Angie’s Summer Obsession
© Copyright by Cupideros, September 10, 2012 

Angie’s neighbor looked good that night he took a drunken piss against the tree in his yard.  Angie didn’t even care about sex until that night.  In the shadows, all her female sexuality stirred. Now she’s been obsessing after Justin for an entire year.  Will Angie get to taste Justin’s hard pink cock?  Does Justin even know his sexy young twenty-year-old neighbor is alive?  Read and find out.

Angie smiled.  She had bow lips and her sexy blue eyes served as the arrow.  Straight across her top thin lip, contrasted to her dipping, fuller lower lip.  If only Justin visited Tigard's Bed and Breakfast.  She'd date him for sure.  Justin would see how desirable she was to other men.  Men twice her and Justin's age.  Competition Angie was beginning to think.  He needs to see I'm not available.  So Angie made a plan.

Angie’s Summer Obsession
© Copyright by Cupideros, September 10, 2012 
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Angie lay in her pretty pink bed.
Angie tried to forget her neighbor's Justin's beautiful cock.  Justin's beautiful long seven-and-half-pink cock.  His cock, all hard, straining to push out the yellow liquid from a night of beer drinking.  She stared at it from her porch, not more than ten feet away.  Her clit trembled.  Angie bit her lower lip to stifle her gasps of desire.  Her pussy path vibrated inside wanting, searching to hold something.  Something like Justin's hard member shaking off the final drops of sterile pee.  Yellow drops Angie's vivid imagination immediately turned into manmilk dripping sperm. 

Listening to crickets and meditating in the shadows, no one ever saw Angie.  Her porch swing didn't squeak.  Besides, who would sit outside this late at night?  She only came out here for alone time from her nagging Mom.  Her Mom always insisting she do something useful besides serving meals down at Tigard's Bed and Breakfast.  "There is nothing wrong with serving meals.  Everyone has to eat, Mom."
Her Mom wanted her to become a bookkeeper, or secretary.  That was last summer, too.  Now twenty-year-old Angie undulated on her white sheets in her pink bed.  One large pink pillow behind her head; the other large fluffy pillow between her delicate, yet fit, lean legs, crammed against her damp pussy.  Angie dry humped that pillow fantasizing Justin invited her over.  He tried to get her drunk and succeeded.  Then Justin lay her down and prepared to take her virginity.  Angie didn't know if she still was virginal.  Her long-thin-tapered fingers penetrated her cunthole hundreds of times since that erotic scene last summer.  She humped her pillow between her legs, laying on her tummy and fucked herself from behind some nights.  Other nights, she removed her panties.  Angie left the pillow cover wet and stained, soaked and hot with her virginal girly juices.  Random shoulder length bright yellow strands of her damp hair stuck to the pillow.  Her thick blonde thatch clingingly draped her outer and inner labia lips. Angie loved the feel of her simmering hot juices inside her wing folds.  Her sea-scented pussy sauce filled the bedroom air.   Her jutting B-cup tits scratched the pink sheets, sending aching-aching tight sensations all over her breasts.  Goose bumps dotted her areolas.  What she lacked in boob size, her breast sensitivity compensated for.  Angie could come if from just stroking her tits.  And if Justin simply recognized her and took her two small dark-pink nipples into his mouth, Angie felt sure she'd cum right away!

Angie's pink room, white sheets, pink top sheet bed matched the diminutive white lamp on the silver nightstand beside her bed.  Her vanity table held all pink makeup blush containers, lipstick tubes, and lotion bottles.  Angie was shy personality wise.  The "M" shaped round top mirror matched her shyness.  Past the foot of her bed, a tall chest a drawers held her blouses in the first drawer, her bras in the second, her panties in the third drawer and socks in the fourth.  The fifth drawer held all of Angie's sex books, thirty in all.  Her BoyToy Magazine and "How to Have Sex Books" hid under a long pink blanket.  Her Mom hated to stoop down.  So her growing sexual education and increased arousal remained private.  Inside that one fall, issue of BoyToy #221 a brown-hair boy, tall, built, and clean-shaven face look-a-like of Justin!   Angie loved that issue.  She had Justin nude already.  But there was nothing like a live cock!

Angie realized while boys gain satisfaction from a two-dimension picture of a naked female.  Girls and women rarely got satisfaction from a two-dimension male.  Girls and women wanted a three-dimensional man.  Someone touchable.  Females needed to smell that man.  Taste his balls and rock-hard cock.  Hear his cock plundering their sloppy slitholes, making that "Plop, Plop, Slop" sound.  She needed Justin in the flesh.  But until then she mashed, twirled and pulled her labias apart, forced them up her hot tight hole and silently screamed out Justin's name in her imagination. 

Until last summer, sex was an abstract thing to Angie.  Abstract before it became an obsession.  The basics she knew.  Boys liked girls.  Girls liked boys for liking girls.  She didn't even think about penetration until that one summer night.  Now all Angie treasured and obsessed over dangled between Justin's long swimmer's legs.  Justin was a lifeguard.  Kinda of stuck up, too.  Angie wasn't the prettiest of girls. And Justin had tons of gorgeous girls flirting at him.

One day, standing before her full-on mirror in her all pink room, Angie considered becoming an entertainer, a stripper.  Her oval pale face held the prettiest teal blue eyes. Eyes calling out to customers at Tigard's Bed and Breakfast.  People gave her tips because they genuinely liked her.  All she did was served them efficiently.  Her appeal bordered on the erotic.  The men especially, the traveling salesmen, moving through Fair Oaks, California always gave her big tips.  One man slipped his business card into Angie's gray and white smock one day.  "If you ever want to come to Hollywood and entertain," He told Angie. 
Angie smiled.  She had bow lips and her sexy blue eyes served as the arrow.  Straight across her top thin lip, contrasted to her dipping, fuller lower lip.  If only Justin visited Tigard's Bed and Breakfast.  She'd date him for sure.  Justin would see how desirable she was to other men.  Men twice her and Justin's age.  Competition Angie was beginning to think.  He needs to see I'm not available.

So Angie made a plan.
She started to wear her hair down.  She put on shorter skirts.  Angie focused on more make up around her eyes.  Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara.  She boosted her personality by laughing louder at things.  Angie took a cold hard look at her physical assets: 5' 4" tall.  Lean body frame. Slight hourglass shape.  B-cup jutting tits, small dark-pink nipples. Shoulder length blonde hair.  Teal blue eyes.  Sexy walk.  Like she rode horses all her life.  A sex gap at the top of her legs perfect for seduction wearing tight jeans and bikini swimsuits.

She adjusted her schedule at the Tigard.  Tanning became her top priority.  Tanning while Justin worked as a lifeguard.  Angie discarded the drowning helpless female ploy.  Damsels in distress seemed to annoy, Justin.  He hesitated before going out into the salty sea.  Usually, the girl suddenly recovered when Justin's body made a better life raft.   No.  She would be subtle.

The first week nearly fried her.  She bought stronger SPF8 suntan lotion.  She laid tanning on her tummy, her bikini bra loose, and the straps hanging off the side.  Then she turned over and accidentally allowed her bra to slip off.  Justin didn't visibly react the first time.  The second time he sat upright in his chair.  Angie waited twenty minutes then flipped back over on her tummy, fumbling with her top again.  Finally, she walked right past Justin and paid no attention to his gorgeous, fit, body.  His hairless chest and near hairless legs driving her mad with passion.

She went to work.  Smiled more.  Talked a little bit more.  Mentioned she was working on getting a boyfriend.  Angie figured the girls would become curious.  That's what happened.
Sarah said, "You've got these men eating out of your hands, Angie."  Angie blushed.  "I'm simply being nice."
"It's working, your tips have gone up, from what I see, when I am cleaning off my tables."
"All for my new boyfriend; He's coaching me."
"Effective speaking and networking is all the rage."
"My boyfriend calls it social management."
"It's working." Sarah grabbed a plate full of soggy potato chips, half-eaten cole slaw, and waning moon slice of a hamburger sandwich.  "Your boyfriends very smart."
"It's easy to do social management." Angie said, pouring a fresh glass of water for a new customer.  "You simply ask yourself, would you like to hear this?"
"I haven't met your boyfriend."
"J--He's out of town in college right now."  She finalized the customer's order, "You want a lemon slice in a ginger ale.  Hold the salt on the fries.  Cheese cake."  She moved back to the counter and stuck the order on the order rack. 
Sarah putting money in the cash register said, “Yeah, there's this guy Justin. He'd make a good boyfriend, too."
“He’s not my type.  Got too many girlfriends.”
"You're only twenty.  Justin's only two years older than you."  Sarah smiled.
"After eighteen, age doesn't make any difference."
"Justin is single.  I know."
"I see him with that girl with the curly black hair a lot."
"They're breaking up soon."

That's all Angie needed to know.  She came home after work, now, at the same time as Justin.  She acted happy and gregarious.  She talked loud on her cell phone whenever she saw Justin getting out of his car.  They walked down their respective walkways to the door.  Angie laughed and shouted, "No way!  Tell me more!" Then she turned her head to Justin and wave quickly like embarrassment alone made her recognize him.


Finally, one day, Justin and Angie got out of their cars at the same time.  Justin carried his lifeguard gear.  Angie again faked chatting on her cell phone.
"Hey, I see you down at the beach a lot."
"Wait a sec," she said to her cell.  "Yeah.  I won't be going back to the beach soon.  Their changing my schedule down at Tigard's."
"The Bed and Breakfast on Straight Lane?"
Angie turned and faced Justin.  She pouted.  "Yes. We're super busy.  Lots of old men, making money.  Tossing it at me."
Justin laughed.  "I'd toss you money if it'll work."
“I can't stand those traveling salesmen especially.  I know I'm pretty.  You think so right."
Justin nodded.  He smiled broadly and started walking over to the fence that divided our properties.  "Want to go out sometime?"
"I'll have to check with my out of state boyfriend."
Justin scoffed.  "You don't have an out of state boyfriend."
"I know," Angie said, and leaned closer so Justin could smell her Chloe perfume. "I'm trying to make you jealous."
"You' don't need to do that, Angie."
"Let's go out."

She hesitated.  "I--don't."
"What's your phone number," he hurriedly said.  "I'll call you in an hour."
Angie gave him her cell phone number.  She walked into her house and her Mom's standing there at the door. 
"You are trying to be more social these days?"
"I'm a young girl.  I can date if I want."
"I'm pleased you are not sitting around the house trying to be an old maid."
"Is that what you called it?"
"I do."  Mom even gave me a hug.  "I like your new tan, too."

In her room, Angie waited for Justin to call.  She waited for two hours. Angie busied herself looking over her “How to Have Sex Book” one more time.  It was ten-o'clock at night when he called.'
"Angie. It’s Justin."
"Hey, Justin. What are you doing?"
"I'm asking you out.  To come over." He voice sounded very happy, but slightly drunk.
"I can't come over to guy’s rented apartments.  I know you're in college and everything."
"Can I come to your place?"

Motivated hardly describes Angie’s intentions.  Being obsessed with Justin created a drive to fuck him, not to love him.  She had to use the word “love” though.  It satisfied the social conventions.  She started to question that when the doorbell rang.  He was here!  Angie rushed downstairs and opened the door.  She quickly stepped outside.  "Let's sit out here Justin."

"Where?"  He looked around, as it was dark out.
"Over there, on the porch swing."
"In the dark?"
"It so comfy and I get very romantic sitting there." She encouraged.  Angie smelled some beer on his breath.  Instead of Justin getting me drunk and taking my virginity, he was drunk!  Angie wore very short blue jeans, rolled once at the cuff.  The jeans practically showed her pussylips when she sat down.  The small white top Angie wore shrink-wrapped her pointed-jutting breasts.  Her nipples perked up.  Angie started oiling between her legs, inside her fuckbox too.
"I'm glad to see you; I broke up with my girlfriend."
"I'm sorry to hear that," Angie lied.
"Yeah.  I couldn't just rush over. They argued."  Justin focused his blue eyes squarely on mine.  "Not surprising.  She didn't surprise me anymore."
"Surprise you.  Flash you."
"I don't know," Justin stood up.
And then, by his reaction, knew he saw her splitpussy lip crotch. 
Justin’s eyes lingered between her legs. "The hottie from next door."
She couldn’t believe he meant her.  "All this time, I've been hoping you notice me."
"I noticed you," he said coming closer.  He squatted down so we talked face-to-face, but you didn't seem approachable."
"I'm shy unless, I see you in some erotic situation."
Justin placed his hands on Angie’s nervous thighs. 
Her thighs trembled and grew wet from his palms.  Her pussy positively gushed so much, She thought a wet spot began to appear and quickly crossed her legs.  "Sex was very abstract to me until that night I sat here.  I sat here and saw your cock."
"What!"  He laughed, got up and sat next to me on the porch swing. 
She saw him trying to figure out when it was.
"Last Summer.  You were drunk or slightly drunk."  Angie’s taper-slim finger pointed to the tree in his yard, close to his rented apartment.
"I don't remember."  He put his arm around her shoulder.
She wanted to lean in but figured, not yet.  "I do." Angie swallowed hard.  "I never forgot your hard pink cock.  I wanted to put it in my mouth and between my legs ever since."
He gave Angie a mushy kiss.  But his technique was good.  A soft gentle kiss.  His tongue rubbed inside Angie’s lips right from the start.
"I want to see you piss again." She said, shocking Justin.
"I can't do it."  He backed away smiling.  "I knew you'd be different.  I dreamed of fucking you.  Justin continued, “My sexy neighbor is very hot.  Not like my girlfriend."
"Forget about your, former girlfriend." Angie cooed.  "I'm here now!  Just make love to me."

Somehow, everything clicked into place.  Justin and Angie smooched in the dark for a long time.  She didn't even notice he slipped his hand up her white blouse.  His tanned fingers circled her hot-pink nipples.  She heaved.  Her breath shortened until finally a little gasps escaped her cute bow lips.
"What's wrong?"
"You made me cum!" She waited.  Angie struggled to regain her composure.  Then she just lost it.  She pushed really fast and hard on Justin, knocking him back on the swing.  She lay on top of him.  “I've been obsessed with you for an entire year."
Being slightly drunk, he said, "Perception from afar always makes things better."
"You're perfect, Justin."  Angie slipped her hand down and rubbed his crotch.  She sympathized with his long dick trapped in his tight jeans.  "Let's go upstairs and free your cock."
"I don't think I'm good drunk."
"I'll be the judge of that." Angie pulled him up, struggling.  They stumbled upstairs together.  Her feelings so strong, like Justin was a trapped fish, threatening to break the line of romance and get away in the sea.  She spent a year searching that sea to experience his body.  Angie refused to eturn him. Let the other girls find their “other fish” in the sea. 

Upstairs in her room, Justin stopped, shocked at the Spartan pink beauty of Angie’s room. 
"You're a princess from a storybook."
Angie didn’t delay.  She started unbuckling his jean pants. Justin raised his arms and allowed me.  She pushed his pants down to his knees.  His cock sprang up and bounced off her chin, nearly poking her in the eye.  His hard-on strained.  His beautiful cock stretched bigger than Angie remembered
"I was this hard last summer?" He joked.
"Softer."  Angie smiled, her teal blue eyes watching his own.  She dropped to her knees and placed her small hands around his massive cockmeat.  How hot it felt.  It forcibly jerked upward.  She applied pressure squeezing his cock and sliding her hand forward towards the tip.  Soon a drop of clear precum perched on the top and threatened to run off onto Angie’s light-tan carpet.  She snaked out her tongue.   Angie licked up his manjuice. 

His cockoil tasted tangy and sweet.  His balls smelled like CK cologne.  "I love a man who takes the time to use cologne."
"The ladies like it," Justin slurred his words more.
Angie boldness increased.  She slipped her outer lips around his cockhead.  She looked up into Justin's eyes.  Got him!  Angie thought.  She didn't care about looking subservient on her knees before his penis scepter.  Holding his penis in her mouth, she ran Her tongue around the tip, repeatedly.  Then Angie pushed her mouth forward, forcing her lips to form a tight "O". 
Justin's eyes rolled back.  He let out a long heavy sigh.  "That hot mouth!  What a cocksucker you are!"
"I like cock!"
"That's what I mean.  You're a good bitch bad bitch cocksucker."
She ignored his drunken ramblings.  She gobbled his cock all the way down to the base.  Then Angie sucked her cheeks in.   She pushed her tongue up and down the length of him.  Justin started pumping his hips.  His excitement increased.  He held the back of her blonde head.  Then forced Angie’s throat further down on his cock! 

Suddenly, Angie fought for air and pushed off his strong swimmer thighs.  She gagged up a mouthful of his white spunk and a long string of her salvia. 
"Fucking Wild!" Justin said, watching her drool drip to the floor. 
"I almost died!  Cough.  Cough."
He knelt down, too, comforting Angie by rubbing her sides gently. 
She struggled to gain her demure composure.  Angie wiped cum off her chin and blouse.  "I'm practically a virgin, Justin."
"I'm sorry, Angie."  He hugged her.  He lifted her to her feet.  "I didn't know--your obsession."
"Obsessing on one man stops you from practicing cocksucking on other men."
Justin walked Angie over to her pink and white bed.  They sat down. 
Justin reached and removed her blouse, slowly.  Sitting there in her black lace bra and tight jean pants, felt naughty to Angie.  They started kissing again, slowly making out.

He undressed her, top to bottom.  As Angie’s jeans slid down her lean thighs and calves, She wondered if he smelled her heated pussy.
"Your flower's got a nice musky smell."  He nuzzled his nose in between her legs without warning.  Angie didn't care where he tossed her jean shorts.  All her senses inflamed as his hot breath steamed up her fuckbox even more.  Angie spread Her legs, allowing his languid tongue to lick Her sex.  She swooned under the pressure of his naughty tongue whip.  Unable to sit up right any longer, she reclined on the bed.  She clinched her pink top sheet.  Angie moaned and said, "Justin tongue fuck my pussy slit!  Suck up all my girl fuck sauce. Do it!" 

As he flick and sucked Angie’s inner and outer labias, she started rubbing her breasts.  Justin was a great flip-flap eater.  She slid Her fingers downward from habit.  Angie needed to stroke her clit to cum.  Her left hand mashed Justin’s brown hair tighter between her legs, higher into her fragrant snatch.  Angie’s right hand reached her Venus mound and started to flick gracefully her clit sideways.  Finally, uncontrollable from lust, young Angie turned her clit around in tiny circles and moaned.  "Justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!"  She lifted up off the bed, arching her back, feeding him her oily pussy salad and orgasmed.  "AGGggggggggggggg!"

Exhausted, all she heard in the room was the sloppy sound of Justin’s still-working tongue.  He placed his entire mouth around Angie’s vagina and sucked hard.  He drew more blood and desire into her now-sensitive pussy.  Tiny stars danced under her closed eyelids.  Justin, her obsession-fuck, kissing her sea-crease.  Angie raised Her legs.  She threw them behind Justin's back trapping him into her love palace.  Urges came from nowhere. New urges rising out of tense young body.  Flowing from deep inside burned outward in every widening circles enveloping her uterus at first, then Angie’s pussy sheath, her belly, breasts and flowed up to her neck and head. 

Angie’s heated blush flowed up her sexy body.  But stopping the next series of climaxes remained impossible.  She opened her eyes wide.  Her mouth dropped open.  Angie’s clit disappeared inside the hood.  She no longer felt her slippery pearl.  Nevertheless, Angie spun her clitoris faster, back and forth, than a rap DJ at a flash party.  She raised her thighs in the air.  Angie’s also raised her ankles, and exploded in a multiple orgasms that left her dizzy and depleted.

Several minutes went by.  Next thing her senses registered burned like someone stuck a hot poker up her pussy crack.  Too exhausted to scream, she bit Her lower lips as Justin’s engorged fuckmeat, pushed fast and hot into her narrow passage.  Every push burned, pushing aside her soft tight pink folds.  He tore pieces of her cunt lining off trying to stuff his steelrod inside her body.  Justin's face grimaced.  He didn't talk.  His face showed a type of anger.  Angie guessed he needed to stay hard.  His aggression and force helped in move deeper inside her constricted passage.  He pounded against her groin.  Hard.  Harder.  He pulled out stretching her opening more.  In again, Justin’s hard member went.  Angie’s inner labia lips found themselves inside her pussy path.
"Oooooooooooooooh it's big, Justin!" She cried. 
Justin grunted, "Almost there, Angie.  It will start feeling like bliss soon."
Angie figured, either the pressure in her glory socket forced more precum from his dick. Or her furnace nook released cooling girl goo--because it did start feeling good!

Her grasping valley turned Angie into a grinding machine.  Something inside her adjusted to Justin's width and length; then all this juice started to flow down between Angie’s butt crack.

Justin rose on his elbows and gazed down at his cock.  She wondered what he was looking at.  She rose up a little and saw Justin’s cock covered in blood. 
Shame and wonder.  Confusion and elation showed on his face.  "You're a total virgin!  I'm your first boyfriend!"
Weakly Angie smiled.  Lying didn't work.  His bloated penis revealed the truth.  "You don't like virgins?" She countered.
"I love virgins," Justin replied adding tenderness to his fucking motions. 

Finally, his cock reached Angie’s cervix; the top of her pussy sheath.
"It's done!"
"Keep fucking me!"
Angie locked Her legs about Justin’s waist.  She pulled his neck bringing him down to her moist lips.  The little girl inside herself wanted to congratulate and reward him, for opening her, making her a total woman.  Angie kissed him long and hard.  The ardor she lavished on Justin satisfied all her past nights obsessing over him.  Her fantasies satisfied, she fucked harder, wilder, circling and hunching Justin's stiff cock. 

Every move practiced dry humping her pillow, now Angie used to please her sopping fuckslot.  She let go of his back and shoulders.  Moving her hands down, she touched her clit again.  She beat out a circle cadence of strokes left then right.  She stopped.  Then beat out another circle cadence of strokes.  Angie’s left side being more sensitive than her right side.  The soreness in her pussy pleased her.  She boldly grabbed Justin's ass and pounded his hard-on dickmeat into her tender flesh faster and faster until Justin and Angie moaned loud and exploded swapping their body fluids.

When Justin left that night, Angie walked bowlegged back up her steps.  Justin said he would call her, but frankly, Angie didn't care.  She obtained her obsession.  If love presented itself, Justin's move needed to be first. 

The next day, she awoke up contented.  She didn't need to masturbate over Justin.  She didn't even think about him.  All Angie thought about was her sore pussy between her legs.  Her open sore pussy.  Sore but good feeling.  She took a bubble bath to ease that. 

Around the middle of the day, Justin called.  He apologized for being drunk.  He confessed he thought she was worldlier.  Then, he did it!  Justin asked Angie out on an official date.  "I won't to keep what we have going, Angie," he said.  "You may have obsessed over me for a year; but now," he paused, “I want to obsess over you."
"Obsessions make the world magical," Angie added.  "The things you really love you obsess over."
Justin.  Sober Justin agreed with her.


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