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This is Chapter 3 of Abyss and Philosophy.  Earlier we discussed Philosophical paths A, B, C and D.  We discuss the reluctance to admit following any of these paths.  We discussed the great fear—that we are the Abyss.  We discussed humanity is so fearful, we act creepy like crabs in a huge can.  Journalism or media could help, right?  Journalism and media are supposed to get the facts and present them to the public or Herds A, B, C, D?  Journalism (including all media) could be the cooling sprinkles to the fire-raging fear each group holds of the one Great Truth.  

First, in what Herd Group does Journalism belong?   

A. Journalism’s proper place is in Group A, (All Purpose Herd) group.  This frightful herd needs “true facts” more than most.  One because it is the majority.  Two, because all those growing up must go through the A Herd class before they can--dare I say it--graduate into Herds Group B, C and D. True Journalism would continually sprinkle facts on the fear of this herd.  If the world were perfect as a song says…but Journalism is not perfect for three good reason (I’ll discuss in a second) and so Journalism does not belong in the largest of Herds Group A.  

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B. Herd Group B loves Journalism!  Group B (Specialist Herd) needs someone to blow the trumpets of this groups' truths, whether it is of nanotechnology, new chemistry compositions and applications, computers, government demonization of other governments and peoples, fame of personalities, doing and comings of powerbrokers.  All we recognize in the two words “Media Circus” describes why Journalism belongs in this class.  When someone has an ax to chop, Journalism is ready to swing its paper machete and draw real or imaginary blood.  Whoever says “sticks may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” has never even half-read a single history book!  Journalism needs supporters.  Journalism is a Gun-for-Hire (JAGH).  This group is the megaload support group for Journalism, but for all the wrong reasons mostly.  A few good reasons exist for this group to support Journalism.  However, if you want the truth and not propagandist or regurgitating opinions from those benefiting from those same opinions, this is not the best class for Journalism to align itself.  Potemkin Village Group Think happens again and again and again when Journalism aligns itself with Herd Group B.  In fact, anyone once they understand how Journalism is suppose to work can then subvert Journalism’s true purpose.  

Revised 04.08.09 reread...
C. Journalism’s interest in “just the facts” seems in sync with Group C.  (Diest Herd) They believe our world has been abandoned by Goddess/God.  We are all alone.  If so, shouldn’t we get the best facts about our world in order to understand it?  You’d think so.  Journalism should not be swayed by attachment to things like money, prestige and fame.  Journalism should not wallow in self-pity about our abandonment and get on with telling us how the world really operates.  Unfortunately Journalism apparently needs supporters and Group C is not a massive class.  Nor is this class loaded with money and interests.  If Goddess/God abandoned the world, what support can Journalism expect from this class who are disinterested in the world and willing to let it go to pieces because it’s all a mistake anyway?  If anything Journalism is very committed to something, a cause, personality, funds of money, powerbrokers, and mood of the times.  Group C is rather above and detached from all this nonsense.  

D. Religions would love to have Group D's (Religious Herd) Journalism’s blessing.  However, Journalism’s gaudy need for its own fame and power makes it inevitable the enemy of this class/Group Herd D.  Journalism wants the facts and how can you get the facts about Goddess or God, when such facts are based on a personal relationship with said Goddess or God.  Some countries are saturated with satelites, messages and printed books about Goddess or God, but do we see proof of society improving any?  Imagine Journalism interviewing Goddess or God.  “Why do you tell people, See these flowers and birds.  If Goddess or God takes care of them, your Goddess or God will take care of you?  Isn’t this some sort of mental and material Ponzi scheme?”  Religion is above the realm of 100% verifiable facts and so Journalism has no interest here for long.  Journalism cannot supersede the fame of Goddess or God, and so remains a frustrated child living in their parent’s shadow.  The best Journalism hopes for is to bring the entire religious systems down by any means, unless some or alliance of Group C supporters say, for “confidence or morality’s or political sake” we need these simple minded religious people.  Leave them be for now!  Religious books often talk about "their religious words" being perverted or twisted away from the truth.  If words never hurt anyone, why would even religious books need to warn people about the danger of words.  Journalism is words.  No words, no Journalism.  Same goes for news pictures.

Before I state the three types of Journalism lets familiarize ourselves with the ten mysterious actions of the four classes or groups. 

All this may seem rather mysterious.  But consider these mysterious actions of each philosophical path:
1. Each path keeps its own members in check or down in the can.  
2. Each path tries frantically to recruit or convert new members from the other paths.
3. Each path swears their path is the true path.
4. Each path has no true or courageous interest in helping their fellow crabs and believes none will help them if they got free first.
5. Each path can produce entire libraries supporting their path as the ultimate reality and ultimate rationalism.
6. Each path strives to miseducate the other paths.
7. Each path falls into massive group-think, relying on the experts of its individual path and cannot see the forest.
8. Each path is at peace, strangely enough, when all this busy work activity and climbing and falling and no one getting out, takes place.  
9. Each path will creates vast sneaky, misguiding schemes to induce, force, trick, convert, and motivate other paths to their point of view at any cost.
10. Each path feels satisfied when every crab remains in the Can of Crabs and unable to confront the Great Truth.

Three types of Journalism exist.

1. Journalism Without Pay (JWOP).  We all know what this is.  The terrible truth istrue Journalism is pricey.  One feels a need to tell the truth and tries to tell it someway, somehow.  There use to be the soapbox, but that’s been demonized.  Today we have blogs.  Independent Press.  Millions of blogs now exist.  Some blogs are no doubt free and pay the blogger not one cent.  Let face it, only the die-hard truth teller or desperate truth-teller does Journalism Without Pay (JWOP).  Journalism Without Pay (JWOP) may or may not bring rewards or recognition or even complete any or some or all of it’s reported purposes.  The transition from newspaper to Internet paper is the biggest example of JWOP in action.  We’ve all notice how fast JWOP is increasing.  The advertisers go somewhere else (Craig’s List) or don’t “now” like your content and you’re into JWOP.  Another more complex form of JWOP is when someone writes a book and no one buys the book.  

2. Journalism With Pay (JWP).  We sort of remember this; although our memory isfading fast on just what type of Journalism this is.  Laughs.  Journalism is paid by readers or advertisers and the story is written.  Journalism is paid by someone or a business owner and the story is written.  In the best cases, Journalism is not bias or afraid of its readers or advertisers to state its mind/facts.  One problem exists.  This is not a perfect world and whereas in the beginning the advertisers were beholden to the vast circulating newspapers to contact people, in the later stages Journalism becomes beholden to the advertisers for income.  This cyclic relationship always reaches a tipping point when those in Group C infight againsts each other for dominance.  Will the newspapers crumble and give in to advertisers’ secret demands to shut up!   Or will the advertisers back off and give in to the mutual relationship they had in the beginning?  Or will the advertisers give in to infighting pressure from some other Group C, or outfight pressure with another group A, B or D?  JWP is always on the endangered species list.  We’ve all notice the increasing demise of JWP.  Most newspapers are corporations, so Group A (investors) could bring the newspapers to a stop by demanding particular profit levels.  JWP is when someone writes a book and it sales well enough for a profit!  

3. Journalism as Hired-Gun (JAHG) always tends to be sneaky or secret (JWP).  The slant is so narrow, so weird, so particular and so targeted as to even go so far as to attract notice of manipulation if one pays any attention to Journalism in the form of commercial, news stories of “particular crisis stories.”  Potemkin Village news stories (everything is good), Reverse Potemkin Village news stories (everything is terrible) and commercials are purposely created to manipulate the fears and create Group Think in Herd A mostly, but inevitable sweep up Herds B, C and D in some vast super newsfishing expedition.  JAHG is done by Intelligence Groups who have reasons to tear down entire nations, groups and classes of people, or for women (Read Backlash) or African Americans.   The entire purpose of JAHG (commonly known as propoganda) is to create a condition of hysteria and during this hysteria in the Herds put forward some new manipulated Group Think to the four Herd Group or classes.

Is technology a solution for Journalism?  Can technology bring us back to the truth of Journalism?  No.  Why?  People are Journalism!  No matter how wizardry the news comes to you, some person collected this news, sifted and targeted this news for some Herd Group.  Journalism is not a collection of small plastic toy blocks you bought and can easily deconstruct.  Journalism is a glued collection of small plastic toy blocks with a purpose and target in mind.  Information or toy blocks are left out and lead to only a few solutions or views.  For every advance technology makes, someone finds a corresponding misadvance using that same technology.  An old SF saying best explains this:  New Science (when we don’t know it exist and is operating or being used on us) seems like Magic.  Extrapolation: The evil side of science is far more likely to be used before the good side of science is made available to the public. 

1)  Pay for Journalism you want it.  Subscribe.  Become a paying reader of Journalism of your choice..

2)  Stay connected with Independent Press stories

3)  Stay in touch with Journalism as a whole.


Chapter 3: Journalism & Media Philosophy

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