Lolita's Sister
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Lolita's Sister

Dex’s sister takes him to a Library Book Reading and he meets Erin and never sees Book Readings the same ever again. 

You don’t meet a girl like Erin often.  I can’t tell you how wonderful meeting Erin made me feel.  I never imagined reading books might be the best way to find a hot fuck, and future wife at the same time.  She didn’t explain and excuse her passion.  She owned her lust!  Not many women do that and are comfortable in their skin. 

Lolita's Sister
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Every Thursday night, I go to a Library Book Reading with my sister, Leslie.  We discuss the high and low drama of various novels and short stories.  Most women attending these readings are buttoned up from head to toe.  Libraries often crank the A/C too high.  Or maybe, these women run hot sexually and want to keep their secret.  I’m no slouch in the looks’ department.  If these buttoned up women want a trendy, clean-cut guy, perfect for their mom’s “are you good enough for my daughter talk,” I’m their man. 

Some call me a pretty-boy because of my medium-length wavy black hair on my oval face kind of reminds them of Elvis.  I’m taller than Elvis for one.  I know women, too.  Either they want a confident strong-looking guy, or they want a tall confident guy.  Someone tall enough to tower over them, make them feel vulnerable and fuzzy for love.   Why these women haven’t loosened up and asked me out on a date yet is a mystery.  So then you can imagine why I stopped attending after meeting my sister’s friend, Erin Dean, invited us for lunch. 

Erin’s thick wavy brunette hair touched her shoulders.  Her medium-height of five-feet five inches allowed me to play the protective knight.  Her face came to my neck.  Perfect for hugging and expressing love and comfort.  Her breasts past the pencil test.  Her breasts tips seemed to be swollen and stretching against her flower print top when we first met.  I love women who can go around braless in public.

Erin ran hot, looked smoking hot and I imagined possessed a great secret between her legs: a sweltering, wet and grasping pussy.  Erin never wore anything loose.  Her skintight stretch jeans left little to the imagination below her waist. In fact, her cunt spread around the material, her clit popped out and a nice sandwich full of lettuce made its impression.  Her poured-on pink, white and red flower print Tankin fit like a scuba diving suit.  A scoop neckline held by a laser width strap around her neck gave her a feminine sexy appeal.  Listen ladies, it’s not his stomach, but his cock is your most successful way to a man’s heart.  And my fat and long cock ached with my mind calculating how fast I could rid Erin of those skimpy things.

At the readings conclusion on some archaic novel wrote in 1950, about the nature of man and sex and orgasms, Erin invited me to lunch--lunch on her drenched pussy. 

At Erin’s place, I was out of my off-white straight leg pants and black short sleeve polo shirt in no time.  Part of me wanted to go slow and romance her and all that jazz, but I didn’t want to lose Erin.  When a woman wants to fuck, you got to go ahead and fuck her.  I could tell which way her musky pussy scent was blowing.  Now was the time.  This was it.  Now or never! 

I peeled off her stretch-leg jeans.  My long tongue swiped the length of her pussy crack soon as her smooth folds came into view.  Erin stood giggling and laughing.  Her throat looked like water rippled in the wind.  She brushed her long wavy brunette hair behind her to get a better vertical view of my face.  She used one hand to hold up her pink blouse to see clearer.  At one point, she ran her slender fingers through my black wavy hair.  She wore no ring I discovered earlier.  My chances for a double score ran high percentage wise, fuck and get a girlfriend, more fucking and gain a wife. 

I lowered her jeans to her ankles, freed one leg, my tongue and lips really got to work.  Erin stopped laughing and started moaning; stopped giggling and started holding my head pressed to her wet fragrant crotch.  "You're good pussy muncher pretty-boy."
"No, you're a damn good pussy muncher."
"Fuck.  Fuck my love slot! Stick that tongue way up my cunt walls.  There!”  She entangled her hands in my black locks.  “Hold it!  Yes!" Her arms were surprisingly strong holding me there as her orgasms burst flooding my tongue and coating my pretty-boy face with her oily pussy fluid.  I held her ass cheeks.  I steady her she wavered through her orgasms that took a good three minutes. 

We lay down on her bed and she stared into the ceiling like Icarus was falling from the sky.  “She said, What if Lolita had a sister?”
“No novel.”
“I agree, but why?”
“Next week, they’re discussing the novel.  You want to come?”
“Sure.”  She rolled over and hugged me. 
“It’s a date.”  Erin changed my mind about the Library Book Readings.  I’d go anywhere this beauty wanted to go.  My emotions ran the heart-to-cock nerve lines back and forth in a loop.  My single status went into question for the first time in a long time.  Besides, I never could say no to a medium-height beauty who knew how to hold a book and conversation about literature's contributions to the world. 
But I knew something was up as Erin lay on top of me, heart to heart.  I said, “Erin, Leslie and I discuss novels all the time.  Don’t worry about it.”  Erin took my hand and placed it on her heart.  “See my heart is beating like mad.”
“You just had an orgasm.”
“I’m nervous, Dex.”
“It will be a snap.” I took off my clothes and again covered her body with mine.  I pressed our groins together and wiggled.  I wiggled until Erin began to feel the urge to fuck again. I reached under and mauled her 34B tits under her Tankin.  “I have to suck your tits.  Let’s remove this fabric from your lovely skin,” I urged.

Erin and I kept wiggling, and groping and touching each other everywhere for a long time, until she had another orgasm.  Then she threw her legs apart, pushed me on my knees. Toss her legs around my neck and said, “Take me.  Take me, Dex.  I’m yours!”


Next week, Erin and I entered the Library Book Reading of Lolita.  She wore floral-slingback shoes, under her tight, black wrap around skirt.  She wore a cropped black leather jacket over her slim pink polo shirt that accentuated her round 34B news anchor-woman boobs.  As the reading went on, Erin’s hand rose higher on my thigh.  She once tickled me and whispered in a naughty tone, “the A/C is making my nipples strain against my shirt.”  She discretely guided my hand under her jacket to feel them.  I wanted to fuck her right then, and there. I reminded myself, a gentlemen knight should be patient for his lady in waiting. When they opened the floor for questioning, Erin cautiously asked.  “What if Lolita had a sister?”
At first all those button up women, holding their books proper and prim in the hands, their reading glasses over the nose, coughed and gasped.  Until the moderator, a close friend of mine, who knows how much I donate to the Library entered the discussion: “I’ve often thought about this question myself, given that the Lolita novel is supposedly not a love story, but the story of a man’s obsession with his past childhood memories of his first lover who drowned.  Now imagine, how his obsession playing out, if Lolita was never alone.  What if Lolita and her sister were twins?  See.”

This led to a fruitful and lengthy line of discussion.  All those tightly bound women loosen their collars a bit.  Erin listened.  She nodded her head.  She actually fit right in, except for running hot between the legs and being outwardly passionate.  She worked as a research scientist in a lab.  Wearing her long white lab coat, I bet nobody knows how sexy and tight her clothes are.  She probably loved to work as a schoolteacher, but the money wasn’t there.  She drove a nice two-seater roadster sports car. 

Erin, shook out her brunette wavy hair behind her back, turned to me and smiled several times.  The discussion actually ran late.  Normally, we leave by 9:00 o’clock p.m.  We stayed there talking, debating, and sifting this imaginary sister of Lolita for an extra thirty minutes!
“This was the liveliest discussion we’ve had here in a long time,” the moderator said, at the end of the discussion.”
I hugged Erin around her shoulder.  “I told you it’d be a snap.”
Erin smiled, relieved.  “Dex, let’s blow this place.”  She grabbed my hand and took me out of the library into the dark alley.

Erin led the way to her roadster sports car.  “Normally I’d never take this route, but with you here, my Knight Dex.”
I lowered my voice to play the role expected of me, and I longed for in Erin’s life, “Lead away, Erin.” 
In the middle of the alley, it smelled of beer and piss.  The cobble stonewalls gave a feeling of nostalgia.  She stopped.  Raised up her black wrap around skirt, the tightness made it stay around her hips.  She wore no panties. 
Erin said, “Everything you needed, wanted to know about love is right between my pussy-lip bookends.”  She giggled and rolled her hips like a salsa dancer.

She said, “I’ve never fucked in an alley, but I’m sure Lolita’s sister would have.” 
I whipped out my dick that was semihard all night.  Erin reached behind me and rubbed my fat cock up and down her flat ass cheeks. 
“I love a fat cock monster,” Erin replied eagerly and smeared my precum, beginning to flow, all over her hand and my fuck knob.  She reached into her pussy and rubbed my liquid along the rim of her pussy slot.  My precum started flowing faster as a result.  I lowered my face into her long wavy brunette hair and she smelled good.  I thought about future days, weeks, months, even years smelling Erin’s loose wavy brunette hair.  Watching her come out of the bathroom, drying her hair, and her body completely nude, on some Saturday morning, before we have breakfast.  Her casual air, confident attitude toward nudity stoked wild desires in me.  My cock danced on her dancing twat lips.  I dipped one finger into her love shack, let her nectar flow around it. 
She moaned and said, “Dex, I’m in love with you.” 
I never discount a woman’s declaration of love.  Women say true things when love is the topic.  I pulled my finger out of her soaking love box and brought my finger to my lips.  She tasted like Earth and honey.  “Hmmm you not only taste good, Erin.  You smell good, too.”

I reached under her black leather jacket with one hand and tweaked her nipples.  She had huge pointy nipples.  They strained and stretched against the pink polo blouse.
“I love nipple play,” Erin pulled back from the walls into my hands, giving me easier access to her point peaks.  “I love it.  When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait until I had a boyfriend who could play with my growing tities.”

I mauled and twisted her point peaks, one that smelled like her fragrant pussy oil now.  My boner kept getting harder and wider, and longer, knowing all night her nipples pressed taut against her shirt material because of the Library’s A/C.  I rubbed my long and fat penis all over her flat ass.  Wetting her ass cheeks in no time, I began to slip my cock down her thong groove, over and over teasing her little hotbox.  Erin did this lovely little dip and rise move trying to make my fuck machine enter her cunt.  Dip and rise.  Dip and rise.  “Dex, Dex.” Erin dipped and rose again, “Dex, I need you!”
Finally, I pushed into her sex, wet, hot under her thighs.  She turned her face around, best she could, given our positions, and we were swapping spit in our mouths above and below our navels. 

You don’t meet a girl like Erin often.  I can’t tell you how wonderful meeting Erin made me.  I never imagined reading books might be the best way to find a hot fuck, and future wife at the same time.  She didn’t explain and excuse her passion.  She owned her lust!  Not many women do that and are comfortable in their skin.  Erin pushed back her ass, harder and harder, random car spotlights occasionally darted into the alley.  We smacked ass to groin for more than fifteen minutes.  No one came through the alley, but it was so damn exciting. 
Erin blurted out her confession, “This is what the Lolita Novel reminds me of: sex between spontaneous adults, who don’t mind risking all, exposure, danger of getting caught.” 
I grunted, my agreement, best I could.  I don’t know whether she heard me, occasionally cars honked, engines roared back up from the traffic light stop and tires screeched ahead on the road.  My fat cock drilled her pussy hole wider and deeper, her fingers dipped into her fleshy slice and gathered the excess liquids we were making.  I felt her fingers touching my cock wiping the fluids off as I pulled back.  She gathered those nectars and smoothed them over her hard clit.  Rapidly her finger moved, sliding over and over her button of love.  She grew bolder and bolder, knowing I approved of her naughty, naked masturbation in the alley.  Suddenly, a peal of lightening’s spotlight flashed on us and thunder followed. 
“I’m coming, Dex!  I’m coming!”
My faced grimaced and I tried hard to hold back the hot jism building in my balls.  I threw my head back, groaned loud.  “Ahhhhh.” 
My groans and Erin’s groans combined to form a strange passionate chord.  I leaned forward, pressed forward, I smelled her long wavy brunette hair and I could no longer hold back!  I smashed her against the wall, as she bucked backward, hump--hump--humping my fat cock, milking all my seed, as I released my sperm deep into her womb.  Our bodies flatten against the cobblestone wall and an awning far above shielded us from the rain that started.  People ran into the buildings, jumped into their cars.  Her legs trembled one last time.  Erin and I remained for a minute shuddering in release.  Her breath heated up the cobblestone bricks; my breath heated up her neck and hair.  I loved Erin something awful. The cock-heart nerve line completed its loop.  Love and sex.  Sex and love.  That’s what everyone wants, and Erin and I had that, cherished it, embraced it.  We lay like that, against the cobblestone wall.  Together.  Vulnerable to onlookers and as random car lights flashed on us, two tangled individuals committed to become one.  Neither one of us wanted disengaged.  Her melting pussy spent out her juices.  I began to soften, thin and shrink naturally slip from her milky cunt.  When my drained cock sausage touched her upper thighs and hung limp between her flat butt cheeks.  The rain stopped.  We were drenched but satisfied. 
Erin sighed, “Let’s keep fucking in random places, Dex?”
“As long as they are by libraries, I agree, Erin.”


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