Karma's Progress
© July 20, 2011 by Cupideros

What is Karma is similar to what is art?
Who can be the judge if they stand apart?
But Karma is a net within a net.
A wheel within a wheel.
A cause inside a cause.
A purpose’s purpose pause:

From the way things are going
To the way, they will soon be.

Ignoring Karma is like losing a key.
First one is forgiven, but things are held back.
Second things normally allowed are now held in check.
Third things you take for granted now become difficult.
Things you thought you controlled become very *occult.
You cannot see the descending slide as pride blinds your eyes.
You boast louder and louder, ever more confident inside.
You ignore the obvious signs, progress points and warnings.
You can’t understand why you don’t get your every wish.
You balk and forget there was ever a purpose besides your own.
You look and establish reasons, logic to support your cause.
You totally misplace your explanations for purpose’s pause.

* =  mysterious, hidden

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