ve returned to Nothingness.  You will never doubt you are Nothingness, no matter what happens after your return.  Any freedom you think you lost in your other live times will be incomparable to the great freedom you will have in Nothingness, Purnima.”

All the nine Abyssarian girls gasped.

“Do not gasp girls, for The Great God-dess is not trying to make you a slave to serve them, but only training you and testing you to assure you will not abuse the great power you will surely obtain when you return to Nothingness.”

“What of this She-elephant?” ask Yemima the Jew.  “Will she gain Nothingness, High Priestess?”

“Surely.”  The Abyssarian High Priestess smiled.  She patted the She-elephant on her head.  “This creature has a soul and all souls are of Nothingness, and we don’t all start the journey in the same place.  And who knows maybe some of you girls were animals long, long, long ago.  Only the Great God-dess knows where each of us began our journey back to Nothingness.  But,” the Abyssarian High-Priestess raised a finger to the sky, “It is assured no creature will be denied a chance to obtain Nothingness.  That shows you just how long this project of Abyssarianism has been going on.  And how long it will continue?”  She smiled and looked into each of the astonished nine Abyssarian girl’s eyes.  “That is enough for today.  Meditate on what you’ve learn today. Pray for enlightenment.  Be alive!  Live the principals of Abyssarianism; you can shorten or lengthen the time you returned to Nothingness by becoming a willing partner to the Great God-dess, working under their instruction and guidance.  It is entirely up to you.”

With that the High-Priestess turned to leave taking a few steps and then turned back to the She-Elephant and pointed to her.  “You were very cooperative She-Elephant.  I shall see you in Heaven in your next life as a human.  I promise.”

All the nine Abyssarian girl’s mouths dropped open as they looked astonished toward one another.

Immediately, the She-Elephant’s eyes brightened, her mouth appeared to smile and she gave a long blow of her trunk and trotted back to her elephant herd.


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