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On Male and Female Relationships Today!

© by Cupideros, April 9, 2018

​To put it succinctly, (1850s romanticism, leads to dissatisfaction, starts and slowly first through books but increasingly through movies and music infects traditional) Right Side up Universe on relationships starts until --------->PostModernism ------->Upside down universe------>no rules, old rules were dumb, also add in no-fault divorce ---------->people less happy-------> increased capitalism (birth control + men work and now women work outside the home) -------> another relationship? ----->another dinner out, another marriage ring, another dress to buy ---------> PostModernism ------->no rules, old rules were dumb, add make divorce courts favor women ---------->people less happy-------> increased capitalism (birth control gets perfect IUF) -------> another relationship?

Go back to patience, pragmatism, togetherness, loyalty, seek someone who is naturally similar to you.
When either one starts to change, they should speak this to their partner.

Man. Honey, I want to build something. I want to start living in a treehouse.
Woman: Darling, darling, we are happy in our townhouse I like knowing I open the door and see the ground.
Man: Honey, you do not see the ground when you leave from the balcony steps.
Woman: But, but, what about when we have children? I am 26. I am ready to have our children.
Man: They will get used to it. (Man gives a chagrined look at his wife.) I hope.
Woman: (Smiles) Darling, come on. When did this happen?
Man: I do not know. Maybe you want something new, too?
Woman: I do not think we should put, too, much stock on our sudden logical ideas to live in a treehouse.
Man: My feeling is I should be happy. Be happy with me, Honey. Let us both live in a treehouse.
Woman: We married each other to make each other happy. I will not be happy in a treehouse.
Man: Silent.
Woman: I want you to be happy. Build the treehouse. Go and live in it. I will visit you from time to time.
Man: Maybe, I have become a new person.  
Woman: This whole romantic idea about being Robinson Crusoe or living in a jungle is not pragmatic.  
Man: (Shrugs) I think ... you only live once. Okay, maybe I am being romantic about it.
Woman: On our vacation this summer, we will go into a jungle and live in a treehouse for two weeks.
Man: You do not want to live alone. Admit it.  
Woman: Is it worth it, Darling, to create friction over living in a treehouse?  
Man: The old ideas work. Loyalty, patience, pragmaticism. They had these when they went West on the Oregon Trail.
Woman: But, but they did not live in treehouses.
Man: The covered wagon?
Woman: (laughs).
Man: I do not want to divorce you.
Woman: I do not want to live in a treehouse. (Woman points at their neighborhood street, the world as they stand on their front porch.) How many women out there want to live in a treehouse?
Man: I do not know ... 5? 3? 2? (He pauses.) 1?
Woman: The ancient idea people were two beings and split apart by the old Gods?
Man: I just want to be happy, Hon.
Woman: You are not having an affair ... after I agreed to not take everything in a divorce are you!
Man: (Nervous) No. No! I am not thinking of a divorce. I love you.
Woman: The affair?
Man: (Tosses up his hands) Of course, not! I am not having an affair. I am a stoic. I have expectations We are just negotiating our expectations.
Woman: You wanted an outdoor girl. I am a content outdoor girl. We go hiking, rock climbing.
Man: (laughs). Sometimes. You do not think I should put, too, much stock on the treehouse idea?
Woman: Let us be stoics about this. I do not hate you. I do not hate the treehouse idea; I hate the idea of me living in a treehouse forever.
Man: This is bad.
Woman: Silent.
Man: I am going to be okay, Honey.
Woman: Without me? Or without the treehouse, Darling?
Man: With you. We were made for each other. I acted out your 50 Shades of Greys fantasies.
Woman: (Grins) All right. All right. I have a stoic solution to this.
Man: (Man is very happy. He hugs his wife).
Woman: (Woman walks across their newly mowed dark-green lawn with her husband over to their rather large and multilimbed tree full of leaves. She turns around while still holding his hand. They look at their townhouse together.) How about us two stoics live in that treehouse? (She points to the townhouse.)
Man: (Laughs) You always were a crazy, clever Bitch. I build the treehouse and we can camp out in it on the weekends.
Woman: (Puts her right hand around her husband's slim waist.) Perfect stoic solution!
Man: (Man puts his left hand around his wife's slim waist.)
Woman: Better enjoy this slim waist while it last, because I am pregnant.
Man: Lady Fortuna smiles at us. That's great! More than three months?
Woman: Yes. They're stable.  
Man: No wonder you did not want to live in a treehouse.
Woman: Why did I not tell you sooner?
Man: No. It was not a stoic thing to do.  
Woman: (Nods yes)
Man: I guess this is the end of sex.
Woman: You know very little about pregnancy and women.
Man: Do not give me any ideas then, Hon. I am only married to one woman.
Woman: Awwwwwwwwwww.
(They walk back to their townhouse across their green lawn.)
Man: This was a rather cool conversation. I feel better; we rarely talk like this.
Woman: Gee, I hope this does not become a pattern.
Man: Why not?
Woman: This thought process of understanding one another is difficult.
Man: Now who is being stoically romantic?
Woman: Zeno said, "The small things mattered."
Man: And being happy once in a while is a small enough thing for me.
Woman: Contentment to our marriage is my happiness, too.

-- The End --

How Romanticism Ruined Love 

How Love Stories Ruin Our Love Lives

Purpose of this little story was to show relationships are snarly in their mild manifestation and difficult in their worse manifestations.

Monogamy is not natural. It is natural for a man to want to pump and dump; it is natural for a woman to want to hump and dump. It is normal and natural for male and female to ATTEMPT monogamy, but a challenging goal to achieve monogamy!  

Self-Awareness and Other-Awareness in both individuals must be at a high level to achieve Monogamy in its long-lasting state (beyond 7 years). Enough lust and newness between a man and woman can sustain them for seven years before the inevitable "this is just not working" ideology sets in because the relationship was not built on spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical practical values. And if values are tossed out like a baby with the bath water using PostModernism (MF was Gay), there will never be a lasting relationship with anyone. Changing relationship simply creates the illusion of progress toward another 7-year relationship ideology.  

The whole idea of "hook-up culture" and "going out on a date" are terms brought over from the Gay Community. It is no wonder people do not want to have family values and stick it out or try to find workable grounds for male-female relationships.  

Religiously goals like monogamy are set up to enable us to control our frivolous natures -- to mature. And there is a religious reason for learning from monogamy. 

"You cannot teach people.
You can only tell them the truth;
People have to teach themselves the truth." 

This saying calls for two people to tune in and teach themselves truths presented into their sphere of knowledge or awarenesses.

One is better off with themselves (MGTOW) because theoretically, oneself can always make a happy adjustment goal.  

"You cannot teach people.
You can only tell them the truth;
People have to teach themselves the truth."  

Here this saying calls for one person to tune in and teach themselves truths presented into their sphere of knowledge or awarenesses.  

Unfortunately, two someones (male and female) have to be driven enough by nature itself (ignorant of self maybe) or committed religiously to make the attempt at marriage for humanity's sake (population growth).

But atleast monogamy is not unnatural or immoral as LBGT+ that leads to no children at all and a perversion and destruction of life itself.

How the Gay Agenda Is Spread - Charlene Cothran

A teacher exposes the LGBT agenda coming into in elementary schools

How the LGBT movt is infiltrating churches

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