Cupideros' Tumblr Blog is a wealth of information, insight, awareness and self-awareness needed in our world of faux, fake manipulated homogeny or in other words social engineering spin trying to lead us to become our most negatives selves.

Humanity did not come from an ape.  Human can behave in a civilized, human manner toward one another.  Help from the God-dess is needed to accomplish this task.  We cannot do it alone.  Nor have we ever done it alone.  This blog points out the blind spots of experts, leaders and enlightens those willing to use critical thinking skills shown and given on Blog to create a better life for themselves, others and humanity.

I hope you find meaning, uplift, humor and enlightenment on


P.S. I am putting these insights into my Patreon Blog.  In a world where people want everything for free, people with insight who spend time and effort finding out things should be supported.  Hence more and more people are retreating behind payme walls.

On my Tumblr blog, I gave much information for free.  No one supported or contributed to paypal for that insight.  This is what it is?  If you want to know about the illumanti and other manipulators in our world, subcribe to some paying level of my Patreon.
This page was last updated: November 11, 2017
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