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This page was last updated : October 21, 2006

(Blogsphere -- mostly prose collection of individual trees together  creating a forest of cultural authorities on a variety of subjects.)

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Writing everyday isn't always easy.  Writing what you want to write comes, sometimes, after much effort.  What writing does provide you an avenue to improving your writing.  Simple.  Just write everyday or as often as you can and soon you'll discover your  voice.  Soon your method of writing reveals itself.  Soon you'll find your best way to produce something meaningful and true.

Now you must have a philosophy of writing.  Most people don't think they have a philosophy but they do.  Trick is to discover what your philosophy is and why you are choosing to write that philosophy.  You could very well sing your philosophy, or demonstrate it in actions like teaching, guiding, sports or learning.  Nevertheless, consciously use your philosophy in your writing.'s philosophy is about Love overall.  That umbrella covers everything I do.  The handle of this umbrella is female empowerment. 

Every work on lives out this philosophy of love and female empowerment.  Characters, themes, plots all contribute to this writing philosophy even if some stories seem on an entirely different subject matter.

We all have a writing philosophy.  Find out yours and you'll feel more power and passion in your writing.


Cupideros is a Cincinnati-based poet and prose fiction writer of female empowering short and flash stories, poems, of various genres, Fantasy, SF, Erotic, Erotica, Literary and novels.   Cupideros also writes hetrosexual erotic (men like these sex focused) or erotica (women like these relationship focused) short stories of 2,000 to 3,500 words for $25 for women or men as the star.  Make your $25 payment through Paypal donaton button (on his website) and list "for short story" as reason.  Send your face or body picture (always better), your first name only or first and last or a nickname and describe your personality, looks to   Give him two weeks (other requests may be ahead of yours).  He will produce an exciting erotica or erotic short story just for you!  Do you need help with writing poetry or fiction?  Click to find out more about his free online poetry course and free online prose fiction course. If you do not subscribe already, please sign up use your email address Cupideros Blog.  (Cupideros does not sale to others or third-parties your email address or any other personal information.)

If you are tired of reading rapy romance novels where women only get sexually or romantically excited by dating alpha jerks and people who misuse them, where women have no agency, and want to support 22nd Century Female Fiction writing again, simply click on one of the many PayPal buttons on the site or buy something for yourself at the cupiderosbooks shopping tab, which is linked below.  :)

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