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One day a pious and attractive young woman, a virgin on ballerina legs, who without shame thrust her chest out showing off her perky handful of boobs, got it into her mind to just have sex without anyone exploiting or hurting anyone.  She was a honey blonde with honey skin tone for she tanned nude on her Townhouse rooftop unseen for a year.  Today she turned twenty-one, legal enough to do anything and everything!  She could have become a cheerleader for a national football team or a car model.  She put on her shortest pink mini dress with fragile spaghetti straps.  She wore one-inch strappy black shoes and no bra or underwear.

She had a crush on her neighbor for some years, since she turned thirteen.  He was twenty at the time.  Now she was legal and so she approached him first.
"Hi Robert.  How's the engineering firm?"  She swayed a little talking to him on his porch this Saturday morning. 
The breeze was cool at first, until Robert eyes vacuumed up her body.  Justine raised the temperature to at least eighty-five degrees.  "You're all grown up, Baby Girl.  There were nights I couldn't sleep for wanting you."
Justine chirped and swished her skirt hem back and forth.  "You can have me.  I’m not into agonism sex.  All I want is to have sex for sex.  I don't want anything else from you.  Not to get ahead.  Not revenge for you not sleeping with me a couple years ago.  I wasn't fully legal then.  I don't want to break you up from your girlfriend.  Although I heard the fight last night."
Robert was skeptical.  "You don't want anything.  Not to get even or to prove you're a hot fuck, or to show me how old I've gotten over the years.  You don't want to get married or date me or make me pay for any baby?'
Justine's bright smile always accented her perfect pearly teeth.  "That's right, Robert.  Just you and me simply because it's sex.  I inherited millions two years ago, when my parents died in that plane accident."
"Oh I was sorry to hear that Justine.  I . . . wanted to send my condolences, but you came out in that short pink teddy that evening and your eyes were full of tears.   I just couldn't exploit a young girl in her worse moment."
Justine pouted and scolded him, "I'm free and fully legal now."
"I can't do it."  Robert shook his head.  "There must be some catch.  Someone is videotaping us.  You've made a snide remark and broke up my relationship with Sue and I don't know it.  Perhaps, you're lonely.  I can help you out, sleep with you if loneliness is the cause?"  He respectfully replied.
Justine stopped swishing the hem of her lovely pink mini dress.  "Stop it, Robert!"  She stared him down in his blue eyes she always though would respond to her brown ones, given the right the opportunity.  "You want me and I just want sex." She tugged at her fragile straps making the hem rise higher. 
Robert stopped swinging on his porch.  He placed his engineer blue prints on his swinging couch and made it final.  "I cannot because you want something and are not telling me.  A woman does not sleep with a guy without an ulterior motive."
"One reason would satisfy you, Robert?"  Justine said, smiling at her cleverness.
Robert rolled up his blueprints.  He thought and banged the paper tube against his open palm.  "I can't think of one."
Justine yelled, "You'll be sorry, Robert.  I'll just find someone else who wants me simply because I want sex."
Robert perked up.  "Okay if you're going to fuck someone else to spite me, I'll fuck you."
Justine backed down and blushed.  She pouted.  "I made all that up, Robert.  I could careless if you don't want me."
"Oh, how sad, because I was so in the mood."
"Goodbye, Robert."  Justine walked off so quickly her movement lifted up her little pink mini and Robert sorely missed seeing her wavy meaty plane tucked under her plumb little butt.

Justine figured she keep walking and by days end, someone will have sex with her simply because she wanted sex.  She crossed the highway and turning off past the local post office.  A rough motorcycle guy revved by.  He had a long dark beard that narrowed to a point and thick side burns, too.  His Honda was huge and Justine imagined herself sitting astride across the back seat hugging his thick strong waist and smelling his black leather jacket.  The motorcycle guy drove by her and said, "My bike's gonna blow that little material right off your sweet ass."
"That'll be fine with me," Justine chirped back and winked.  The motorcycles stopped turned his bike on a businesses front lawn and came back and roared by her facing the opposite way.  "You ever ride on a monstrous motorcycle, Little Woman."
"I'm five feet five inches but I can take care of myself.  She begin to make her pink hem do an OctoberFest half swirl."
"Hop on.  Back to my place and I'll put out your fire."
"I don't need my fire put out.  I just want to have sex for sex."
"You're a virgin, I bet," he growled.
"I'm a virgin, but I am not having sex to give away my virginity."
He revved his engine and turned it off--intrigued.  "Why do you want to have sex, Little Woman?"
"Not because you are on a motorcycle or probably the leader of a motor gang.  Not for experience, not to entrap you, I don't want to prove any thing to you or myself by having sex.  I just want sex."
"I don't believe you.  Times are not what you're thinking.  The days when motorcycle gangs were free as the wind are over.  We all, nearly all, work for the government spying on folks.  We have these weekly morning meetings.  It's all boring stuff.  I can't be caught up in any hankie panky sex, for alternative reasons, I don't know about." He explained like a business strategist.
Justine's little jaw dropped.  Her pearly white teeth practically bit her lower pink glossed lip.  "How sad.  But since I didn't have a motorcyclist fantasy.  I'll just go on and get someone else to fuck me."  She began to walk off.
"I can fuck you.  Since you want to fuck me to spite someone else.  Long as it's a legitimate exploited, harmful, selfish reason against someone else--we can have great fun.  Hop on."
"I want sex for sex, not agonism sex.  I'm a nice girl and don't want to hurt or use anyone."
"I can't help you then.  Come by the old Thomspson Gas station by Thriller Bar when you have a nasty, selfish reason to fuck, Justine."  He roared off ripping up more grass as he made a U-turn and went on his way.

Justine kept walking through downtown, Seattle.  She switched her tiny taut ass past all the fancy shops.  She hoped to meet a middle-class Black man, someone with college degree and business enterprises.  However, she soon found herself on the edge of a ghetto.  A Black man wearing several chains and a "Florida Gators" baseball cap over his curly short tight black hair saw her approaching.  "You want some drugs, weed, heroine, crack, meth.  You name if I've got it.  I can even get you in a music video I'm making for a friend.  I bet your hot white ass can shake it like, Shakira."
Flattered, Justine slowed and chatted with the black guy by his record shop he owned.  "You Sammy?"  Justine pointed to the record shop.
"THEE Sammy."  He nodded, cool, curt.
Justine crossed her right leg across her left, striking a shy pose.  "I've a problem, Sammy.  I want sex simply for sex.  I'm not out to get pregnant.  I don't need or want drugs.  I'm not trying to get cash through sex.  It's a bright day, ten am and I figured by this time I would be laid, happy and all.  Or I would have wore my gymees in stead of these straps."  Justine raised the toe of her strappy heel.
“Those are heels would kick up a storm in my video.”  Sammy considered her proposal as he sold drugs to passersby at the same time.  "You don't need me or want me or my merchandise.  You’re an independent woman, twenty-one capable of great sex moves.  Don't want fame in my video or to do sex to make money, which you would be the killer ho, my main girl.”
"Sorry, Sammy.  Just sex for sex.  No competitive sex.  You can leave all those other reasons for other girl prospects you meet."
"Damn."  He shook his head vigorously.  "This is a set up.  Cops probably driving around in dozens.  I told you all my business."  He looked frightened.
Justine shook her head, and smiled sweetly and chirped.  "No Sammy.  It's just me.  Although, honest I don't know if any of these cars are undercover police.  I met a biker an hour back by post office--"
"He wasn't a brunette guy with square forehead and round tough looking jaw, with a black leather jacket with two eagles sporting gold tips and riding a monster Honda?"
"The very same guy."
"Shit.  I'm toast."  Sammy retreated into his record shop.  "I can't have sex with no motorcycle girl setting me up."
"Sammy!  Sammy!"  Justine waved her small, tan hands.  "I'm not setting you up.  I'm a sweet virgin who wants sex for sex."
"Nah.  Nah," Sammy replied virtuously.  "No woman one wants sex for sex.  You’ve got to have a reason.  Every woman does."  He closed his door with a slam and drew down his "Out-for-Lunch" sign. 

Justine shrugged her shoulders, and kept walking up the street on the other side, where business was thriving.  She caught a cab.  She road out to a nice suburban neighborhood.
She walked on the well-kept lawns.  The soft lawns made her heels seem to disappear.  She felt a little homesick.  Then she came across a girl in a blue and white pokka dot bikini top and skinny jeans walking her dog.
"Hi," Justine chirped. 
The woman was friendly, about her age.  Her tiny dog fit in her palm. 
"Are you lost, Ms.?"  Her tiny Dalmatian tried to jump out of her palm.  She held the wiggling object. 
"My, what a tiny little dog."  Justine pet him, as the lady let her hold him for a second.  "You bred dogs this size--"
The woman expected the question, "They don't get this small without help."
"Mr. Disney would be surprised."
"I was on my way to the mall.  Shopping."
"I'm out shopping myself.  For sex."
The woman yawned.  "You can get sex anytime, any where with your body."
"You too!" chirped Justine.
"Any woman who wants sex for a reason can find it."
Justine's glossy pink lips pouted again.  "I just want sex for sex.  And she announced all the other reasons she told the other people she'd met."
The woman said, 'Forget it, Justine.  No guy is going to touch you like that.  A woman has always got to have a reason for sex; she has to be manipulative, spiteful or revengeful or play hard to get or want to see if she can steal the man away; or lonely--"
Justine gave the tiny Dalmatian back.  "I'm not lonely.  I don't want to exploit or hurt anyone.  Just have normal sex, not agonism sex."
"I've bad news for you, Justine.  I tried that when I was twenty-two, and I'm twenty-nine, now.  You've got to make up a reason.  Lie.  Fake it."
"Really?"  Justine made sure her own boobs show her tits by pushing out her chest some more.
"It's not going to work," The Woman said and begin walking.  She turned back, "You want to come to the mall?
Justine stood astonished.  "I'm hot."
The woman kept walking and looked back, "But your clueless."
Justine got in a huff.  "I'll bring the guy I fuck back and we'll have a threesome?"
"That'll be just great," said the Woman without stopping.  "I'll be waiting."
Justine ran up and stopped the Woman.  "Really?  You'll be waiting?"
"Sure if you want to prove to me you can fuck a man.  I'm game--to do you."
Justine shook her little honey blonde head.  "I got a little hot under the collar.  That's not normally like me."
"How sad.  I was getting excited about having you in the palm of my hands."
"Well I have to go."
"There is a Buddhist monk two streets up, just keep walking until you see the gold statue," the Woman said her voice trailing off, the tiny dog yapping in her palm.

Quickly Justine felt she must find out why no one wanted her from the Monk.  Justine arrived.  The grounds were pristine as a museum.  She went right past all the monks in the robes and straight into the temple passing the burning incense and straight pass the worshipers right up to the monk.  "I want to have sex for sex.  I don't want to exploit anyone, have him or her exploit, or abuse me.  I was told, by a woman, you could help me with this."
The monks simultaneously, "Gasped.  You are trying to ruin the reputation of this monastery,” one said.
Casually, the Head Monk waved them off.  He healthy build gave Justine the impression he worked out.  He counted black beads around his neck with one hand.  "All who seek the Buddha should find him.  Sit."
Justine sat cross-legged.  Naturally, her honey pot poetically came into view.  The monks all gasped again; Justine didn't mind.  She just giggled. 
"Sex is a sacred act--an act that binds one to the world of Maya and creative outflow.  Each act to produce something, in this world, creates a ripple effect."
Justine chirped out loudly, "Karma!"
The monks gasped together, "Ssshhhh."
The Head Monk gestured by lowering his one hand slowly, lower and lower. 
Justine shrugged her shoulders, which brought her pink mini dress up higher, over her blue jeweled belly button.
A monk returned with a yellow blanket and placed it on her lap.
"As I was saying," the Head Monk continued.  "By embracing this life, we bind ourselves to it.  Sex is one of the major binders.  One should do things without attachment."
Justine nodded, in slow looping movements.  "That's right.  That's why I'm here.  I want sex just for sex" and Justine related all the reasons people normally wanted sex and how those didn't fit her purpose.
The Head Monk and even the lesser monks smiled.
"Aha.  How can I help you Miss--?
"Miss Justine."
"Well I want sex for sex with someone who knows how to have it without exploiting or hurting or using or abusing someone one.  Everyone has turned me down."  She stopped and held out her open palm as if the was in object in it, "People strangely ask me to come back if I tell them I'm going to prove to them I can be laid."
"Are you?" the Head Monk said with caution as his lesser monks sneered.
Justine watched all their odd expressions.
Chirped with her pearly bright smile, her honey lips a big icon smiley face.  "Of course, not, Silly."
"Good.  This is good."
All the lesser monks sighed and went about their duties.
"I believe you can have sex without being attached.  Just the sex I'd like to have.  I'm not sure I'd trust a priest or minister.  I've heard really bad things about them."  Justine shook her pretty little head and tied her honey blonde hair in a tight ponytail, but the yellow blanket covered her sex nicely.
"That should be no problem.  Only what if you should like it?
"I'm . . . suppose . . . to like it!"  Justine said slowly.
"Sure, but not too much."
"I understand it's not very likeable for women anyway-- not the first time."
The Head Monk laughed.
"Let me consider this."  He started to get up, but upon standing.  He promptly died.
"Oh, Gosh!"  Justine yelled out and stood.  "Someone help!  Is the old man, all right."  People rushed around him, feeling his pulse and forehead and heart.
"Tell me!"  Justine chirped.  She had put her hands on her head and her honey cleft showed just below her swishing pink hem.
"You have killed him," said one selfish lesser monk.
After three minutes, the succeeding monk took over.  "I saw our Reverend Monk in Heaven talking with Buddha.  Buddha had such compassion on him for honestly answering your questions without shaming you.  The Buddha brought him to the highest Heaven in the West."
"Ehmymy!"  Justine was pleased.  " I did good?"
The new Head Monk nodded.  "Yes you did good.  Now please go.  Because your question is impossible to answer."

Sad.  Still Justine walked out with a lift in her step, for she had helped the old Head Monk attain to the highest Heaven.  Once outside, she thought about many other places to go.  It was noontime after all.  Many people were on the street.  Justine, fond of the old monk, went over and sat in the lap of the huge gold Buddha and thought things through more slowly.  "I got it!"

Justine prayed and prayed for a demon to appear.  Suddenly out of no where came a demon of light- green-brick color.  He was huge and muscular and had huge horns.  "The horns are symbols I am willing to use 'will power' above any other skill.  Do not be afraid of them."
But Justine was not afraid at all.  She walked right up to the seven-foot tall Demon.  She put her right hand on his tall muscular shoulder.  His long sex pointed out at her middle and was hard as the stone the Demon was made of.  "You're my last chance, Demon.  I have to get laid before this day is over, but--" and Justine went into all the exploited, harmful, selfish, petty, mindless, abusive, boring reasons people have sex and that she just want sex for sex.  If he could not help her then, Justine would not become an atheist.
The Demon greatly intrigued said, "Okay.  I can't help you unless you want to hurt someone or stop someone from getting into the Heavens; and as you've already helped that evil Head Monk get into his Highest Heaven, why should I help you?"
Justine couldn't think of an answer.  She just pouted and walked back and forth in front of the powerful Demon in her short pink mini dress.  The Demon's thick throbbing sex never did go down as she paced back and forth.  He stared at her upper honey thighs flexing as she walked.  His eyes measured her hips and the depths of her sex and oh how he wanted to stretch her.  He felt the goodness coming from Justine's loins.  Her virginal power would surely do him in though and make him be incarnated into the earth plane.  The Demon wanted that least of all.  "There is a way," the Demon said at last.  Go to a Goddess or God and have them turn you into a Demon."
"What--" Justine gasped for the first time in her life.
"That is the only way."  The Demon followed up.  "I must know you are an evil, slutty girl, with no redeeming qualities; someone so selfish you don't care if you get pregnant and have quadruplets and have to abort them or give them up for adoption.  I must be convinced you do not want any part in the sex act we participate in and are not merely abusing me for my potency.  If I can get all these things, then,” He pointed his smooth stony, light green fingers, covered in shallow crevasses and minute cracks in it, like the rest of his body, "Then I can have sex with you."
Slowly, Justine stopped pacing.  "O-k-a-y, if this is what it takes.  I'll go to God."  Justine applied fresh lip-gloss, for she had pouted off all of it over the course of the short day.

Justine went to a quiet park filled with children playing.  Moms breastfeed babies.  Moms watched their toddlers.  Here Justine, she sat down cross-legged an prayed and prayed, "If there is a Goddess or God out there, Come and answer how I can become a Demon?"

Soon a man came.  He was very transparent and Justine could see right through him.  Then a woman came.  She, too, was transparent and Justine saw right through her as well.  Several such transparent people came in front of Justine.  When enough had gathered to make Justine's head swim, she said, "All right I've enough Goddess and Gods to answer my request.  Justine held out her palms and on her fingers, one by one, she spoke of the reasons for having sex just for sex.  She related all the reasons for not having sex, she told all the others earlier in the day.  When she stopped, "Wait a second!  If you are all Goddesses and Gods, why am I telling you, what you already know!"

The Goddesses and Gods shrugged.  "We find it refreshing for someone to honestly come before us and asks a questions and fear not the answer.  You have shown great faith toward us.  This is a noble thing.  So we listened."  This they all said at once, at the same time, and Justine, astonished, had no trouble hearing all their different voices and tones and rates of speech.  Just then pink ball bounced right into the crowd of transparent beings.  “I’ll get it,” said a little girl running up.  The small girl wore bright pink ribbons tying down her two dark ponytails.  “What ya looking at lady?”  The little girl looked around at Justine sitting on a huge stone block, behind her a lion sat protectively.

“You don’t—“  Justine considered this for a second.  “I’m watching God.”
The tiny girl scanned 360 degrees and said, “Isn’t God beautiful.  I love nature, the trees, and butterflies, even the bees and drooping flowers show how wonderful he is.”
Justine smiled.  “You’re going to be a smart little girl some day.”
“I hope so,” said the little girl.  “Because the women on television are very, very stupid.”  Then she tossed her pink ball in the air and ran off.  “I’m coming, Kevin!  Shhssss.”

“Well, where were we . . .”  Justine stood up abruptly and her tiny pink mini dress revealed her sex again.  "Yes.  How can I accomplish my wish?"

All the Goddesses and Gods answer, "Come back to earth as a man."  With that, they all vanished.

Justine's pretty jaw didn't have time to pout.  It just dropped.  She had other questions about how unfair it was a man could have sex simply because it was sex; how they are likely to exploit and abuse . . . then it donned on her.  That is how bad sex happens in the first place.  With this revelation, Justine decided she would have sex simply to express love.  Love toward the transparent Goddesses and Gods and love toward herself and she would avoid all selfish love drama if she could.  And if not, she'd just have to come back in her next lifetime--as a man!

                                                           —THE END—

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