Hot Ghost Lover II
© Copyright May 21, 2013 by Cupideros
5,107 Words

A young eighteen-year-old girl visits a biker bar and ends up captive by four ruthless bikers from the Tattoo Clan.  But Jodi escaped naked.  She went house to house seeking desperately for shelter but ended up finding a haunted house her only alternative.  There she decided to hide from the Tattoo Clan and confront the ghost in the hundred-year-old Tudor house.  Will Jodi get out alive and unharmed?  Read and find out.

Jodi went down, forcing his dickskin back.  The sensitivity of his penishead increase naturally.  Then she let her nose tickle in his pubic hairs.  His cockpole throbbed in her slippery hungry throat coated in his copious precum.  She held him like that until Jace's hips bucked up wild.  Jodi swallowed hard once, twice even three times to take in all his hot jizzjuices.  He grunted, twice like a huge horse and flooded his mangoo down her throat.  Her dewy cunt let out a clear stream of girljism coating her inner thighs.

Hot Ghost Lover II
© Copyright May 21, 2013 by Cupideros
5, 107 Words

Jodi burst out of the dilapidated house on Horn Street running for her life.  She left her clothes.  She left her purse, credit cards and car keys.  Most terrifying of all she left an unknown girl who look almost identical to herself: five foot five inches, round forehead, cheeks and chin, pretty blue eyes and a long graceful neck.   Both girls came to the horrible residence by abduction from a gang of boys known as the Tattoo Clan.  

The only real difference between her and Shannon was hair and skin tone.  Jodi had olive skin and dark curly hair worn in two thick ponytails, tied off in white hair scrunches.  Shannon's pale skin and red curly hair worn in two thick ponytails, tied off in pink hair scrunches.  The girls had no tattoos on their body. 

Jodi thought back.  What a strange question.  "Are you tattooed any where asked Dominic?"
"No," Jodi had lowered her pretty round head and giggled. 
"You’re the Girl!" Dominic had nodded subtly and in the parking lot walking back to his car, three other boys grabbed her and stuffed her into a white van.  Next thing she remembered was blacking out after a foul smelling cloth covered her nose and mouth.  When she woke up, she sat naked next to Shannon listening to the four boys: Dominic, the ring leader with motorcycle gang tattoos all over his face; Luis, second in command, with British symbols tattooed all over his face; Vance with Irish symbols tattooed all over his face; and Wolf with Italian tattoo symbols covering his face.   

Jodi looked behind running, and screaming, “Help!  Help!"  She approached the first door and all of a sudden all the lights went out in the house.  She knocked frantically, her little fist turning red and sore.   

Jodi bolted down their walk way again, around their hedges and tried the next lit house.   "Help!  Help!  Some boys are trying to rape me!"
"Go away!" the old lady's voice screeched.  "You should know not to date boys with tattoos smothering their face.  You slut!"

Jodi stammered, in disbelief.  She dropped her head in regret.  Shame tried to crawl into her frightened feelings.  "How could I--"
"Save yourself!" the old woman hollered.   

Suddenly Jodi heard four distinct voices.  She went that way said one voice, his British accent clear.  
"No, Luis, you dumb Brit.  She went this way.  Trying to find someone to hide her, she is."
"Ha ha ha ha," laughed Vance in his Irish accent.  "Horn Street is totally ours.  Ours!"
"I'm still first to fuck her," said the last of the four criminal boys, Wolf.  His slight Italian accent Jodi remembered because she was Italian too, partly, and part French.

Jodi wore only her pink low cut socks with lace trimming.  Her feet didn't get the best of traction.  Not until the thin material started to rip apart in blotches on the dirty concrete side walk.   Jodi tossed down her hands.  She wanted to cry.  She almost started to then stop.  She put on a hard face.  She jolted herself down out of the old woman's pristine yard and neatly trimmed bushes for such a run down neighborhood.  She ran past two houses that were bordered up, with no trespassing signs.  Then she ran to the next dark house.  A tall Tudor three-story mansion. 

Jodi didn't care that the mansion seemed unlived in or dirty.  She just needed to get away, someplace safe.
"There the Bitch is," yelled Dominic. 
"I see her," said Luis.
"What a nice piece of tail," said Vance in his Irish accent.
"My tail to fuck first," said Wolf.

Jodi bang and bang.  She turned around and saw the boys and ran around to the side of the house.  The house looked abandoned.  If, she could just get inside.  Jodi found a second door, she tried the knob.  It opened.  She went inside and slammed the door.   All of a sudden the lights turned on.  How can that be?  For sure this house is haunted, Jodi feared more than ever.

"That Bitch didn't get in the front door.  That's for sure," said Dominic.  Luis, go around the side door.
Stepping back and looking up on the second and third floor, Luis said, "It's haunted.  See the lights came on!  We never go in there!"
"You want to do the girl or not?" commanded Dominic.
Luis took off around the side of the old, house with the bad reputation, matching the Tattoo Clan's.
"We're going in the front door."  Dominic bragged.

Eighteen-year-old Jodi had ran through the kitchen and was in the living room when she heard Dominic's plans.   She figured the higher in the house she went the safer.  "At least they'll have to search three floors instead of one," Jodi whispered to herself as she took two steps at a time up the dusty house.  Her hands soon pushed up rolls of dust three inches thick.  The dust curled over her hand, turning her dainty olive hand almost black.   Jodi shook her hand off after reaching the top of the first level.   If she had had a little sister or big sister, and they were poor enough to live in this neighborhood, they might have explored it.  As it was, Jodi grew up an only child.  Her parent’s, two ambitious up and coming corporate employees, neglected her. 

She heard loud crashing, and creaking cracking boards of the door collapsing under the boys mutual blows.  She paused frozen.  She wanted to move, but something in her hoped they might not break in.   She abandoned those fantasies of being rescued.  If only she stole her cell phone before she left.  So many many ifs, Jodi thought shaking her round head.  Her two long curly ponytails bouncing off her chin.

She saw Dominic's distinctive skull tattoo on his broad shoulder and his red tank top burst through the old wood panes.  "Shit!  Jodi ran down the small hallway and up another flight of steps to the second floor.  Their tattoo faces flashed in her mind.  Luis wore a Union Jack over his forehead, L  for pound, funny red double decker trolley car, upward arrow to the left of his left eye, a funny looking letter M made with an X on the right of his right eye, huge horseshoe on his left cheek, Big Ben clock on his flat nose, letter F but the two lines slated downward and a Stonehenge some how superimposed on his whole face. 

Vance wore three big circles interlocked which looked like a shorten version of the Olympic rings to Jodi.  She saw an Ireland flag, several birds.  Leprechaun.  Cross surrounded by a thick circle.  Fairy Lady.  Three circles inside one another, from big to small, a pair of dance shoes, and two large eye under each of his green eyes connected by a large V that ended under the point of his nose, above his lips.  Spirals decorated all over.

Wolf, the violent one had six piglets tossed randomly on his face.  On his forehead men leaped over a fire of straw.  Boot map of Italy.  She knew the fennel bush on his right cheek represented fertility.  The large line going up and down, but connected to like a capital letter C and a capital letter C backwards, both touching the line, meant power.  And the sigil of Selahna on his pointed chin.  On his nose a spear with a snake crawling up it.  You think that’d be enough ink Jodi thought back.  But he added a pentagram inside a circle beside the men leaping over the fire.  And a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Luis entered the living room from the kitchen.  "She got in through the side door.  We might have company.  Old drunks or druggies strung out."
All the boys pulled out switch blades.

Jodi listened from top of the second flight of steps.  Those boys might kill her.  Now she had to find a real good place to hide. 

She saw five rooms in the mansion on the second floor.  All of them huge.  After she opened one after another quietly, "this should slow the down."  None of the doors had any locks.  Jodi decided to enter the next to last door on the left.  They might over look this door. 

She entered as she heard a scrambling of footsteps spreading through the house like someone started an unauthorized house party.   

Jodi liked those parties because of the wild crazy goings on.  Her bad-girl streak reared its head every so often.  Normally, she lived as an average brunette college freshman, studying a drama.  In her free time, often she imagined herself being a stunt woman or a race car driver.  Not many to talk to about those careers, but the wild streak remained.  That wild streak led her into that seedy bar, full of bikers and low lifes.  Her safer minded-self warned her not to go in. 

Jodi frowned when she looked around the spacious room.  A bedroom.  The old canopy bed reinforcing her fairytales and rougher more private fantasies.  This isn't the place to be caught in.  She checked the two side doors in the bedroom.  "Why did I expect anything less?  These rich conservative people found a way to play around, have their illicit affairs.

Jodi tried one door going north.  Locked.  She rushed to the south side door in the bedroom.  Locked.
She heard a voice. 
"I know you're up here some where," said Dominic.  "I got an instinct for pretty little things such as you."
He opened one door.  Disappeared quiet for a while.

Jodi looked around.  Hide under the big bed.  No.  Stupid.  Two smaller doors in the room stood out.  She went to one opened it and starting coughing as several moths flew out.  Gorged filled moths from the rich expensive dresses, scarfs, skirts, fur coats, and once silky lingerie hanging on hangers, fluttered about.

Dominic stalked the hallways again.  "You know, Jodi, this isn't my first time doing this."

Jodi threw her hand over her mouth and stifled her coughs.  Finally she suppressed them.  This made her angry.  She is running from four creeps.  All she did was go into a bar for a drink and good time, after helping out at the Women's Crises Center. "Why me?" 

Wild things, doing daring stunts for her Girl Scout troop always eased her anger.  Climbing trees higher than anyone.  Going camping alone in the woods.  Playing with knives.  One day she threw her hatchet into a tree instead of chopping wood like woods lady demonstrated. 

Her mom said, "Jodi you're angry.  I don't know why.  God or Goddess knows you got enough reasons to be angry in this world run amok by men.  Men destroying and abusing.  But, Jodi, you've got to control or redirect it.  Or you're going to get yourself killed. 

Was this the end?  Finish high school and then die at the hands of four Tattoo Clan crazies?  I want to finish college.  I want to contribute and help the world!  I have to survive.  But her anger crept back inside her.  Little by little, Jodi closed her eyes and sensed it pouring into her veins.

"Did I just hear a little wee cough?  The cough of a damsel in distress?" Dominic mocked her.

Jodi heard heavy feet pounding above her head.  She felt the fist of another boy crashing into a wall, realizing the room below him didn't contain her.  "That’s Wolf," Jodi said to herself. 

She heard Dominic not checking doors.  She ran to the only closet left.  Whipped the door open, dust flew in her face.  But this time, Jodi was prepared and held her breath.  She entered.   It was empty.  Empty except for a copy of Grimm’s Fairytales, open in the corner in the bedroom light.  Open to a ghost story. 

The bedroom door opened across the hallway right as Jodi moved toward the back corner of the closet.  She crouched down and picked up the Grimm’s fairytale books.  Jodi startled at the white sheet ghost floating in a room similar to the one she stood in.  But how?

The bedroom closet door clicked close.  Jodi looked back at it frantically.  That couldn't be Dominic he's across the hall.  I didn't close it.
"I closed it." said the voice of a teenage boy in the dark closet.  His back was toward the door and he wore a white sheet over his head.  But Jodi could see he wore Victorian clothes. 

Jodi's nakedness came rushing back into her memory.  Why didn't she put on some of those moth eaten clothes?  Through the white transparent material Jodi saw a boy of eighteen in white dress shirt and black vest with five buttons.
He wore a satin brown Arlington puff tie contrasting his black Callahan styled trousers and black leather shoes.  From her study of Victorian history, he wore no spats.  So the boy never went outside ever.  Ever?  "You're the Ghost haunting this place?"

"I am indeed.  I came into this occupation by accident," he said removing the white cloth.  He moved closer to Jodi.

Jodi shuffled back, but inwardly the very handsome ghost boy made her want to throw herself into his arms.  She shook her head and pressed her bare back and buttocks against the closet wall.  Even open, the children's books failed to cover her excited breasts flesh.  Goosebumps appeared.  Her nipples sucked in tight, hard.  So hard did she press she heard her shoulder blade muscles popping releasing the tension built up in them over the hours of her ordeal.

"If you're a ghost--" Jodi said her voice trembling.
"You, we, I don't have time to explain.  He tore half of his transparent white garment.  Put this on.

Jodi gawked at him like he was crazy.  The sliver of transparent cloth only covered the front half of her olive skin naked body.
"It wont' work."
"Sweet Italian Jodi.  You don't have many rooms left," Dominic said opening up the bedroom door she hid in.  Where she hid in the northern closet with the boy ghost.

Jodi's dangerous choices hardly differentiated themselves.  Go with a Ghost Boy, who can make himself real and probably hasn't had sex in one hundred years.  Or go with Dominic that tattoo face motorcycle gang leader.

Dominic stomped around.  "I've got a nine inch cock, Jodi.  I know you Italian girls like big ones," he rattled against the north large bedroom exit.

Jodi took the cloth and put the small thing on her head.  She watched as it covered only half of her back, her round head, not even her two brunette curly ponytails and just pass her rib cage. 

She looked up to the Ghost Boy.  His slither of garment now covered his entire body.
Dominic stepped quickly to the southern bedroom door exit.  "I am already stiffhard.  Ready to fuck you good.  I turn good girls bad all the time, Sweet Jodi."

She looked at the bedroom door.  She looked back at her body.  The magic cloth expanded to cover her entirely.

The Ghost Boy smiled.  His lips stayed still but she heard him say.  She never noticed that before.  She just assumed his lips moved like her own.  "See.  In my world, things make sense that don't make sense in your world.  We're invisible now."

Dominick moved toward the closet where Jodi hid.
Jodi looked around frantically.  She whispered, but her lips stood locked.  "I must escape."
"Come with me.  My name is Jace," said the handsome Ghost Boy. 

Jace took Jodi's hand and they walked into the adjoining closet in the next bedroom just as Dominic opened the closet door.  Jodi peered over her shoulders at the long nose Dominic; his angry blue eyes the only clear thing on his tattooed face.  Motorcycles, eagles, snakes wrapped around a flag, the word Harley Davison could be seen through his short beard on his square chin.
"You little slut--" He slapped his palm against the closet door.  "Damn.  I was sure she was in this bedroom."

Jace released Jodi's hand after they entered the other bedroom.   Jodi took off the full covered cloth.
"Put it back on," Jace said.  "Too much danger around."

Jodi honestly only wanted a clear look at her hero.  Her ghost rescuer.  Transparent cloth upped the hunk factor of Jace.  Now she realized why men still like their brides to wear veils. 

Jace had light brown hair that fell toward his left eye in bangs.  Jodi smiled.  She wanted to laugh.  Although he was beautiful, the larger end of his egg shaped face made up his small forehead.  The smaller end formed his small chin.  His light brown bangs cover most his forehead, almost his left eye.  He looked healthy like a young equestrian rider.  And one who might be successful riding between the thighs of a young lady, if she let him. 

Jodi's thighs grew damp as her heart beat quicker.  His thin lips possessed the look of one asking a question or about too.  He leaned forward all the time as if tilting his hat to someone.  His pale skin's stark contrast to his black trousers made him stand out.   Flat abs and his trim hips tapered off to two legs at about her height.  But what could they do in two gauzy clothes.  How could they fuck?  Plus now that Jodi had power, her anger reached to the top of her neck.  She had had it with being terrorized by the Tattoo Clan Biker Gang.  Her wild girl fully immerged.  "I want revenge.  If I escaped they might follow me.  I fled leaving my keys, credit cards, ID at their place."
"You can forgive them and leave now…"
Jodi calmed herself.  How can she think only of herself?  Here this boy saved her.  He meant something else.  But in any case I can't leave Shannon, my pale sisterhood twin in their hands.  "I'd like to stay here with you.  How did you get like this?"
"Let’s go upstairs in the secret attic."

Jace took Jodi's hand as they floated through the second floor ceiling and third floor ceiling to the secret attic.  "This is walled off by brick.  No one can see the door or wood of this room, Jodi.  You can relax."
Jodi let her guard down. 

"I've always had the ability to imagine my circumstances.   I lacked concentrating as a child. So my parents used to lock me in the closet.  I loved to read though.  Reading kept me preoccupied for hours.  This used to be my room.  The black sofa was for story hour when my mom read to me.    That's my study desk.  The huge rug arrived one day from India."

Jodi heard all the boys gathering outside the small room in the hidden attic. 
"Did not find the wench," said Luis.  “You guys have a Jodi-sweet tooth.  She is not my type of girl, anyway.  I like pale beauties.”
"I think she escaped," Vance drawled in his Irish accent, "Such a fine piece of tail too."
"She's here," Dominic said stomping hard.  "I bet this is a--."
Wolf interrupted, Dominic, "Dead end."
Crashing and scuffling sounds erupted.   Wolf cried out from the floor.  "I'm sorry I interrupted you Dominic.  I'm sorry!"
"Don't you ever do that again!  Wolf you wait on the first floor; Vance you the second, Luis you the third.  I'm waiting right here.  Wait in the hallway.  She can't leave without us seeing her.  And under no circumstances will you leave your post.  Is that CLEAR!" Dominic ordered.

Jodi shrugged her shoulders.  "We have to kill them.  It's the only way, Jace."

Jace hesitated. 

Jodi sensed his problem.  He was a virgin and he needed her to fuck him.  He needed to get this sex thing out of the way. 

Jodi went into her wild-girl slut mode.

Jace I need to tell you something.  I don't want Dominic to hear," Jodi said slinking in her sexy walk.  Her hips rolling and her labia already wet from her first meeting the fully clothed Jace. 
"He cannot hear--"
Jodi planted a big hot kiss on his lips.  The virgin boy’s eyes went wide.  His manhood remembered what real pleasure was and obviously where it laid as Jodi grinded her naked pussy against his crotch.  She sucked in his lower lip.  She allowed her tongue to slip inside his mouth.  She pushed, walked him back to the bare bones bed with blue and white polka dots.  The dark rail frame head board matching all the other wooden furniture. 

Jace fell backwards on the bed smiling. 
"You need a nice warm place to rest in Jace.  I'm that place.  Several places in my body place."
Jace stammered.  "I'm a virgin!"
"That's okay.  I'm not!"  Her hands swooped inside his jacket and slid them off his shoulders.  She placed her knee in-between his legs to discourage him from fighting what he really wanted.
"I want to have sex with you," Jace croaked, his thin lips still perfectly still. 
Jodi unbuckled his shirt, removed his tie.  She moved down and unbuckled his black trousers.  She moved back up and unbuttoned his shirt.  "You see me, Jace.  Now I want to see you naked, too.  Fair is Faire."
Back and forth Jodi went until Jace laid naked back on his bed.  His pants at his ankles, his shorts at his ankles.   Now Jodi's slobbering mouth drawing in his thick cockmeat.  She lathered his cock deeper inside her mouthcunt.  His manhood stood seven and half inches.  His flesh-cap on his head made a good pussystopper.  Jodi didn't see how any of his sperm would escape once he shot off.

Jodi went down, forcing his dickskin back.  The sensitivity of his penishead increase naturally.  Then she let her nose tickle in his pubic hairs.  His cockpole throbbed in her slippery hungry throat coated in his copious precum.  She held him like that until Jace's hips bucked up wild.  Jodi swallowed hard once, twice even three times to take in all his hot jizzjuices.  He grunted, twice like a huge horse and flooded his mangoo down her throat.  Her dewy cunt let out clear a stream of girljism coating her inner thighs.

His amazing hardness remained.  "I guess I haven't come in so long," Jace apologized.
"That's what I like a man ready for round two.  Don't worry, my hot pink cunt walls needs to spill some serious pussycream around that monstercock of yours."
Jodi was aware of her exaggeration, but his cock was big.  Her poor luck gave her three five-inch cocks and one fire plug girth six-inch cock.  "Jace you're the biggest man I've had."
"Really!"  He smiled.  He rubbed his hands through his now sweaty light-brown hair.  His broad round egg head forehead looked cute in beads of sweat. 

Jodi crawled up his waist leaving his ankles caught in his black Callahan trousers and white boxers.   She became pleasantly aware of her own cunt smell saturating the room.  You're caught in my honeyoil scented pussy smell.  Sniff."
Jace sniffed.  He sighed in loving every olfactory experience.  "You’re one fragrant flower."
"I'm in my monthly ovulation bloom too.  That's probably what attracted those boys to me.  Probably what made me be stupid and go into that biker bar?  But now I can satisfy my lust."  She slowly sank down on Jace's smooth steelcock.

She savored every inch of her pussywalls rolling back down his column of manheat.

She allowed herself to relax totally until Jace reached the bottom of her fuckwell.

Then Jodi tightened her lovevice.  Her grip sent another world of lovemaking burned into her nerve synapse.  Jodi humped up and down slowly and faster then.  She went like an oildrill bolt lubing, stroking, rubbing and shagging his long stiffpenis until Jace couldn't take it any more he shot off.  He lay exhausted, panting.

Jodi's love muscles felt him shrinking in size.  Finally the boy had blown his nuts empty.  She relaxed.  She hadn't come, but when she got angry she wanted to do something about it first.

Now we need to rid our place of these tattooed freaks," Jodi ordered.  She crawled off Jace and his white treasure of liquid silver slipped out of her steaming cunthole.    She went into his bathroom and cleaned up a bit.

Jace had redressed.  "Who shall we take on first?"
A wicked smile crossed Jodi's gorgeous round face.  Her lips curled angrily "the leader, Dominic."

Jace whispered a plan.  He showed her how to attach the invisible cloth to their neck like a cape.  So they never lost the ability to appear out of or disappear back into ghost forms

Jace appeared first moving right outside the walls. 
"A ghost   Ha ha so this place is hunted."
"Not to me," said Jace.
"And not to me," said Jodi from behind Dominic."
"Ohhhhh.  I'm going to love this."  Dominic tried to turn around as he retrieved his switchblade knife but Jace caught his arm in a tight hold."
"You're strong for a little boy. 
"Name is Jace," the two men struggled.  Jace banged Dominic's hand holding the knife against his knee.  The knife came loose. 
Jodi picked up the knife and came behind Dominic. 
Dominic broke a hand free and as he punched Jace hard, Jodi slit his throat from behind.
"You're a girl," Dominic said turning around slowly.  "You're not supposed to fight back.”
Jodi cocked her head to the side watching him slowly fall.  "Guess I'm not that kind of girl," Jodi coached, the slumping, dying Dominic. 
Jace said, "How exhilarating to be active again."

One by one Jodi and Jace dispatched the remaining three Tattoo Clan boys on Horn Street.  Jodi and Jace used the same tactic.  When Jodi killed Wolf on the first floor, she remarked.  "Those boys never learn; if you do the same old failed thing, why expect it to work again and again.  Die fucker.  Oh and by the way I do like to fuck a little rough.  But you won't taste any of my hard little pinkclit candy."

Jodi threw herself into Jace's arms.  "It's over.  Now we can get back to fucking."
"We can fuck in my bedroom?" He started leading her up the steps.
"Which one is yours?  They are so many of them?"
"I have the master bedroom.  I was the heir to the Monovria fortune.  My mom locked me in that closet and by a strange coincident.  She died of a stroke on a vacation cruise ship."
"She left you in that closet all alone."
"I guess it was an accident.  I didn't notice how quiet the house was until two days. I stopped reading and my hunger game crushing back.  By then I had concentrated so hard, on the ghost story, I had one sheet to keep me company.  I used it as a tent.  Finally, playing as a ghost.  The fear of dying became so great.  I was too weak to knock on the closet door for the maids.  And...And I turned myself into a ghost I guess when I died.  I waited to get my revenge, but my mom never came back."
"That's terrible!"
"Maybe so, but I never would have met you.  And you're wonderful, Jodi."
"Jace, you’re the man of my dreams," she said as they entered the spacious bedroom. 

Jace undressed and Jodi crawled over the Victorian youth's stretched out body and sank her drooling padded pinkwalls on his swollen manhood and they fucked and fucked until they both lay exhausted.

Jodi laid their resting thinking about Shannon.  “Can I wear the cape outside this house?”
Jace, for the first time, looked puzzled.  “I am tied to this house.  Maybe you can.”
Jodi pulled the transparent veil over her body.  She and Jace drifted down through the floors.  She moved through the kitchen for the side door.  “Just in case this fails, Jace.  No one sees me naked.  She opened the door and stepped out.  She stepped out further.  She turned around and tossed up her hands.
“Whoah!” Jace commented.
“Oh! Yes,” lowering her arms Jodi said wait here.”  Jodi began to walk to the front of the haunted house.
Jodi heard some keys jingling.  She turned around.
“Won’t you need these to unlock Shannon,” Jace replied. “I took these off of Dominic.”
“Right.  They must have locked her up after I escaped.”  Jodi smiled and took the keys.   She took the normal path of the street to the Tattoo Clan’s house.  She walked straight through the locked front door and explained the situation.  Told her Sisterhood twin to get dressed.  Jodi dressed in her own clothes.  Retrieved her purse, credit cards, Id.  She watched Shannon until a cab arrived to take her home. 

Jodi went back to the haunted Tudor house.  There faithfully Jace stood inside the doorway, waiting.
“I’m so glad you’ve returned.  I thought you leave me forever.”
“Yeah, about that Jace,” Jodi said walking into the house again.  What are you going to do about the bodies?”
“Bodies?”  He turned back towards the living room.  A bit of cloth and a toss out the window will bury them under ground.  No one controlling their descent.  No matter how low they’ll sink into the earth.”
“Second thing.”  Jodi straightened to her full height.  I don’t mind staying here with you, but …”
“That’ll just make me weak.”
“Those words came from my mind,” Jodi exclaimed.
“I picked up an ability to read minds during this ordeal.”  He shrugged.  “I know if I’m tied to the house I’ll be lonely.  You could come back and have sex every now and then.  But that’s stupid.”
“Yeah….I want you to cross over to the other side Jace.  Find the Goddess you like of your choice and will yourself to go to them.  It’ll work.”
Jace remained silent.  “How long will you stay?”
“I have classes in two days, Monday.”  She let the silence painfully linger.  “You must not get attached to me Jace.  I mean we had some fun, but I got to go on with my life.  You need to go on to the other worlds.”
“I read about those other places.  I had plenty of time to read over the centuries.”
Jodi gave Jace a hug.  In her mind she thought: Don’t do anything crazy Jace.  I like you, but that’s it.”
Jace smiled.  “I know what it’s like to be trapped without escape.  I’d never do that to anyone.  Not even my worse enemy, Jodi.”

Jodi and Jace learned all about each other over the weekend.  They cherished their sexual compatibility and then Jodi left taking a bit of the invisible cloth in her purse.


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