802.11 SPYCHIP 101
   (c) March 31, 2008 by Cupideros

Let me tell you a story
of how it use to be,
when we shopped like we wanted
when we shopped for free.
When we brought our goods,
not home from the woods,
but from our local grocery store,
Where we ambled down the aisles,
Where we chose foods we adore,
Where our grocer's smile had no wiles.
Where we took our products home
From the store without being tagged
Like a wildebeest tracked where it wagged
It's tail and roamed feeding and breeding
And relishing it's odd sleeping habits.
The days when we were human beings,
Not products to be efficiently bagged
by marketers, machines and computer chips.
But alas, I'm afraid those days will bore
the reader who is now accustomed to more,
more drama, more intensity, more danger
and so, dear reader I'll tell of disablers
of humanity, double-dippers and doomsayers,
O you'll get your fill of deep deceit.
But let's start with the local doppelgänger.

There is a man who firmly believes,
and neither does this man believe
In a Goddess, nor does this man believe
There is a God. This man holds life's purpose
on earth is for the living of eating and drinking,
shopping and buying, and creating toys
for the meriment of still more shoping and eating
of mankind, even if this does the souls destroys.
This local doppelgänger makes a lot of noise
about a strange process that at first annoys.
Why if we chipped everything in the store,
with a computer digit bits say 34 bits for razor blades,
23 bits for automobiles, 29 bits for grains of rice,
you get the picture things would be nice
you'll save money because will provide more
faster and can even recall the bad stuff
from the markets?  O the ways we could employ
this technology to improve mankind!

Now like all scientist and chaser of profits,
he sees only the good.  If we'd all be so incline
to follow his falsehood; if we all align, step in line,
life on earth will become perfect and mankind
will have every need met. 

But not one scientific invention has solved mankinds
desire to cheat, defraud, hurt, steal or maime their own kind.
Nor did this local doppelgänger admit he's assigned
33 bits for human kind!

Some naysayers may say, O it's okay,
Let them track their inventory.
And I say some readers say, okay, okay,
As long as I am not in their cargo!

But you can't enjoy the faster shopping benefits
if you do not go along, and join the chip chain.
You accepted cookies on your computer,
Why this is just more of the same!

And with a slip of the lips, this local doppelgänger
says with the ease of a child,
we'll kill the chips when you leave the store;
Worry no more customer, worry no more.
Then the one chip in the jacket, one for the blouse,
one chip in the belt, all this chipping started with mouse;
one chip the pants, so why not the underpants,
and if the lingerie is okay, let's chip the bra too.
O let's not be prudes, we'll chip your hose and your shoes!
Here take our loyality card to support us.
Save and shop, shop and buy, if you don't we'll all die!

Shop or die!
shop or die!
Chip every product!
That's the final reply and alibi this local doppelgänger cries.

The second doppelgänger, you've never met.
O he's met you thousands of times I'll bet.
He comes in all races and genders and sizes.
His face looks innocent.  He loves to improvise.
No, he no longer carries the dreaded bayonet,
But his assets gives him a variety of fishnets
To catch humans.  He employes chip readers
in cell phones, instead of chip reader in floors
and shelves and walls and  the store doorways.
He tricks and orders by regulation more chips
for humans to slip into their purses and wallets.
He'll tuck chip readers into the trees,
He'll repave the sidewalks with chip readers.
He'll even put a chip in devotees deities.
This second doppelgänger has a spychip antenna
in ink, paper, cloth and yes the dreaded fine wire.
He spools his data from the local doppelgänger
and thus aquires more data than saint or sinner
would desire.  But this too must be done to kill brushfires
or bonfires alike, he says.  Why the choir is just the choir.
They have no fears of abuse or misuse; they can retire
and sleep well at night and know all is as desired.
We'll make sure your entertained from dawn to dusk;
We'll make sure your bread is of the best wholesome crust.

Security or die!
Security or die!
Deep Chip everyone!
That's the final reply and alibi this second doppelgänger cries.

O how this sounds like mom and apple pie.
O what can be done, the readers reply.
Like all things start simple, drop loyalty cards.
Like all things start simple, divest in spychip companies
P&G, IBM, Accenture Technologies, Wal-Mart,
Checkpoint Systems, NCR, Auto-ID Center.
To foil, to foil all things, don't let them boil.
Cut away at them.  Do not recoil.

Like all things simple, look to the young,
Remind them of the dangers to come.
For we adults will eventually leave this world in their hands.
And doppelgängers train their young in bands,
In universities and colleges and graduate schools.
CRM!  CRM!  CRM! Customer Relations Management!
These young doppelgängers will remind your brood,
All cool, really smart fish always swim in schools!
How?  Do you remember Joe Camel Cool?
Can't you see advertising or the RFID TV show,
Where the $20,000 prize winner basks aglo
In spying exploits trying to kick each other out
From the Spychip house?

Go dumb, not smarts the way to go.
All smart things try to chip away at your soul.
You are more than body, brain and mind.
So why turn over to machines things
human can manage and enjoy just fine.

Right now reading your passive RFID chips
can occur at thirty feet or less.
Active RFID chips, with battery, read
up to the tumbling-computer ships at best
But they are working on more powerful ones,
the Mu chip at .04mm will elimnate anon
cash purchases for everyone!

One consolation for the sad and bleak
O you want to hear this, Listen I speak.
Those who create this nightmarish world
Will soon be tracked,
Will soon be tagged as things unfurled!
Into the cattle stream, they will go,
Turned into machines and products for their woe!

O I told you this story had dangerous thrills,
Double-dippers, deceit and doomsayers' chills.
Never was there a time like today.
So heed the warnings of yesterday.
What machine or product hasn't been used
To subdue man's freedom to make him snooze.
To turn him or her into a wildebeest tracked
And tagged whereever it wagged it's tail.

Beware of the doppelgängers
who want to know more and more
about your feeding, eating and breeding habits.

Beware of the doppelgängers
who can't resist turning you into products for war,
to be measured, tracked and sifted by bits.

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Thanks for reading this poem.


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