Boyfriend Sex App
Time Travel Erotica Story
© Copyright Cupideros, December 12, 2012

Single twenty-one-year old Chun-Fen just graduated from Beijing-Lu University.  As a gift, her older sister, Yan, gave her a certificate of purchase for an updated android phone.  So Chun-Fen goes into the MotSungon Phones Shop to purchase one and tries to avoid buying one having apps.  She hates apps and all their complications.  The cute male salesclerk talks her into buying a several generations-future Android, normally available only to a particular clientele.  She buys the phone because of its Location Aura.  Then Chun-Fen discovers the Boyfriend Locator App. 

"Boyfriend #1." The woman’s voice announced.
Chun-Fen held the android phone arm’s length away from her as if he might accidentally impregnate her.  "Number #1!"  She crossed her legs in the lotus position on her bed.  She sighed heavily.  Mentally, she readied herself for a long bout once again with a cell-phone application.
"Genetic Impregnation is impossible unless the boyfriend is authorized by you," said the Chinese older woman and then laughed. 
Chen-Fen nervously asked, "What do you mean authorized?"

Boyfriend Sex App
Time Travel Erotica Story
© Copyright Cupideros, December 12, 2012
5,310 words

Chun-Fen meant spring fragrance in Chinese, but this didn't matter to her.  She was a computer geek, after all, and about to graduate from college with a math degree in time displacement research from Beijing-Lu University.  Down the street from the famous Beijing University, the smaller Beijing-Lu University excelled in developing engineering and business apps especially for cellphones.  Every year entering students sign up for the mandatory apps experimental course.  It was routine.  It made adjusting to using apps easier in their real life. 

Single girl, oval faced, Chun-Fen, from Shenzhen, skipped the course because she hated cell-phone apps and saw the class as the old psychological experimental guinea pig courses in Western universities.  Chun-Fen didn't want anyone knowing how she might react to this app or another.  She also loved having money more than she loved owning things.  Her old phone answered calls, sent snippet text messages just fine.

Her counselor remarked, "Chun-Fen how did you manage to skip the required Apps Experimental Course?"
"I didn't take it," was all Chun-Fen replied quietly. 
Her counselor shook her head.  She closed Chun-fen’s student folder.  "Because your grades are exceptionally high in the developmental physics section, you'll be allowed to graduate on time."

A wry smile formed on Chun-Fen’s face as she pushed her sixties-styled-black-rimmed glasses off her button nose. 

Chun-Fen wore a white doll collar over one dress or another.  Four inches wide, the collar ending in round tips. Today she wore it over her little black dress.  Her snow-white skin might have cast her in the lead role in some fairytale, except she hated fairytales.  "Too much woo-woo over finding a boyfriend," Chun-Fen always said.  Her black jade pebble eyes stood out because of her white skin.  From far away her eyes looked sad, but the closer you came to Chun-Fen, the happier her jade eyes appeared.  She inspired yellow-fever among the foreigners attending her university.  Her shoulder-length jet-black hair's cool tones matched her personality.  No-nonsense.  Punctual.  Efficient.  She stood five-feet-three inches, weighed 109 pounds.  Excellent in math, of course, made her good at counting money. And Chun-Fen intended to make a lot of money once she found the right job.

None of that mattered either, because right now Chun-Fen lay on her right side on her pink bed sheets nude, except for her blue miniskirt and a silver band ring on her wedding finger.  Her left hand simultaneously pushed and pulled increasing the pleasurable ache on her eraser-hard nipple.  Her left hand dipped, deep between apex of her China doll legs.  Her forefinger and middle finger plunked inside her squishy wet, wet Chinese snatch.  Her fingers reached further inward, as Chen-Fun closed her black eyes tighter.  Under the thrilling sensations sent from her contracting cuntspace, her barely there waterline of her slanted eyes quivered.  Her short black hair formed cute bangs across her perspiring forehead.  She flirted effortless when masturbating.  Her dimpled smiled kept morphing into a grimace-frown, then back into a soft-smile in sync to her finger fucking, plunking rhythm. 

Chun-Fen only wore panties during these private masturbation sessions.  She loved the drama of slowly peeling them off her 22-inch waist and her 30-inch hips.  Her 30-inch chest rose and down as her breathing increased.  Her B-cup boobs oscillated like cherries blowing in a spring breeze.  Any man viewing this erotic spectacle might be tempted to slip one of her forbidden fruits into his mouth.  Driven against his will to lick and suck, and press his flat tongue over each goose bump of her swelling areolas. 

There was science to Chun-Fen's sexual technique, too.  Just as she planned her long range, midrange, short-range goals meticulously, she warmed up her bod slow and easy.  First, she brought her girlslot to a nice broil allowing her juices to spillover the brim and dribble down to her puckering asshole.  Second, she finger-toyed her twin joysacs on her chest.  Third, she eyed the purplish-pink silicon dildo waiting to plunder the musky, damp riches of her Asian pussy. 

Masturbating in her blue miniskirt wasn't wasteful because she was afraid to wear it after she bought it.  The Tao Te Ching cautioned against carelessly using things and she was a spiritual young woman, after all.  At the right moment, her purplish-pink eight-inch dildo, beside her right knee, would be plunged far into her sopping Asiangash repeatedly until her milky orgasms flowed from her poontanghole like lava from a sleeping volcano. 

Chun-Fen gasped.  She purred.  She bit her lip.  She grunted hard.  “Ummmmmmmnn!”  Now she reached for the purple-pink plasticcock. 

Firmly in her hand, she wasted no time.  Her forefinger and middle finger made just a little gap.  Sluuuuuuuuuuppppppp all the way up her fuckslot, Chun-Fen pushed her purple-pink toy.  The toy ravished her wet pussycrack.  Fuckoil spilled out over the dildo making it wetter and slippery to her grasp.  Chun-Fen threw her head side to side.  She moaned loud.  She didn't care who heard her in her apartment room off-campus.  She raised her right leg, crooked, high in the air giving her arm more access.  Harder and faster.  She slammed that toy in between her pussyflaps.  Her clit vibrated after each penetrating jolt.  The outside of Chun-Fen's pussylips clung to the silicon dicktoy.  Her loveglove refusing to let the toy be removed.  Inside her slippery cunt hung on tight holding the toy against the inevitable escaping pleasure of raking across her tiny pink interior waves of fuckflesh.  Once out, Chun-Fen tortured herself by spinning the dildo on her lovecrucible, rubbing it up and down her hot thin line, brushing it against her glossy pussylips and nudged it directly on her clitoris.  This she repeated, abusing her pleasurable parts in a way, unknowable to the male sex. Chun-Fen filled every gap scientifically, methodically until at last, her entire China doll white flesh stretched out straight on the bed and she came! She screamed out ‘I'm coming’ in the four languages she knew best, French, Japanese, English and Chinese.


Chun-Fen wore her white collar over her black girly blouse and black and white checked skirt and strappy black sandals to the phone store.  Her sister, Yan, gave her a graduating certificate.  Your cellphone is so very out-of-date voluptuous Yan had bragged.  Yan was Chun-Fen's older sister.  She had DD-cup tits and hips as big and wide as any German Amazon Internet babe.  Secretly Chun-Fen was jealous.  All the boys were after Yan when she turned fourteen.  Occasionally, boys found Chen-Fen sexually desirable.  She was okay in their eyes.  She was marriageable in their eyes.  But Chun-Fen knew unless she started dressing sexier, she wouldn't be seen as fuckable as her older sister Yan would.

She’d start slow with the new android phone from MotSungon Phones.  She approached the counter.  The young male clerk brushed aside his long black bangs and smiled broadly.  "How can I help you?"
Of course, Chun-Fen didn't interpret this sexually.  She was a geek and didn't get the "Boy signals" pamphlet every other girl in the world secretly had dropped off by the flirting fairy on her sixteenth birthday. 
"I have this certificate."  Chun-Fen stared into the phone cases.  "I'd like to buy a new android phone."
"Good. Right this way.  He took her to another counter."  He stared into her jade-black eyes dreamily.
Chun-Fen stared at the clerk.  "What?  Is there a flat noodle on my face?" Chun-Fen said getting all the signals mixed up.
"Nothing ..." He hesitated.  "You're Perf--"
"I'm interested in a new android phone." Chun-Fen cut him off, getting annoyed.  She pushed her black rimmed glasses up on her nose again.
He bent and reached into the display.  "Well take this one, our two-generations-ahead android the Region Synthesis Matrix phone (RSM)."  He nodded.  He pulled it from out of the case.  It had a nice black cover, and the poster card sized window showing all the apps.
Chen-Fen wrinkled her nose at all the app icons.  "Apps.  I hate apps."
The clerk pressed the side of the RSM and the window cleared showing a blue ocean and two dolphins playing. 
Chun-Fen smiled.  "You're very good. See I'm a little scared of apps.  I should have taken the apps experimental course--"
"You graduated from Beijing-Lu University!" he exclaimed.
"Why--yes," Chun-Fen replied slowly, pushing up her black-rimmed glasses.
He shook his head no.  "I tried to get in.  I failed by four points."
"Just ask for a recount." Chun-Fen picked up the RSM cellphone.  "You always get in on a recount."
The young clerk paused.  "Is that so?"  He wore a rumbled white shirt, black pants and a black skinny tie. 
"Just say computer malfunction in the count mechanism."
He was astonished.  "They'd believe that--at Beijing-Lu University?"  He forced his hands into his pockets and looked at his shoes.  He looked back at Chen-Fen.  "Maybe I should try that--" He looked around.  "I hate working here.  Don't buy that phone the apps are crazy."  He reached over and grabbed another phone.  “Same size, still a Region Synthesis Matrix phone (RSM).”
However, this RSM had a nice pink border.  And Chun-Fen loved things girly and pink.
"See this cell window doesn't hurl the apps in your face like the others."  He turned it on.  The window stayed black, clear and plain.
"Mysterious.  Almost like a Black Hole!"
"That's the point!" the clerk pushed the phone into Chun-Fen's hands.  "Feel how light it is."
Chun-Fen's black eyes widened.  "It's light as a credit card."  She flipped it over.  "It's from Beijing-Lu University!"
"Yes.  It also has experimental apps on it to move through time."  He leaned over and whispered.  "I'm not supposed to tell anyone this. It's for the governmental people."  He gave Chun-Fen a conspirator's look.
Chun-Fen said, "Uh-mmmm.  I wouldn't use them."
He took the phone back and turned it on.  "You don't have to.  The phone is AI as well.  First, there is an apps menu.  Don't panic!"  He chuckled nervously. "I see you really hate apps.  Although now, we can't do without them.  See." He showed her a list of apps instead of icons. 

Chen-Fen said, "That's a nice feature."
"Not so threatening."
He scrolled down to the Location Aura.  "Check this out."  He clicked.  The entire shop appeared to be a small dot on a superlarge map.
Chun-Fen looked around and held onto the clerk.  "How did you do that?"
"Location Aura."
She gave him a crazy-surprised glance.  "But why don't we see that in the phone window."
"You said you hated apps."
Chun-Fen's legs felt woozy. "Put it back in the phone window, please." 
"There.  We're back inside the shop."
"Thank you.  I really need only make phone calls to family, friends, travel GPS in the car.  I plan on going into sales."
"The Location Aura is great for sales.  But the Beam-Scope is even better."
Chun-Fen held up her left hand.  "Wait.  Make it form inside the phone window."
He nodded.  "Yes.  Right," said the eager male clerk, a bit disappointed.  "See this puts you in the spot you pointed to in seconds."
"I see.  There is Hong Kong Mall."
"Yes.  You could be there like that," he snapped his fingers.
He smiled broadly.  "And it also has apps for finding your friends on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace, and YouTube."
She pushed up her black rim glasses again.  "How does that work?"
"Just press Gene Scope."
Chen-Fen bobbed her head yes.  "W--Wow!"
"That's all your friends, where they are in real time.  On apps that is."
"I'll take it," Chun-Fen said.  "She pressed the Gene Scope again.  Hmmm my sister is buying her wedding dress at Lo-Ken's."
He started ringing up the price on the cash register.  "Try the Gene Gift Locator."
She pressed the line in the list.  "Yan wants that white lace bra and panty set from Victoria Secrets."
He took her money and gave her the receipt.  "Nice isn't it."  He wrapped up the cellphone.  "You're getting a bargain because there's a ton of experimental apps under social networking.  Stuff you'd never believe existed."
Chun-Fen really felt good and she left the store.  She got into her car and drove for home. 


When she got home immediately, curiosity got the better of her.  Experimental Apps.  "This must be all the data from those guinea pigs."  Chun-Fen scrolled down the list of apps with an almost maniacal glee on her face.  She took her black-rim glasses off and put them on her divan, next to her bed.   Her favorite book “How to Cum in Three Easy Steps?” still lay on the far end of her made up bed.  "Wonder what this one does?  Boyfriend Locator."

She pressed it.

In seconds, the app window opened up.  And a long disclaimer text popped up.  "You agree this is an experimental app from Beijing-Lu University, the greatest app university in the universe.  This app has been tested and approved for the beta phase.  It is in no way perfect . . ." Chun-Fen hated this about apps in particular.  "Let's just get to the agreement phase please!"  She scrolled down.  The last part read, “some apps might be renamed to prevent nongovernmental personnel from using them . . ."  Chun-Fen now really annoyed scanned faster down the long small black print on the dull-yellow background.  "Some features cannot be undone.  Do you accept and agree to these terms?  Yes or No?"
"Good grief, finally, Yes, yes!" Chun-Fen said, and pressed the "Yes" button without further thought.
The screen flashed. "Boyfriend Locator Installing."
Chun-Fen's jade-black eyes watched the screen.  She held the phone close in her lap. 
Suddenly, an older Chinese woman appeared on the screen wearing a red slit-dress with lots of pretty yellow flowers on it.  Cymbals clanged.  Traditional Chinese music twanged as the woman held a fan and flipped it open to her left.  "I'll locate your boyfriend in less than sixty seconds.  Large royal blue numbers on the screen started counting down 60 seconds . . . 59 seconds . . . 58 . . . 57 . . . 56. 
Chun-Fen laughed hysterically, "Wait I don't even have a boyfriend!"
"Oh yes you do!" said the traditionally dressed Chinese woman, who sounded like a woman from a Chinese Opera. 
"I've heard your voice before," Chun-Fen wrinkled her smooth brow thinking, thinking.
"I'm used in all the Experimental Apps."  She continued, "The Chinese woman loves wearing Jasmine Blossoms, Tonka Extract and Wild Grass scents to attract her man."
"I do?" said Chun-Fen. 
The countdown window showed 34 seconds . . . 33 seconds . . . 32 seconds . . . 31 seconds.
"Yes, you do," the woman replied.  "You want to have many babies and treat your man with respect.  A good Chinese woman loves to read books, and attend traditional Chinese music."
"Wait!  Stop!"  Chun-Fen tapped on the app window's large flashing numbers.  "I'm a single modern girl.  One, I am independent.  Two, I want to make, earn and save my own money!  And three, I don't have a boyfriend!"
The countdown window showed 20 seconds . . . 19 seconds . . . a man's face appeared on the android screen. 
"Boyfriend #1." The woman’s voice announced.
Chun-Fen held the android phone arm’s length away from her as if he might accidentally impregnate her.  "Number #1!" She crossed her legs in the lotus position on her bed.  She sighed heavily.  She readied herself for a long bout once again with a cell-phone application.  Connecting to boyfriends required a PhD in patience.
"Genetic Impregnation is impossible unless the boyfriend is authorized by you," said the Chinese older woman and then laughed. 
Chen-Fen nervously asked, "What do you mean authorized?"
"I didn't agree to have Boyfriend Number 1 either!" argued Chun-Fen doggedly.

"Boyfriend count requested--one moment."  The older woman giggled.  She bent over her fan in mirth.  She held her fan sheepishly to her face.  "Chun-Fen you have approximately 4,271 future boyfriends from this location alone."
"This location!"
"Your bedroom is the prime location to find boyfriends.  Lesser fertile locations are the bathroom and basement."
Chun-Fen quickly got up and went to her bathroom.  She sat on the tub.
"You have ten boyfriends from that location."
Chun-Fen leaped over to the toilet.
"You have one boyfriend."
"Yeah.  But what kind of boyfriend likes to talk while I’m sitting on the toilet?"  Chun-Fen pressed the off button.
"This app is experimental.  Termination can only be accomplished by accepting a boyfriend."
The woman fluttered her silk red yellow blue fan in front of her opera face.  "Do you accept Boyfriend #1 Yes or No?"
Chun-Fen's eyes narrowed.  "Whatever!"
"Whatever is not an option, unless you are in AI mode?"
"I don't want AI mode!"
"AI mode beginning . . ."
"No!  Stop!  Halt!  No!" Chun-Fen said in English, Japanese, French and Chinese.
"Boyfriend #1!" said the Chinese woman's voice as her picture faded away.
"Hi, I'm, XioaFan, the obedient one, Boyfriend #1."
Chun-Fen decided to test her boyfriend's knowledge of her.  She crossed her arms over her perky breasts.  "No you're not!"
XioaFan answered, "According to the Molecular-Extendor-Unit. I am."
"What's my favorite food, Boyfriend #1?"
He lowered his head drawing Chen-Fen’s focus to his attractive heavy dark eyebrows.  Chen-Fen’s pussy clutched twice and melted again.  Inside she wanted to shut the android unit off, but he was already here.  A smile gently appeared on his handsome face as Boyfriend #1 answered, "You find delicious a hardcock, with white mansauce liberally spurting down the side of your throat."
"Edible food!  Vegetable, Meats!"  She forced her attention away from the seductive part of his voice.
"You like shrimp dumplings panfried until crispy."
"Most watched movie?"  I’m sure he hates romantic movies.
"My favorite movie Casablanca."
Quickly Chen-Fen turned to the book on her bed.  Luckily it was faced down, the spine turned toward the wall.  "The last book I read?"
"How to have an orgasm in three easy steps!"
She watched him standing inside the phone all cocky, confident.  He did this little hip sway that made her think about sucking his cock and opening her legs.  "Humph!  You can't be my boyfriend, unless we're in the same place."
"Look outside, Spring Fragrance.  The Boyfriend Locator updated two hours ago.  Now it is intergraded with Beam-Scope functionality.  You just appeared in the new time-space."
She uncrossed her legs to stand up.  "That's not possible yet!" Chun-Fen got up and threw aside her blue curtains and looked outside. Outside of her apartment window, she saw flying cars and buses.  There were strange domed-shaped houses. 
There was an announcement, "Shuttle departing from Beijing to the dark side of the moon; The following shuttles leave for same location in ten minutes, departing from Tokyo, Japan, Pyongyang, North Korea.  All tickets sales are final.”
"What the Fuck!  Beijing-Lu University is huge.  It's taken up probably twelve city blocks."
XioaFan muttered, "Beijing-Lu University took over Beijing University in the year 2089.  That was well--"
Surprised registered on Chun-Fen’s oval face.  She turned back to face XioaFan.  "Seventy-seven years ago.  My time, XioaFan," she mumbled.  Maybe she needed to take a “Find a boyfriend” course.  Seventy-seven years.
A doubtful frown appeared on XioaFan’s face, "Uh right.  Math is not my strong suit."
She walked and sat dazed on her bed.  "It is mine."
"That's why we're a perfect match."
"This makes no sense.  You mean I waited 77 years before taking a boyfriend?"
"You can wait as long as you want with the Region Synthesis Matrix phone."
"Where are we?"
"In time, some time, wherever you want to be with the Region Synthesis Matrix phone.  Do you want to return to your time, Chun-Fen?" said XiaoFan solemnly.
She replied, "Yes." 
"That is not possible with this beta app."
"What?  Do I have to fuck you—or masturbate for you--to get back!" Chun-Fen said turning around frustrated.  She jumped up and whisked her blue window curtain closed again.
He gave a guilty grin.  "Fuck.  If by 'Make Love’, you mean Fuck.  Yes."
"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I HATE APPS!"  Chun-Fen started to disrobe.  She dropped her skirt and of course had no panties on.  “Come on out of the phone and fuck me XioaFan.”  This entire impossible app situation increased her desire for sex.  She didn’t like cliché-romantic arguments, but here she was participating in one, albeit with a theoretical app boyfriend.
He hooked his two thumbs behind his belt.  "You still don't wear panties, Flirty Fen."
She stopped undressing.  "Who's flirty Fen?"
He winked his right eye.  "That's the pet name I gave you."
Chun-Fen ripped off her blouse.  "I cannot believe this!"  Then she carefully unhooked her white collar.
"I'm actually not a bad boyfriend." His eyes grew big and black.  His face became sorrowful and he looked like a new puppy dog.
"I don't even like puppies."  Chun-Fen tossed up her hands, "Okay.  I'm sorry.  I could be nicer."
Chun-Fen laid back nude on her bed.  "You do know how to love, XiaoFan?"
"Some boyfriends only have sex.  I can love.  All you have to do is program it in."
She picked up the RSM phone.  Staring at his huge face taking up the black screen.  She finally gave in. "There is something about you.  And you're actually good looking, XioaFan.  Handsome in fact."
He ran both hands through his dark hair as if he emerged from the sea on a beach.  "I feel good, too."
Chun-Fen’s nipples grew harder watching him preen back his hair.  His chest stuck out.  He was ripped under that white dress shirt.  She wanted him bad now.  "You've had sex before?"
"I'm not programmed to answer that."   He flipped his white collar up and posed.
She smoothed her black straight pussy hairs.  "I want to fuck a virgin boy, because I'm a virgin girl."
XioaFan cleared his throat twice.  "Technically that's not true, Flirty Fen."
"Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I HATE APPS!"  She slammed the phone down.  The phone bounced once and ricocheted off her favorite book on her bed.  "Dildos don't count as sex or fucking or making love!"
XioaFan standing now in person, in three dimension said, "Thank you," He stood still.  His white shirt collar up.  His thumbs tucked behind his belt.  A bad-boy grin on his face.
Chun-Fen put her hand over her mouth. "Wow!" Then she put both hands over her tiny triangle tuff of black straight pussy hair.  "Oh well, you've seen me nude several times before I guess."  She removed her hands.
He stayed put waiting her next move.  He rocked on from his toes to his heels.  This made his pelvis seem to grow inch by inch.  "Several.  But you're pretty and it's always like the first time for me."
Chun-Fen flipped her shoulder-length black hair back over her shoulder.  She put on her black-rimmed glasses again.  She licked her lower lip.  She cocked her pretty head to one side, demure and forgiving.  "One last question.  How come you always show up as Boyfriend #1?"
His dark eyes, fired smoldering, tiny hearts out at Chun-Fen's jade eyes as she lay there, hair flirting.  "Because, I love you more than the other Boyfriends you could have."
He said the operative word ‘love.’  She wanted this Boyfriend #1 now more than ever.  She forgot about being self-conscious around boys.  Chun-Fen got up and walked over to him.  "You're one foot taller than me.  I like your heavier dark-eyebrows.  You're probably a brooding Cancer by astrology signs."
He stood up straighter.  "That's correct so far."
She moved closer.  Her hips beginning to sway; her small ass started to switch seductively, each ass cheek sliding over the other on her approach.  "XioaFan, you're, sensitive and want to have a family."
He tilted his head up.  "They say Chinese women all want to have family,"

Chun-Fen strutted around him like a ballerina around a male prima dancer.  She let her hand trail across his nice hard chest.  Her pussy grew damp.  She began to feel the moisture on her upper thighs.  His pectoral muscles press outward against his white dress shirt.  She circled him again, this time stopping behind him.  She hugged her hands about his firm waist.  She started to unbuckle his black leather belt.  "If it's true, we fucked before in future time.  I thought I’d remember.  I never forget a fuck."
He raised his hands from his belt.  He stared at her pretty hands untying his belt.  "You lost the Yin-Yang tattoo on your lower back."
"Fake tattoo.  My skin is too pretty to mess up with real tattoos . . . XioaFan but you knew that already."  She lowered his pants to his ankles.  "Nice white briefs."  She handled his package.  Her face, breasts, and inner thighs grew hotter.  Inside she knew he meant more to her than physics, but she have to figure out how later.
XioaFan put his hands on hers and slowed her stroking movements.  He stroked her hands as she stroked his growing wangtool.  "I thought your tattoo was real."
Hoarsely she whispered.  "I applied special liquid to prevent rub-offs."  She rose and put the elastic of his briefs between her teeth and squatted down again.  Chun-Fen used her hands to make sure his dicklog didn't stop his garment from dropping to his ankles. 
"XioaFan . . .  you're nude like me." She said from behind him, and she hefted his cocktool up and down. 
His voice croaked.  "I always--hate this--part." He said.
"You want to ram your fuckmeat up my wetcrannyspace right away."  She giggled.
He moved his hips, literally fucking her hands clasping his manhood.  "You never let me."
"Maybe in the future."
Chun-Fen went and sprawled out on the bed.  "This one time, since we're in the future.  I'm going to let you--" She bit her lower lip and stared unashamed at his eight-inch stiffnoodle as he advanced toward her.  And the rumor is Asian men are small.  You’re huge!"
XioaFan said, "Does everyman have to be hung like an African, twelve inches or more?"  He walked proud like a stud in a harem closer to Chun-Fen.  He stopped and wiggled his wanglog causing it to bounce back and forth from hip-to-hip.  “And you—Sex Princess look happier up close, in person.”

Chun-Fen spread her legs wider.  She started to toss away the phone carelessly.  Then thought better of it.  "I can't miss this moment."  Her heart pounded.  She breathed, deep.  Her belly fluttered, both of them. 
He reached her.  "Neither can I." 
He lay down beside her.  He moved in and kissed Chun-Fen. 
Chun-Fen wasted no time, and flipped him onto his back and straddled his hips.
"You said, you let me take you--this one time."
Chun-Fen stopped holding his long penis in midair.  She let it drop away from her eager fuckslit, steamy and misty waiting to drench his manscepter.  She raised her left thigh and rolled back over onto her back by his side.  "Is there a turboapp to make you hurry up and fuck me!"
He rolled over on top of her.  "I am that turboapp, Chun-Fen," moaned XioaFan.  He pinned her arms back.  His lips descended and he kissed her passionately.

Chun-Fen’s spread legs felt his hardness dragging, thrumming from thigh to thigh.  Her pussy leaked more and more.  Her pussy perfumed echoed silently throughout her apartment room.  Soon XioaFan pushed off her hands. 
He reached down and grabbed his long hardcandy and positioned at Chun-Fen's sex.  He winked at her and rammed his malepassion home high, higher up inside her oily fuckslit.  XioaFan pushed several buttons all at once and Chun-Fen swooned in her desire.
Chun-Fen sighed heavily.  "We have actually fucked before.  You hit all my sweet spots!"
He pressed in again.  "Your dildo misses!"
"You're my Boyfriend No.1!"
He pulled out and rammed back in.  "I am THE ONE!"

XioaFan humped against Chun-Fen and his hips pushed her up against the bed with each thrust.  Until, finally, Chun-Fen’s head banged against the headboards of her bed. 

Her mouth dropped open as she yelled, "Oooooooh—YYYYyyeeeee--ahhhhh!  Ummmmmmmmm!  Ummmmmmm!"  Her clit felt every bump and shove inside her heatedcore.  Chun-Fen caught every opportunity when his cocktide rolled in to press her beaded clit pearl against XioaFan's groinwave.  She wrapped one leg around his spread legs for leverage.  She jerked her body off the bed by arching her back and lifting on XioaFan's strong leg. 

She started groaning in a long sigh of relief and her titties wiggled like Jell-O on a washing machine.  XioaFan's face showed nothing, but the strangest sweetest smile.  She thought he would sweat, but he didn't. He looked peaceful and dreamy as if the entire fuck went in slow motion. 

Her eyes went wide.  "Ohh--awe-hhhhh-awe!" Chun-Fen screamed.  "I'm coming!"  Then she and XioaFan started screaming ‘I'm coming’ in the four languages they shared, English, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Chun-Fen lost away all self-consciousness and threw her arms around his upper back.  Her legs wrapped around his hips and she fucked him as if she rode a horse upside down until at last.

They both came!

They both collapsed from sexual exhaustion.

They lay next to each other breathing and pondering their future.

After ten minutes, Chun-Fen said reached over and grabbed his hand, "I don't want you to go back."
"I don't have to if you stay here."
"But I don't know anything about these times . . . my education is useless."  She stared into his black confident eyes.
"You're crazy.  You always wanted to live in the future.  So all the classes you took in the future are good now."
She rose up on her elbows.  "You mean--"
"It's like you just graduated!" XioaFan nodded.  He smiled.  "Tell me how they are shuttling to the dark Moon."
Chun-Fen thought about it for a second.  Then she started rambling off all the physic and computations of space and gravity and the turn of the axis of the earth and how based on this time of the year, space travel was actually easier.  The moon was closer.  Then she threw her hand over her mouth.  "I didn't think I knew all that."
He winked at her.  "You know more than you think, Chun-Fun."
"Well this is much better than I thought.  I'm so happy to meet you XioaFan."
"The marriage is planned for next year."
"And Yan has planned it all."  Chun-Fen picked up her cellphone.  She rose and went to her desk.  She retrieved her small tools for fixing mechanical objects during her childhood.  "You know I used to take apart DVR, DVD, flatscreen televisions, and cellphones as a child, XioaFan."
"I remember."
Chun-Fen dismantled the Region Synthesis Matrix Phone.  She picked up the disassembled pieces.  "See."  She dropped then into the wastebasket by her study desk.  "No one can break us apart now!"


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