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The Jealous God-dess of Abyssarianism
© by Cupideros, October 5, 2016, 13:04 p.m. EST

If you are practicing Abyssarianism, do not be dismayed by those who think religion is fakery. From the Great God-dess’s point of view and that is the only view that matters, because everyone else is provisional and no vending machine God and no vending machine Goddess exist, non-practitioners of Abyssarianism’s misunderstanding of religion makes perfect sense. Abyssarianism is in some respect like a club or even the mason or fraternity or sorority, or a gang or an exclusive social clique, except there is no butt fuck sodomite mentorship or pedophilia rape mentorship or heterosexual rape mentorship or any of the Abyssarian prohibitions going on that assure your ascension in Abyssarianism!

But if you are practicing Abyssarianism, the God-dess will bestow on you blessing and take blessings away according to how you follow the rules of Abyssarianism, particularly rule zero.  In rule zero, you agree and ask the God-dess to manage your life.  And believe me the God-dess, one hundred percent of the times, wants better true things, more abundance, the correct understanding of why you are here and where you are ultimately going (back to the Abyss) than you want for yourself!  Do your two meditations a day, either both five minutes or nine minutes or one five minutes and one nine minute meditation.  Read Cupideros’ books, this cupideros-lovespon.tumblr website, read website.

You may think you need one hundred dollars and the God-dess may give you one thousand dollars. You may think you need one hundred dollars and the Great God-dess, the one true God-dess in existence (all the other Gods and Goddesses serve the Great God-dess), but the God-dess will give you instead courage or great timing or protection or peace.  You may want a hundred friends, but the Great God-dess, being the jealous being that they are, will give you five true friends.  You may seek to listen to every music video, but the God-dess will make you read the lyrics to the song first.  You females may want that fine boy for a boyfriend, but the God-dess, being jealous, will deny the relation, because that Fuck Boi is not for you. You males may want that hot girl for a girlfriend, but the God-dess, being jealous, will deny the relation, because that Honey Trap Girl is not for you. 

When your enemies and fake friends (who are enemies in disguise) want to delude you, trick you into accepting entertainers, sports figures, comedians, and controlled-opposition (fake opposition personalities) who are the first line troops of the Sneaky Service, Illuminati groups, as your friend, the Great God-dess, being jealous will deny the collaboration.  When these controlled-opposition personalities try to discourage you, lie to you in big lies (mostly), but micro-half lies mixed with truth, the Great God-dess, being jealous for you, will protect you from their schemes.

The Great God-dess created you!  If naturally in nature, a tree gives birth to a baby tree, if a bitch dog gives birth to a baby dog, if a big whale gives birth to a baby whale, if an elephant gives birth to a baby elephant, it should not be shocking you are a baby Goddess or God! Get over this fact.  You are a Goddess or a God get over it and get to work learning from the Great God-dess how to be the best Goddess or God you can be.

You decide how long before you return to the Great Abyss, but you will make it, because that is the one true reality!  Maybe in one life time, you’ll need a kick in the ass or the stick beating you if you refuse to do more than just eat, work, have children, entertain yourself, go to sleep and the next day, and year after year, eat, work, have children, entertain yourself, go to sleep, to get back on the path of Abyssarianism.  The Great God-dess got you into this mess of reality beingness and the Great God-dess will see you get out of beingness reality back to the Great Abyss!

Those not practicing Abyssarianism will go about their lives doing nonsense, foolishness, sense enjoyment, believing there is no other reality.  Their lack of knowledge of religion, particularly, Abyssarianism, will continue.  Not being in the Abyssarianism club, sorority, gang, society clique, open society, non-practitioners of Abyssarianism will continue to see no benefits of Abyssarianism!  When the non-practitioners of Abyssarianism die or are fooled by deceivers like the Illuminati or masons, sororities or fraternities or science circles or university or experts or psychiatrist or social science psychologist or the controlled-opposition or the mis-education systems and fake social movements or spirituality-business salespersons preaching a vendor machine God or vendor machine Goddess, the Great God-dess is not jealous, not yet anyway.  Everyone can make the choice to practice Abyssarianism or not.

It is obvious group associations can work, and give their members benefits, even as butt fuck Hollywood mentorships work.  Those in power in Hollywood green light those Hollywood or music people who agreed to be raped again and again for more exposure.  But what group association is more powerful and enlightened than Abyssarianism, which is created, supported and maintained by the Great God-dess, whom will be around for billions and trillions and billions times trillions of years!  More than that actually, infinite number of years.

Practicing Abyssrians will see benefits the non-practitioners of Abyssarianism will not!

This is as it should be.  If one is not a mason and does not see the benefits of mason membership.  And the masons laugh at them.  Just like in the movie, Brotherhood of the Bell, benefits exist for these cult groups. In a different example, if one reads a book like Think and Grow Rich and another person does not.  Why would the reader of the book expect the nonreader to understand anything about Think and Grow Rich?

All you have to do is practice Abyssarianism, follow the rules, prohibitions and try to make the world a better place, which is damn impossible without the power of the Great God-dess.  Yes, the spirituality game is rigid!  You will gain credits for keeping Abyssarianism rules.  You will lose credits for breaking Abyssarianism rules.  The most important thing is to keep trying to keep the rules, while accepting you are provisional and no matter if you were perfect, the Great God-dess can still deny you into the Greater Heaven which is shaped like the Great Pyramid.  Each Great Pyramid blocks is a Heaven full of infinite space and time.  But the cap stone is the Great God-dess, the one true creator of all the blocks, all the Heavens underneath it, everything!

You can work on destroying the world as the illuminati and other selfish, materialist (Sneaky Service) are trying to do, yes.  Their help comes, still again, from the Abyssarian negative force opposition being, I call Resistoppoline, or Satina in other places. 

This force of negativity is necessary or else everyone in Abyssarianism will become a “YESWOMAN OR A YESMAN!  No, no, no, no, no!  You are being trained to be like the Great God-dess.  Therefore, you must be able to think, reason, and discern (mostly) the foolish from wise.  As Abyssarians practicing Abyssarianism, you know that given a choice between two glasses, a clean glass and a dirty glass with a hundred-dollar bill inside it, most people without a code of morals or some even with a code of morals will take that dirty glass.  Abyssarians must display courage to help the weak and the powerless and the poor. Anyone can be rich and powerful and selfish, as the illuminati (Sneaky Service) promise through the new slavery using the Body Magnet technology.  But you practicing Abyssarians must learn wisdom is power, not knowledge!  Knowledge is potential power only.  Abyssarians must not give in to the without moral Sneaky Service’s paint-by-numbers attacks.

Without Resistoppoline (female negative force for this is a female age, the fifth age), you will be inadequate for your reason for beingness.  Imagine a parent who feeds her child white beach sand instead of white sugar?  What good is a person who cannot tell a lie from the truth?  If you refuse to learn the lie from the truth through the good force of Abyssarianism, the Great God-dess (who is in total 60/40 percent control, do not forget this), you will learn the lie from the truth by the negative side of Abyssarianism or Resistoppoline.  You Abyssarianism are being trained for something beyond your imagination at the moment, but you are born from the Great God-dess so you should know what that is.

None of these Illuminati symbols work on Abyssarians (consciously or unconsciously), these Illuminati puppets, handlers, Illuminati (Sneaky Service) believers keep putting out there in media (movies, music videos, fashion magazines or wherever), more and more, in the frantic attempt to stop world progress toward goodness.  This does not mean that practicing Abyssarians should remain unaware of the Illuminati, Sneak Service, or evil doer’s plans, however. Abyssarians fall under the infinite protection of the Great God-dess.  And the Great God-dess can even order Resistoppoline to make Abyssarians (who believe in good, wisdom, truth) win against evil doers as well. The Great God-dess is never without control!

The Great God-dess (Good force) will make the practicing Abyssarians win.  The Great God-dess fights for practicing Abyssarians. Life is not a mistake or an accidental occurrence.  And just because life is not an accidental occurrence does not mean you came from an ape (which is an animal).  You are not a human animal.  Much as a dog is not a human dog.  No matter how many universes scientists, who publish their biases, find, this does not mean you came from an ape; this does not prove there are alien beings out there!

If you are practicing Abyssarianism, remember the mind-set prohibitions or standards or code of behavior or rules for born-three-hole females and born-two-hole males: 09.23.2016 and updated 11.14.2016
No Born-Three-Hole Quitters.
No Born-Two-Hole Quitters.

This means lifestyle choices, (regardless of if you feel compelled or not) of the following are not permitted:
No Sodomite activities (the God-dess hates this).
No Lesbian activities (the God-dess hates this).
No Transgenders (the God-dess hates this).  A born-three-hole female is an XX and no amount of hormones or surgery is going to change that basic core fact.  A born-two-hole male is an XY and no amount of hormones or surgery is going to change that basic core fact.
No Non-binary (another way of sayings Transgender).
No Queer (another way to avoid saying Transgender, Non-binary
        Gay, Sodomites, Lesbian, Bisexuals, and Pansexuals)
No Pansexuals (this just groups Sodomites, Lesbians, Gay,
        Non-binary, Queer, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Bestiality
        together under one name).
No Bestiality.
No Incest.
No Pedophiles (this includes MK-Ultra, no child marriages).
No Rapes (pedophilia is rape) (forcing people to do these
         prohibitions is rape)
No Fantasizing about Rape.
No Necrophilia.
No Drinking blood (also no giving hickeys), eating blood, smearing blood on yourself or things for ritual purposes
No Blood Sacrifices or rituals.
No Life Sacrifices (animal or human).
No Female Genital Mutilation (circumcision, sewing up vulva
       or sewing up hymen rituals).
No Male Castration
No Cannibalism.
No Choking Sex.
No Doggy style sex or sex where you cannot easily face your
       mate as this only encourages divorce.
No Males believing they must to have sex since they have
       a sexual urges.  Sexual urges will pass if you wait.  You
       can control your sexual urges.
No Sexual Slavery (this does not apply to those forced into
        sexual slavery, but to those forcing people into sexual
        slavery)  No slavery of any sort should exist.
No Double-In-Law Marriages
      Two brothers of one family marrying two sisters of another
      One brother, one sisters of one family marrying one sister,
           one brother of another family.
      If your sister marries another boy from another family, no
           other sibling from her family can marry that boy’s
           siblings or family members.

No nose rings because you are not an animal.
No earrings for men; women do not have to wear earrings.
No choker jewelry because you are not a slave.
No high heels, born-three-hole female’s shoe heels should be like schoolgirl picture shoes, secure, comfortable, sturdy and low.
No wearing skirts or skorts or saris or dress-like dresses (only pregnant born-three-hole females and born-three-hole females when they get married) and especially no wearing skirts, skorts or dresses for born-two-hole men.
No skin tight pants for born-three-hole females; design their pants as sturdy and secure and as loose as born-two-hole male’s pants. Same for born-three-hole-female’s shirts and tops, make them as sturdy, secure and loose as born-two-hole male’s shirts.
No strappy tops (swimwear, lingerie excluded).No praying, worshiping, dressing like animals in feathers or furs or animal heads with human bodies or human bodies with animal heads or calling on animal spirits (these are antiquated religions) and The Great God-dess has always and always will be above all life in all ways.  This is why the five great animals, dog, rabbit, snake/falcon, horse and tiger are put under the five cycle female angels of beginning, progress, turning point, peak and finishing events. These symbols are not to be worshipped or prayed to!  You came from The Abyss, The Nothing Blackness of all things because you came from The Great God-dess! Every Abyssarian Code of Behavior
   Brings blessing as you continue to not break them.
   Brings the denial of blessing as you continue to break
Many ways exist to gain blessing in Abyssarianism, and one is always gaining and losing blessings unless perfect; however, you never know when one more blessing will not gain you multiple blessings.
Better to aim to gain blessing and not plan to lose blessings.  A Code of Standard must be established or people will do anything and all evil and torture to one another; those with riches and power will abuse secretly and, or publicly those without riches and power.  Abyssarians should ask for the power and wisdom to follow these Abyssarian Codes of Behavior.

–Cupideros, September 23, 2016  12:31 pm  EST

The Abyssarianism "No" Prohibition Codes of Behavior

On These Secret Societies
© by Cupideros, November 6, 2016

These Secret Societies, Mystical Groups do not know more than you as an Abyssarianism know!

If you notice, spirit in this pentagram is at the top, as it should be.  The Great God-dess is 60% of the power running this world!  They can do all things, fix all things, make the world perfect, MAKE EVERYONE TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY AND ASSISTANCE.  That would be ridiculous thing for The Great God-dess to do, however.  Because you are being trained to work for The Great God-dess in a Great Work, beyond your imaginations at the moment.

The Great God-dess knows with their infinite power most people would simply give in, saying YesSir, YesMa’am to everything they want done.

To prevent this, to give people freedom to fuckup, resist, speak their mind, do there own thing, give The positive Great God-dess the middle finger, cut off babies’ head and drink their blood, selfishly hoard all their money, tell sophisticated lies, sneaky lies, control control control until their is no freedom left, rape little girls and boys (MK Ultra) and slice open little girl’s feet on an altar of evil to believe they will get more power than The Great God-dess, you have another spirit, a resistor spirit, an opposer spirit of 40% in ResistOppline.  She will be your negative Great Goddess to do the evil you desire. ResistOppline wants the exact opposite of The positive Great God-dess, control everyone, have freedom for only the 1%, make the rich beat up and abuse and hold things from the poor, make the powerful beat up and abuse and hold things from the powerless and weak.  Yes, she is the Illuminati, satanist, Vendor Goddess for those who do not want to do good in the world; those who believe they can become a God-dess without following and learning the work rules from The positive Great God-dess!

Satanist, Illuminati invert this star or pentagram so that spirit is at the bottom. 

This is why the inverted pentagram is a negative or bad thing.


You Abyssarians, who choose the upright pentagram path of The positive Great God-dess, have not been burdened to understand all these fascinating but usually useless details that are being managed for you.  They are being managed for you by the one who knows them best, and has the most power over all, The positive Great God-dess!

Do not be fooled; these secret societies do not have any more knowledge than I’ve already explained to you.  Your purpose is to return to the Abyss.  You came from the Abyss.  You are a provisional God-dess!  You always were and you always will be! Forever! Until you grow and are given more power and advancement by The positive Great God-dess.  But why should we give a gun to a toddler!

Better to look at your spiritual life as your main job in life.

Those people in these societies, studying all these old religions, mysticism, astrology, shamanism, etc do not have more power and awareness because your power and awareness resides in The positive Great God-dess!

Let me tell you a story, once there were four people, one in a secret societies and she studied for years and years to become a great mystic, astrologer and magician in secret societies; two, another woman who studied to become a doctor, a great doctor, brain surgery, body surgery you name it; the third woman studied to become the greatest architect in the world, and the four learned all about anthropology and history.  They all attained their doctorate and were esteemed by the peers.

As normally happened, all four of the born-three-hole females eventually died.  They went to Heaven, because after you die, you do not roam the earth as some ancestor helping out those left behind, you are not stuck in a tomb by your own or someone’s evil magic, not even ResistOppline.  You do not go waiting for year and millenniums in some place for resurrection in Abyssarianism.

They came before The positive Great God-dess after their lives were over and one by one, the found out, they did not qualify to get into Heaven.  Each woman asked why?

The positive Great God-dess said, because you spent your entire life, listening to provisional peers, letting them train you in work for the world, success in the world and that training is pretty much useless for Abyssarianism work.  You basically are not qualified because you never did the work of Abyssarianism.

“But I did good, mostly, I think,” woman number one said.

“I know I did good healing others,” argued the second woman.

“I did more good than evil, than others I know,” explained woman three.

“I helped people understand world history, even discovered truths concealed in the past,” retorted the fourth born-three-hole female.

“You see that born-three-hold female over there?”  The positive Great God-dess pointed to another born-three-hole female waiting for her Judgement.  She has no degrees.  Her peers barely recognized she lived.  She is in no history books, nor esteemed journals, her named does not adorn any buildings, hospitals or universities.  She was born poor and died poor.  She never obtained any great wealth to speak of.  Do not think it was because she was poor or unknown that she got in.

That she advanced.

She advanced because she learned how, from us, to help the world be a better place everyday in her interactions with others.  When she faltered, she readjusted herself and kept trying to follow the rules.  When others friends, family, lovers, colleagues tried to convince her to worship herself, and spend all her time focused outward, she refused.  She meditated and listened.  She did what we asked.  She learned how to let us The positive Great God-dess manage her life.

Most important she learned and understood, nothing she ever would do, came from her own power, as each of you four, born-three-hole women explained, said, retorted, argued.

“I’ll bring in your advocate, ResistOppline.  She will tell you what she tempted you to do and you did; what she distracted you from and you stayed distracted; how she tricked you out of believing in The positive Great God-dess and you did believe in your selves or this nonexistent Vendor God; ResistOppline will show you how sneaky her method left you firmly in belief that you did your own work under your own power.

ResistOppline came forward and pleaded the four born-three-hole woman’s cases.  “They have exercised their own minds, hearts, soul and body desires to run their own lives.  They did not want to advance in Abyssarianism,” ResistOppline reasoned and contented for the four born-three-hole women.

How can I let you in Heaven to work for me, The positive Great God-dess explained sadly.  I reached out to each one of you four, over the period of your lives, but you were too busy to be trained.  If you can’t listen to me down there on earth, how can I trust you to listen up here where the work is much harder and more complicated.

The positive Great God-dess measured the four esteemed women’s soul in the Scales of the Abyss and found them very heavy with materialism.

Put yourselves in my shoes, The positive Great God-dess explained; what if you came to learn astrology and I said there are five great elements and you said, I disagree there must be six or seven?  How long would you be trained in that secret society?

Imagine, if you went to become a doctor and you refused to wash your hands or decided patients never needed anesthesia or untainted blood.  Would you graduate from medical school?

Let’s say you studied how to measure an isosceles triangle, but decided to make up your own and created a new one that neither work, nor held any validity in the real world and your buildings fell down.  How could you graduate?  How could you do your architect job?

What if you studied anthropology and history and concluded all great people buried were born-two-hole males because males gave the most grants to anthropologist and historians?

Well in Abyssarianism, this is a job, too.  You can only be trained by us, The positive Great God-dess.  You four decided to follow ResistOppline and that is wonderful.  For you lived your own mind; did your own thing while on earth.  It is just doing your own thing doesn’t qualify your for advanced work in Abyssarianism.

Naturally, given their materialist mind-sets the four esteem, wealthy women continued to debate their worthiness.  Finally, The positive Great God-dess said, “I’ll have to send you back.  It’ll only be sixty or so years.  If you do a good job, a more positive job in Abyssarianism, you will come back and advance.

The four rationally put forth why this was wrong, but The positive Great God-dess just waved their hands and the four born-three-hole women went right back to earth as babies.

There you have it, the truth, the purpose and why you were born on earth.  This place is a large classroom, where people have an opportunity to follow the good path of The positive Great-Goddess or the bad or negative path of ResistOppline.

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