Three Lies and Love -
YA Contemporary Romance

Three Lies and Love
Contemporary Romance Story Novella
© Copyright Cupideros, September 9, 2014
32,727 words 

Sophie Vavrova, a twenty-two-year old, shy daughter of Czech parents enters Harvard Law School to become a lawyer with her boyfriend Victor and her best girlfriend Adrianna, but things don't turn out as expected. 

Chapter 1 

September 1, 2014  Harvard Law School

Sophie Vavrova's confidence was at an all-time high as she stood naked before her full-length mirror on the back of her bathroom door.  The bathroom's size closely imitated an airplane bathroom.  Luckily each bedroom in the 3 Mellen Street off campus apartment had their own bathroom.  The off campus apartment had a swimming pool in the basement, three bedroom apartments, shared living room and kitchen space as well.  The other two tenants were Sophie's boyfriend, Victor Harding, and her best friend for life, Adrianna Wells.  All three by rights should not have the off campus apartment reserved for returning Harvard Law Students (HLS), but Adrianna knew someone who knew someone and other returning students found cheaper housing off campus.  Sophie, as she preferred to be called, continued her routine looking at her fit body.  She forgot where she picked up the self-confidence habit that consisted of standing naked facing the full-length mirror and saying.  "I am Sophie Vavrova and I am . . . a Social Justice . . . Lawyer."  She'd  been performing this feat since entering high school when her Czech immigrant parents informed her they would not be paying for her college or post-college education.  And they expected her to-do something worthwhile with her life, something helping others and not frivolous like entertainment, modeling or teaching about the past doings of long and dead people.  Their gauntlet on education pushed Sophie  into a strange Fairy Tale life. 

Her five foot, ten-inch beauty, dark-red, breasts length straight hair and heart-shaped face radiated a softness suitable for a prince.  Only being a green eyes Princess amounted to being a housewife, which amounted to being an entertainment career in disguised form her mom, Galina Vavrova, a Pediatrician Doctor, and her dad, Brent Vavrova, a Brain Surgeon echoed together over Sophie's twenty-two year life.  Together, her parents combined family income soared well over the one hundred thousand dollars of seventy-two percent of the incoming Harvard students total student body.  "We succeeded. Sophie you can too." 

Their high demands forced Sophie to put aside any and every frivolous activity in high school, cheerleading, swimming, makeup even buying fashionable clothes.  Clothes for some odd reason brought Sophie attention in high school and in college.  Attention brought people into her life causing drama, distracting her from classwork. At first, the people were friendly and sociable then, those same people turned around in a two-faced manner and accused Sophie of being stuckup if she refused to participate in every event they asked.  She was simply shy underneath all her beauty and brains.  Being shy suffice as a ready-made "can't participate" excuse for not joining the various activities.  Shyness didn't require any explanations in high school, and little explanation in college.  In high school she wore baggy, gray and black and green clothes.  She kept her dark-red, long straight hair up in a hair clip, black.  In college, she wore yoga pants one size, too, big, long-checkered pattern shirts or tees. Pleased to help the charity, she bought things from the thrift shop.  Her only extravagance taste lay in her lingerie and the colorful, multisized bangles she wore on her wrists.  Every time her bangles clanged and clinked and chimed, Sophie 's spirit rose into a state of happiness.

Sometimes, when things got quiet, Sophie, in a flight of fancy, when her schoolwork was committed to memory or paper, imagined herself as an Victoria Secret's model.  She kept this a secret from everyone, though.  Her cell phone had megabytes of photos of Fashion Week and famous models stored in a tiny folder labeled, Exam 501.

The latest fashion jpeg she stored away cell phone hibernate bore the name Petra Hudson.  The heroic blonde recently became the top model in the country, and she was only twenty-five.  She made more money than a pediatrician and brain surgeon combined.  Petra always wore beautiful earrings or rather she made earrings look beautiful.  Petra looked great every week of the month and Sophie suspected Petra wore a DivaCup inside her sex.  How else did she appear flawless as  legendary maiden deity in those nearly sheer fashions and colorful signature whites?  Sophie herself first wore her DivaCup when her mom tossed it on her bed at fourteen.  In a rare flash of humor, her mom explained that menstrual cups made of medical grade silicone, and shaped like a bell, gave new meaning to the statement 'for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.'  They had been around since 1937 when American actress Leona Chalmers, patented a design of menstrual cup made from latex rubber.  Freedom.  Ability to play sports, swim and sleep without stressing about menstrual sporadics became just another reason to admire models and actresses for Sophie.  Although, Sophie later considered Petra may be on birth control.  Sophie giggled.  In that case, she probably didn't need her DivaCup at all.  Pennies in cost for Supermodel Petra, the DivaCup's once a lifetime price matched three boxes of tampons, and none of the privacy issues mattered, at least in stores anyway.

Sophie felt earrings drew attention to her dark eyebrows, with her hair always up in a hairclip.  She avoided earrings until she impeccably learned how to wear what types with her heart-shaped face.  Whenever life got too hard, Sophie open the secret Exam 501 folder and commiserated her soul.  But she had done it, put herself through college with an environmental design degree that allowed her to slip in several graphics design courses related to drawing dresses, gowns and shoes.  She told her mom and dad the graphics courses were requirements--they were electives.

Now Sophie laughed to herself; she now lived in a Victorian Graduate House.  With Victor and Adrianna, Sophie's energies remain on her class work.  Victor, her boyfriend, still ran his high school lawn mowing business.  Her boyfriend, Victor, protected Sophie from people trying to bully her.  He used his fierce independence to scrape and buildup his lawn mowing business.  Physically, Victor looked like your average guy. His spiky brown hair was moussed up to flow in several directions.  His thick eyebrows sat on his  He wore regular clothes, did not play sports.  Mowing lawns buildup Victor's muscles and everyone noticed his mature attitude as well.  He loved to tell Sophie good things about herself.  Generously, he complimented her on not complaining about life and being a girl.  She was his perfect future business wife. 

Sophie couldn't complain.  He made love with passion.  He used his hands a lot all over her body and especially touching her tush.  To break up his charm, Victor read the poetry of Plutarch to her every other day.  He found something Plutarch wrote to his beloved mused Laura. Victor's Laura, his muse was Sophie.  Together, they pointed the way toward accomplishments.  Together, they found a long lasting love built on bedrocks of friendships.  So even though several girls flirted in Victor's direction he never once strayed from Sophie's orbit. 

Victor made it easy for Sophie to be sexual as well. If she wanted to try something sexual, they did it.  He liked making love though, slow and easy love.  He rarely went into violent sex.  He scoffed one day and said guys into violent sex, and choking girls, have no real ambition in life; they are teenagers not adult men.  Victor didn't have time to figure out how to abuse Sophie--he was too busy trying to become a Supreme Court Judge.  Victor gave off an easygoing nature.  That's what clinched her love for him.  He focused more on running his business.   He did his class work.  He was fun and soothing to be around.  He did this funny thing of cutting off his own conversation midsentence.  It was cute.

They both held an interest in astrology.  Not that the stars compelled and people were in the helpless hands of fate, but that people possessed more than enough talents in any number of directions to live and thrive.  Sophie kept to the reading of astrology sun sign magazines and books.  Victor went further into actually studying how to calculate a birth chart from scratch.  That took hard work.  It required dedication to finding out who you are, what you could become.  Choice upon choice compelled a person's destiny and it compelled Sophie and Victor agreed upon current plan. 

Sophie already decided on law because she hated the sight of someone else's blood.  Law wasn't hard physically, it sometimes involved travel, something she really wanted to do.  For similar reasons, Victor agreed on a law profession, too.  They both felt their backs were against the wall in how they earned their keep.  Sophie noticed that Victor had his shit together about getting into law school more than she did.  Just when her spirits lagged on getting into Harvard Law School (HLS), Victor whizzed by to tell her about the upcoming LSAT prep courses he bought.  The courses were twelve hundred dollars far outside of her fiscal means.  But Victor let her use his pre-LSAT course after he finished.  She just erased his answers and studied the course herself.  It worked!  She managed to get a score in the highest range; not as high as Victor's.  This resulted in her getting a scholarship from Harvard; the scholarship specified that the person had to have a mom or dad that was a pediatrician and surgeon and it didn't matter who held what position.

Occasionally, some helpful person came along and tried to get Sophie to be more sociable, but she refused.   They saw no reason that Sophie could not study and socialize at the same time. Only Victor and Adrianna respected Sophie's choice not to try to become popular.  Sophie had some good traditional reasons to be unaffected by the socializing crowd: Criminal Law, Contracts, Torts, Property and Civil Procedure, Legislation and Regulation and International Comparative Law.  All were 1l or first-year law classes at HLS.

Only every day in Harvard, Sophie felt the weight of her studious efforts.  Adrianna had tried to toughen her up by arguing with her over the summer.  "Law uses the Socratic methods.  That's basically arguing with questions, Sophie."

Sophie didn't like arguing.  She wanted to help people, solve their problems.  She wanted most to be like the lawyer in The Kill a Mocking Bird story.  She gone over it many times with Adrianna who was a certified astrology counselor.  What are my strengths?  Can I do law?  Adrianna assured Sophie her chart illustrated skill at analyze, counseling, mediation in general. Saturn near eight house of deep transformations, Sun in Cancer in the twelfth house of hidden matters showed helping the helpless and ability to do work in secret or behind the scenes.  "Cancer was the sign for the city of New York.  Go to New York and practice law.  You'll become famous I'm sure of it. And your stellium in Leo in the first house Venus, Chiron and Mercury provided you all the entertainment bravado needed to wow an audience."
"Why am I so shy then, Adrianna?"

Adrianna looked like a lawyer or a librarian or both.  Sex appeal never graced her oval face, dark-brown shoulder length slightly curled hair and her serious blue eyes, but she wasn't ugly either.  She had that Gemini neutrality about her, slight in every way physically, but her brain always knew one fact or another that somehow Adrianna found a way to make relevant.  "Your first house Mercury is in direct opposition to your Saturn in the seventh house."  Adrianna kept all their individual astrology charts in perfect order.  Even when inflamed in anger or infused in confusion Adrianna operated in a cool, logical fashion.  Nothing out of place.  "Your Saturn in the seventh again gives you that ability to debate and handle public crises when you have to Sophie.  You just have to put your mind to it.  Forget about the attention you'll draw to yourself and speak your truth.  We all have a truth.  My truth may not be exactly what your truth is but I have one.  Our truths may not all flow cohesively together, but they drive us forward to our goals."
"My Truth is I'm a shy person.  I don't think I started out that way, but having to put myself through college and postgraduate did this to me."  Sophie found that rather mystifying.  You either helped someone or you didn't.  She wanted to bring people peace, justice.  But in law that require her to act like a fire consuming trash.   Her Neptune and Uranus right on top of one another in the sixth house of helping coworkers, servants, providing for others’ health inspired her toward social justice--but.  She also loved the underdog.  But their opposition to Sun in the twelfth show Sophie really disliked messy fights.  Underdogs fled like water to a drain into messy fights.  Your average do nothing person avoided conflagration of ideas and concepts.  Your average merely wanted to eat, work their job to continue their eating and grab a few sporting or shopping events along the leisure-path of life.

Sophie turned around and noticed the dimple on her backside.  "Ohh! That's rather cute."  Then she realized the two-piece crimson bathing suit's design only nudged a male’s attention toward the dimple.  She turned around and grab the swimsuit, tore off the store tags and tried it on. "Yep, rather I want it to or not that dimple is going to attract some male attention.  So that's why Victor likes my backside." 

In her relationships with men, serious and unmoved on this issue, Sophie objected to being treated like a sex object.  Most men tired of her pacifying their ardor and split. Not Victor. Though he called all things makeup and fashion plastic, Victor really loved true natural beauty. Victor loved the idea that he admired sexual things about Sophie in secret.  She was his secret art work.  Her natural beauty gave him a sense of serenity.  The more women fussed with makeup and glamour, finally, becoming a self-obsessed beauty princesses, the more Victor's ideal of her beauty obliterated. He required the perfect corporate wife. 

Not trying to be a tease, but probably teasing Victor, nonetheless, Sophie realized she hid from whatever Victor liked about her most.    She adjusted the triangular bra cups, pulling her modest natural breasts.  She loved how clothes reinforced her hourglass figure.  Crimson was her definitely was her color, no matter what astrology said.

Sophie said the statement again.  "I am Sophie Vavrova and I am a Social Justice Lawyer."  She paused.  "Who secretly wants to be I am Sophie Vavrova a famous, rich Fashion Model!"  There she said it.  "Ohh how mom and dad's dreams crashed and burned."  Sophie stared into her green eyes.  Her fashion instincts told her the part in her dark-red hair probably look better closer to the side, instead of in the center.  She also noticed she said her ritual statement with more vigor in high school and college.  Now that she made it to Harvard Law School, she should be superconfident.   But inside Sophie felt self-conscious.  "I am Sophie Vavrova and I am a . . . Social Justice . . . Lawyer."  Her shoulders sagged.  She caught herself: "Straighten up young lady.  You can't stop now.  You're just three year from 2017 and graduating from Harvard Law School.  You'll be practicing law, if you survive the nine months of no work after passing the Bar and the MultiState Professional Responsibility Exam."  She grabbed her wide shoulders and shook herself.  "Socratic!" Sophie exclaimed.  She opened her bathroom door and left in a huff.  After thirty laps in the basement swimming pool, she'd feel a lot better.   Besides, Adrianna said she'd join me when she finished picking up her books for the semester from the book rental store.

Sophie finished the tenth lap and prepared for a turn at the wall.  She grabbed hold of it, bent her knees in a sideways, crouched position, took a deep breath and pushed off.  It wasn't pretty, but she never learned the professional swimmer's turn in high school.  However, her strokes, smooth and graceful, left no doubts as to her professional swimmer status.  Her long-red ponytail trailed behind her.  Her body glided through the blue water smoothly.  Every two strokes, Sophie gently raised her head just above the waterline and breathed.  Timing things perfectly, she faced downward in the pool and took three more strokes before raising her face to turn in the opposite direction.  In a brief glimpse, she saw, Adrianna coming in the pool area.  She held a black book bag full of lawyer's books.  Sophie kept swimming.

As Sophie approached the shallow end of the swimming pool in their off-campus apartment, Adrianna bent below and waited.
"Feeling stressed out, Sophie?"
Sophie stopped and stood up.  Her tall beauty dripped droplets of water from her eyebrows, nose, plump lips and breasts.  She pulled her dark-red ponytail around to the front of her body and gently  squeezed out the excess water.  "I'm sure glad Victor is stoked and confident about this Socratic method."
"You can whip Socrates in your sleep if you're angry, Sophie."
Sophie leaned on the edge of the three feet swimming pool's wall.  "And how often am I going to get angry in court."  Sophie pulled on her wrists, forgetting her bangles were in the apartment.
"You only have to get angry with one person, Sophie."  Adrianna paused, her blue eyes had a bit of mischief in them.
Sophie's green eyes grew wider in surprise.
They both said, "Socrates!"
"That's right," agreed Adrianna.  "I've got all my books from the rental place.  I won't get much back, though, at semester's end."
"Don't worry about that.  We'll celebrate our first semester and go eat pizza with our resold books."
They both laughed.

"Guest what, Sophie," Adrianna had a habit of touching people on their wrists.  Her blue eyes danced with excitement.
"I met this girl who wants me to join her sorority, Delta Gamma or some other one.  There are only three sororities on Harvard's campus; I forget which one. I know.  I know.  Sophie.  It's silly.  I was looking at these astrology books and she asked if I knew about it.  I flashed my astrological certification card from the AFA."
"And . . ." Sophie, she wanted to hear the rest.
"She asked me if I'd give her a reading."
"What if you join her sorority, Adrianna?  You'll be out socializing all the time."  Sophie wanted the best for Adrianna, but she was her free professional astrological counselor.  Not that Sophie couldn't get by with Victor's astrology readings.  Somethings Sophie only wanted to discuss with another woman.  Victor, he couldn't help himself.  He was in love and probably very bias in what he wanted when reading their synastry charts. 

"I'll give her a reading this coming Friday.  It doesn't take too long, but I have to calculate her birth chart, transit, solar return--"
"I know simply to know any questions she might asked."
"I wrote down the exact time, she asked for the reading.  So, the Event chart I already stored on my cell phone.  She wants to know about love."
Sophie said reflectively.  Her mind thinking of Victor.  "What girl doesn't want to know about love?  Victor's out running," Sophie said, thumbing through Adrianna's Torts law book.
"Who is he running from?" Adrianna said, with a wink.
"He's not running from me.  I'm not marrying anyone until I'm a lawyer."
"That's my girl," Adrianna raised up her open palm for a high-five from Sophie.  Adrianna's parents mom, Claire, and dad, Jerry, came from old money. Both her parents graduated from Harvard.  Adrianna knew ahead of time she make it into the 2017 HLS.  Her parent allowed her to study whatever she wanted and Adrianna chose law.  To Adrianna's thinking a woman is an orderly, practical rational person who set goals and achieves them.  She reduces things down to the best probability and took action. 
Grinning, Sophie gave the required gesture with enthusiasm.  "Adrianna you always keep me stoked."
"I'm your astrological counselor.  I'm supposed to point you in the right direction.  Keep you focused on maximizing your skills and minimizing your weaknesses."
"I should be superconfident, but I'm having doubts."
"1L jitters is all.  Once we get inside the classroom and you see all those other seventy-seven people 1Ls just like you, you'll relax.  Classroom size is kept to twenty-five students in most classes."
"I'm too nice.  I want to be a lawyer with a heart.  I hope I don't get called on.  "
"Volunteer."  Adrianna took out her Property and Civil Procedure book. "We have the lesson plan for the first classes, one week in advance.  Pick out a case in each book.  Know it back and forth.  When the  professor asks for volunteers, you volunteer to speak on the case you know about.  Raise your hand and give the best answer you know."
"And what if he said to me, you cannot answer a case you know everything about, Sophie Vavrova."

They both chortled.

"How will the professor know what you studied?"
"Years of listening to 1L HLS strategies--that's how."  Sophie closed the book and stuffed it back in Adrianna's black book bag.   "I'm been watching, too, much Paper Chase I know."
"Every time I see that Paper Chase movie I see that mean professor nude with a huge yellow rubber ducky hat on his head."

They both laughed hard.

Adrianna continued, "Sophie that's movie's not even the Socratic Method."
Adrianna touched Sophie's wrist.  "Let's go over it," Sophie said hopping out of the pool letting her feet stay in the water.
Adrianna looked at her Black's Law Dictionary.  "What is a book?"
Sophie laughed.  "A book is several pieces of paper clued together containing writing on it."
"Like a scroll?"
"No like a paperback.  Rectangular.  Cover and with a table of contents."
"Does a book have pictures or drawings in it?"
"How thick  does the book have to be to be called a book?"
"Picture  books can have as few as ten pages."
"See," Adrianna said, putting her Black's Law Dictionary away.  "It's easy once you agree that questions about a subject are repeated until we get a firm definition or agreement.  You try it.  What is this dangling from my ear?"
"An earring?"
"What is an earring?" Sophie asked.
"It's a piece of glass, gem that is hooked on a wire."  Adrianna replied.
"What if it is wood?" Sophie replied, curious.
"That's an earring, too.  Can be paper, wood, gem or glass, metal almost any object a s long as it hooks on wire."
"Why is it called an earring if it is not hooked in a woman's ears?"
"That's good, Sophie.  An earring is always hooked by the wire in a woman's ears or will be when she purchases it."
"What if a woman wore an earring in her nose?"
"Those are called nose rings?"
"If nothing dangles from the metal it is not an earring thing?" Sophie questioned, feeling more confident about the Socratic Method.
"Those are called studs, because nothing dangles."
"Adrianna, what is a relationship?"  Sophie never envisioned asking that question until they begin processing everything through the Socratic Method.  Certainly someone asked the question before now.

"O wow that's a tough question," replied Adrianna.  "You know we haven't taken our traditional visit to Three Lies yet."
"Adrianna!" Sophie pleaded.  "I think I'm liking this Socratic Method."
Adrianna raised her open palm and they high fived.  "One day, we are both going to standing in court as lawyers and Victor's going to be the judge."
Sophie pulled her legs out of the water.  "In what court?  Divorce Court.  I can't do divorce Court stuff, Adrianna.  I've been thinking it through.  I've seen too much divorce in my internship at Hoffman, Siddle and Murvine, LLP.  Too much sadness.  Nobody wins in a divorce."
"That's an understatement.  Speaking of divorce.  I hate to tell you this, but you and Victor--"
"I know we come from opposite sun signs.  I'm a Cancer and he's a  Capricorn."
"Polar opposites, Sophie.  Only way I see it working is if two of you adopt the traditional role."
"I can't adopt the traditional housewife role--Him as provider, husband.  Haven't we had enough of that these past four thousand years?  That's just entertainment for Victor.  I want a career where I live or lose by my own designs."
"Not live or lose, literarily," Adrianna scoffed. 
"You know what I mean?"
"You want some of the fame and fortune of living."  Adrianna stood up.  "Marry after you're thirty and you'll chances of a good stable marriage increase one-hundred fold."
"And Victor's marriage prospects?"
"Saturn in the ninth house.  He wants to get married in two years."
"Just about the time he graduates from law school!"
Adrianna nodded.
"That's way too young for me to get married."
"There are other indicators.  Professional astrologers don't just go by one indicator; you need at least three to start considering it a real possibility event, but I'm afraid they'll point out that Victor is very serious about you."
"He . . . talks about us getting together like it's a mere formality.  Just a couple of law degrees.  We start our individual practices.  He sells the lawn mowing business."
"That's a typical business, ambitious Capricorn for you, Sophie,"  said Adrianna and she picked up her black book bag.  "I can go over it all again with you more formally later this week.  Basically, you represent the perfect corporate wife."
Sophie threw her hand over her mouth.  "Corporate wife.  That sounds like a trophy or something."  Sophie grab her HLS towel she bought at the student bookstore.  She wrapped it around her breasts and tucked it under her arms.  "Why do I always meet the men who are serious about gaining a wife or the playboy charmer who never wants to grow up?"
"Some girls have all the luck," Adrianna retorted.
"Speaking of men."

Victor came into the door his HLS towel wrapped around his handsome neck, on his waist, crimson boxer swim shorts that failed to cover Sophie's imagination of the swell underneath.  Her heart almost skipped a beat and she took a short intake of breath. 
"The marriage man of  your dreams," Adrianna said, shifting her book bag to the shoulder opposite from Sophie.
"Am I, too, late for the swim party or should I just invite my own friends?"  Victor boast.
"Uhmmm No." 
Adrianna in a playful mood, swiftly whipped the towel off from Sophie's body revealing her sexy two-piece bathing suit.  She laughed gloriously.
Victor's eyes roamed up and down her fit, romantic frame.  "That's one party I'm sad to have missed.  The post party activities are heating up though," he glanced into Sophie's electric green eyes.  She awaited his approval.  He liked her modest approach. As far as Victor considered, their privacy remained intact; best girlfriends forever eyes don't count.  "What's gotten into you, Sophie?  He pulled her waist to his waist.  "Whatever it is, I'm beginning to like it."
"Don't get, too, comfy.  I'm just experimenting with accepting my beauty for a change."  She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed Victor softly.  "I'm hoping it will chase away my shyness."
"So she can compete in class using the Socratic Method.  Speaking of an illustrious figure, we were just going over to see Three Lies," Adrianna commented as she grabbed Victor's handsome cheek and pinched it as if she was his grandma. 
Sophie gushed at the confident, witty Adrianna.  "You know it's a campus ritual to see the old founder of Harvard at least once," Sophie said with a jovial, forceful voice that surprised her. "And rub his feet for good luck?"
"I thought it was hand?" Adrianna added.
"No. I think it's his head, we pat," Victor joked.

All three of them laughed.

"Maybe none of us need Three Lies good luck for our exams."
"Speak for yourself," Adrianna and Victor said together.
"Oooooh.  I see ganging up on the shy girl!" Sophie jest.
"Hmmm, Victor.  I was just telling Sophie how you're like "case closed" ready to marry her."
Sophie hugged Victor as they reached within arms length of one another. 
"Case Closed ready?  "Jury adjourned ready" to marry this woman."  Victor kissed Sophie on the forehead playfully.
Sophie tried to stop a blush, but her cheeks bloomed anyway.  "Victor, I love you more than legally possible."
"Now--that is saying something!"  He hugged her around the waist.  Then he broke free.  "Wait ladies let me do this one thing,"  He held up his forefinger.  He ran toward the deep end of the basement swimming pool.  He jumped and curled into a ball.  "Take that Three Lies." 
Victor's body loud plop-splash entry into the still blue pool water sent waterfalls of blue up into the air and over the sides of the pool.
He crawled out soaked.  "I'm a officially an Harvard Man now!"  He ran back and Adrianna and Sophie held up their open  palms and they all high-fived.


As they cross the campus to visit Harvard's founder, Sophie placated her fears about her and Victor Harding.  So what, if he had a fantasy of a corporate wife.  So what, if she fit the ideal corporate wife, smart, shy, willing to go along with her husband’s planning out their lives.  That by no means meant Victor actually try to live out his fantasy.
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