(c) copyright, by Cupideros May 12, 2014  10:32 am est

There are many ways to fear
but you have none as so near,
as that fear of the God-dess,
who control all the myriad rest.
For if you fear to be glum,
You might as well fear being ho hum.
Fear to be loose then why not
Fear the excuse you are too tight!
Fear your life is really too bland,
Try the fear of too much demand.
Fear the great big failure to come.
What about success of where you’re from?
People want life to be without test,
Then why do you try to do your best?
Fears are there to be done;
Fears: how you measure that you won.
Fear to be peerless that is okay.
Fear to be fearless that is The Way.
Fear of people is an illusion.
Non-fear of God-dess that is the delusion.
Many have succumb to other’s rage.
Others have succumb to their own age.
People think existing long it the key.
The trick is to truly live, not just to be.
You can exist for decades in fear;
You can stride in parades of tears.
Many of the dead do not fear lost;
Long ago they stopped measuring their cost.
Every decision will bring lost or gain.
The trick is to see if the sacrifice was in vain.
The trick is holding out and trying again.
Fear of the truth will rob you of your youth.
Fear of flying will stop you from trying.
Fearing to be strong will surely make you weak.
Fearing your attachments will rob you of detachments.
Fear of faith will not make you scientific;
Fear of science will not give you faith.
Fear of the good will not stop the bad.
Fear of the bad will stop the good.
Fear of stalling will not stop you from falling.
Falling is a result of not continuing on.
Fear of meditation is like fearing yourself.
Why do have a self, for only self-hate?
Life was not made to generate fear.
Life was made to generate success.
Many who are dead could be alive,
But alive they connive only to survive.
Their drive: to train themselves to die;
Instead of training themselves to thrive.
Don’t be afraid of logic.
Don’t be afraid of emotion.
Don’t be afraid of your senses.
Don’t be afraid of commencing.
Don’t be afraid of defenses.
Don’t be afraid of suspense/s.
Don’t be afraid of other’s fences.
Don’t be afraid of other’s fears;
Or you’ll be train to live like them!
If you fear to delight,
You’ll probably fear reaching your height.
You were put here to fight,
Fight for the highest goal insight.
Fight to be what the God-dess’ might
Has destined you to be day and night.
The real world is inside your soul.
Your soul is the void; not a vending machine
Where any fear-coins put inside can buy
A life whole for the cheapest price.
Fear needs a heart-for-a-home,
But, you will-your-heart your own.
You fear only the God-dess alone
To the very bone—the silence of your
Abyss true and eternal home!

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